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  1. @ecclesias @mayberry_holly Kathy you are 100% correct. And one day, you'll look back and know these people are not… https://t.co/HlOVr1GpMF

  2. 1000000000% accurate. https://t.co/vnPr8BD8Nf

  3. @ByJayClemons do not forget Gabe Kaplan in fast break.........

  4. RT @ByJasonFoster: Happy 51st birthday to Hall of Famer John Smoltz! Back in 2015, I wrote about how a single pitch in one inning of a 1991…

  5. Oh my mookie. Amazing catch. #RedSox

  6. Billy mumphrey https://t.co/gEjFL6Tf7t

  7. @jdmedeiros08 #TrustTheProcess https://t.co/wGn5xUeBu4

  8. @jdmedeiros08 #TrustTheProcess https://t.co/wGn5xUeBu4

  9. RT @QueenLambright7: Love this! https://t.co/65EI2pIYdo

  10. RT @BlacktinUp: Superb tweet. https://t.co/wipF9rilFC

  11. @seanymoshow @dangercart Marcus smart there waiting like : https://t.co/HdgiCAi4Me

  12. wake me when Mookie hits 3 home runs vs a real team, Mike!

  13. @csl_duke very smart basketball. Created that 3 for rozier by pushing the ball.

  14. watching the bucks for 7 games, i learned 1 thing. Khris middleton is the real deal. Guy can score from almost anyw… https://t.co/yz1EfLSbOJ

  15. RT @TheScottCharles: The number of women shot to death in Philly is up 400% this year compared to this same time last year but local news i…