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  1. @PrincessSMH @mrfederal0 i loathe it equally throughout the yr. But i get it.....just hate when no one cares, and t… https://t.co/Ez6LDUck30

  2. Great great hire. Love Kevin faulk @jamarks617 https://t.co/IpAC0ZzM6w

  3. @OldTakesExposed @19mhenderson @K_Mad32085 yes and no. Shaughnessy says that so if the pats win in a blowout, it's… https://t.co/DqySrpYwCL

  4. So much stupid in this tweet I don't know where to start. https://t.co/uqknT0vWP8

  5. @nysoxfan79 https://t.co/n6vWFmGp5a

  6. #NeverForget https://t.co/ViA9uloU5J

  7. @tommyfw Saban made a joke and rinaldi on auto pilot proceeds with "what was going through your mind when........" Adds absolutely nothing.

  8. this guy is obviously plugged in to how the media shelters Belichick here in Boston. You sure find some interesting… https://t.co/WUOUuGYF9x

  9. RT @OldTakesExposed: HINDSIGHT SAYS: NO #Raiders https://t.co/Ock9b3GQdZ

  10. i am the worlds biggest drew bledsoe fan. but bledsoe does not belong in the HOF. And he was better than carson pal… https://t.co/TFt0ygiwVW

  11. @fsunelson Every bit as stubborn and old-fashioned as the guys at Augusta national

  12. @YoskarMelo17 @defnotGG i think you are missing our sarcasm

  13. RT @quasimado: Everything about this story is tragic https://t.co/dkOVhfaACI

  14. @mattytally https://t.co/K0fVJLiQNw

  15. It's completely outlandish https://t.co/3fCgb4xUW7