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  1. Brass Cannon

    Go Get Alford!!!!

    Over under at 17 minutes
  2. Winning tonight would be huge. A) Road win B) Gives us a margin of error for at home C) Effectively eliminates a bubble team D) Ends Minnys hopes of a bid maybe they don’t fight much when they come to Bloomington.
  3. Plus you get a better body of work to evaluate. Kids have more time to grow.
  4. Wonder if some coaches fully transition away from high school kids.
  5. Good point. This could be Archie’s salvation.
  6. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    Once again the hypothetical was an 18-15 Purdue team. None of those are the same. Just admit your hot take was wrong. Just once do it
  7. Maybe we should hire people with large sample sizes.
  8. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    Well 4 is more than less than 4. So USPS point stands
  9. To me the last person we hired looking like a serious team was Sampson. Rather than firing him wish we had supported him and maybe made him consider character when recruiting.
  10. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    Pretty sure USPS said that he doesn’t see a team with only 3 more wins than losses making it. That would be 18 wins but 15 losses.
  11. My point is neither was that great a candidate. I don’t really care who is better.
  12. Agreed. To be fair I doubt Archie’s system would win the conference at Marquette either
  13. With Crean and Archie though taking away one season leaves looking exactly like what we have seen them to be. Average and nothing special. Sampson had made 13 of the previous 14 tourneys. That’s the key to success consistently make the tourney and be somewhere where you can get the players you want.
  14. My point exactly. People worrying if we are almost dead are wrong. Crean killed us and Archie is kicking the corpse.
  15. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    Purdue 1 loss away from definitely needing a run in the BTT. Probably already there
  16. Brass Cannon

    College Bball Thread

    Would have preferred Illinois lose that game
  17. To me the fact we hired Archie signaled we were dead. Look at some recent(relative) blue blood hires UNC - Got a coach who had success at a high level Kansas - Got a coach who had success at a high level Louisville Pitino - Got a coach who had success at a high level Louisville Mack - Got a coach who had been successful at multiple places making tourney 9 out of 10 years Kentucky - Got a coach who was a success at multiple programs Archie doesn’t seem similar to any of those
  18. I have managed teams for years and agree whole heartedly. I inherited a team of 19 that was dysfunctional but capable. There were a handful of people brining the team down thru various behaviors. My third day somebody who I knew was a problem before I took over committed a fireable offense I dealt with it. Somebody else was causing issues by not following process. I talked with him coaches him. It took longer than I would have liked but he’s now helping the team. Recently somebody was abandoning the team everyday that the work was difficult and then abusing the company bereavement policy. They were killing morale. I fought with HR to get them to stop bending the policy for them. They are gone. Team is down 6 people from when I took over. They are happier and just as if not more effective. It took me making changes and taking actions to accomplish that.
  19. We have one open scholarship if all 4 leave after this year we have 10 players for next year.
  20. Yeah. Even if he can’t get rid of them he could have used the two open scholarships so he didn’t have to play them. He will have at least 10 of his players next year barring transfers in or out. If those guys aren’t on board time to bury them on the bench.
  21. That’s alright. As long as you have tomorrow’s powerball numbers.
  22. Is that dismissal policy due to the term Creaning being coined because of Creans tendencies?