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  1. @jmarks508 @CelticsDirect i know he struggled w/ FTs but i do not know if that was his form. Seems mental and you… https://t.co/Bi2bfaqcpv

  2. RT @DTrainMLB: #believeit???? https://t.co/ZgcFf0FUMw

  3. pathetic at bat by Correa. Awful

  4. @oldandydufresne @mahorrigan tough to complain too much there when the sox are third in payroll. say what you want,… https://t.co/7vwZPDqjOV

  5. Washington fans haven't seen anything this disheartening since Kelly okynyk threw in 26 points in a game seven. #neverforget #Natitude

  6. More orange slices for the rest of us https://t.co/Dc1LfWoZGF

  7. @defnotGG @SofaScout https://t.co/NmG1V9FBaQ

  8. RT @SimonMaloy: just imagine, an accused sexual predator in the White House the White House! where the president lives! https://t.co/ca…

  9. @m_dugan44 i chuckled........but i never claimed to be a good person

  10. That's a substantial weakness for a qb https://t.co/yLPPZNuNpc

  11. @JordanSpieth and @PReedGolf #PresidentsCup https://t.co/wt7HMqj37R

  12. @TheGoodLife_32 i'm going tomorrow. Dreading it. I don't wanna hear the "you really should visit us twice a year" lecture.

  13. RT @JoyAnnReid: Pay your child support. https://t.co/0Y8JRfckWu

  14. Looks like Classy, Calm Eyes, Captain intangibles is still grumpy over the 2003 world series https://t.co/ObVcnimvgK

  15. might be because a lh hitter can hit a gloried pop up in that stadium and get a home run https://t.co/sn4zr4CtOP