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  1. #MyHandleExplained a very obscure Seinfeld reference. Guy was mentioned in the show but never shown https://t.co/0upfz08ASP

  2. Dirty water here at McCoy stadium. 6-0 final score. https://t.co/zzgQ979a7a

  3. @kfpeters https://t.co/SXCzT4vQF5

  4. may have been the latest call in nba hostory. Totally embarrassing. https://t.co/AUwq7r22VA

  5. "Let's Get It On" — Marvin Gaye https://t.co/qo4gW3ZAmx

  6. WEEI talking about the 1967 Red Sox all inning. For some reason.

  7. @Ironhead334 https://t.co/erm6lqaMpo

  8. At what? https://t.co/kiQ5cYe6Uq

  9. should spend the rest of his life in jail. https://t.co/F3nSKoVTNr

  10. 8 minutes into the coverage and the announcers have exhausted all the Tiger Woods excuses for why he is not contend… https://t.co/pcmZfRbPTF

  11. insight you can only get from sports radio. https://t.co/aiUWNgnHXt

  12. I disagree with that last sentence. #handsome https://t.co/QYjrmkgGu1

  13. I snuck in one photo #pretenders https://t.co/WSE6xEF7zt

  14. RT @csl_duke: NBCSN Boston has Mediocre Merloni talking Celtics... *CLICK*

  15. Was that wrong? Should I have not done that? I tell you, I gotta plead ignorance on this thing because if anyone ha… https://t.co/QSChIkDFoj