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  1. BtownBanner6

    2015-16 Basketball Schedule

    I agree 7-0 is realistic here but my money is on 6-1
  2. BtownBanner6

    OT: Derrick Rose

    It was referring to the comment someone made about glad we lost him as a recruit.
  3. BtownBanner6

    OT: Derrick Rose

    No body is bashing, Rose had complications at Memphis as well.
  4. BtownBanner6

    Your most hopeful(feasible) recruit

    Ah but they weren't caught doing it.
  5. We have to get a mcdonalds all american to go for the 6th straight.
  6. I think the blaming of cops was meant to be a joke. Atleast I hope it was.
  7. BtownBanner6

    PITT Transfer Josh Newkirk is headed to IU!

    I'm not huge on this guy,but what we don't need to have is people saying "he's not yogi" no college has the luck to have one of the best pg in the nation play for them every 4 years. That being said I would rather have someone better to be the pg of the future, but we can do worse then this guy.
  8. Someone needs to tell the cops to calm down.
  9. BtownBanner6

    NFL Fantasy Football

    Auto draft really screwed me at the RB position.
  10. BtownBanner6

    (2017) SF Kris Wilkes to UCLA

    Alrighty what have they made?
  11. BtownBanner6

    (2017) SF Kris Wilkes to UCLA

    Take Enes off the list he never played for Calapari
  12. BtownBanner6

    NFL Fantasy Football

    Jaybob does the email have to be yahoo?
  13. BtownBanner6

    NFL Fantasy Football

    Has the standard league started yet?
  14. BtownBanner6

    NFL Fantasy Football

    Is also prefer to be in standard league
  15. BtownBanner6

    NFL Fantasy Football

    I'd play
  16. BtownBanner6

    I'm worried about in-state recruiting.

    I guess I'm the only one that values Championships. I don't care if you average 28 wins a year for 10 years and someone else averages 20 and they have 1 championship to me they had a better decade.
  17. BtownBanner6

    I'm worried about in-state recruiting.

    I'm so sick of hearing about Bo Ryan. Yes he's a good coach but he has 1 championship and he had the National Player of the year and another top 20 pick on his team. And freshmen Koenig hit his stride at the right time. I'm just saying to me the more talent out weighs a good coach.
  18. BtownBanner6

    #USWNT - 2015 World Cup CHAMPS!

  19. BtownBanner6

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Picks and rights to overseas players
  20. Must want his rim protection didn't see an offensive game.