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  1. RT @crimsonquarry: https://t.co/u64GONLKBq

  2. Great way to snag the first dub of the series. Huge series this weekend. #GoHoosiers https://t.co/a4yBLPCmJG

  3. RT @OfficeScenes: If your having a rough day, watch these bloopers from The Office https://t.co/zA8xkJGfY6

  4. @kkelso03 https://t.co/5pZKs7Dx14

  5. Huge W today at Wembley https://t.co/t3zX0KBlR0

  6. @r_lansing15 my dude!! Happy birthday old man!

  7. RT @IMS: Straight vodka. https://t.co/WL7UplQqs7

  8. Cubs need to sweep Miami so badly

  9. OOOOGGGGGG https://t.co/wfLabrEyNa

  10. And a W https://t.co/UcyvPanyBj

  11. @kkelso03 ????????????

  12. RT @TheofficialEG10: Welcome to #HoosierNation @yeahyeah_22 Glad you’re officially a Hoosier!! #iubb ⚪️???? https://t.co/u9yXaJqrtc

  13. This is so beast https://t.co/qEulHZZCIt

  14. RT @Cubs: Ohio is for Schwarbers. https://t.co/j8cHqU1mGq