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  1. I’m not saying it wouldn’t lead to that if they’re playing the game, but I’d give Penny some credit on him just being who he was probably does attract some kids but Juwan Howard doesn’t have that type of popularity. I feel like kids today don’t even really pay attention to the fab 5 past Webber and Rose Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  2. It’s horrible, don’t know if I’d be able to go to a game there if that was all the time Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  3. BtownBanner6

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    Announcing Thursday at 8:45 pm Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  4. BtownBanner6

    Game of thrones

    Very good
  5. I mean maybe for football and maybe past coaches, just not sure I see the evidence of Beilein just reeling in these top classes
  6. Maybe Michigan does but it sure doesn’t seem like Beilein does
  7. BtownBanner6

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal

    I haven’t seen Leal play, and I only saw Galloway once but was very underwhelmed by him. Didn’t really see anything that said contributor on a BIG championship team. I also understand one game isn’t everything
  8. BtownBanner6

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    It’s gotta be UNC, didn’t even take a day to think about it
  9. BtownBanner6

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    He also follows Bacot and I’m sure other UNC guys especially after this visit
  10. BtownBanner6

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Yes, says since Jordan game isn’t televised he’ll be pushing it back but it’ll still be coming soon
  11. BtownBanner6

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Well he is pushing back his commitment could only help us I assume
  12. BtownBanner6

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    The GOAT’s last home game was tonight
  13. BtownBanner6

    College Bball Thread

    Alright man
  14. BtownBanner6

    College Bball Thread

    No, if they call steals like that they 80 percent are wrong. When you are dribbling and the ball is poked out your hand is still going down so you’re pinky might graze but it’s never called because you have to go cram by frame to even tell. It’s not a good use of the technology
  15. BtownBanner6

    College Bball Thread

    Like a ton of calls you can point to for both teams, I’m not mad UVA won, I’m mad that call is overturned like that