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  1. The Indy Star story you linked to says this about the Washington Post article: "That’s not to discredit the Post’s story, which is well-reported and revealing, while also measured and balanced. It makes a case and makes it well —" So, if the Star story sums up your thoughts...what is your problem with the Washington Post?
  2. Just one more thing he was wrong about.
  3. I don't want anyone to think I'm getting onto the kid about this. I'm not, and it wasn't his decision anyway. I just wonder.......was there no one who has done work with youth groups (cue up Joe Pesci saying "These two YOUTS") who might have been deserving? No person who has given of their time for years in helping the young people of the area? No one along those lines? Just doesn't feel right.
  4. This is just unreal. I can't remember a kid (just out of high school) getting this type of attention. I know the court is not a mega-dollar sort of thing, and maybe they were going to build one anyway, but the attention/platitudes he is getting seems very unique. If he had won the state title would they have named the town after him? :)
  5. Sooo....don't keep us in suspense. Is your dog named Juliet? That would make a good story even better.
  6. WOW! Tim Langford just punched Kansas square in the nose.
  7. Tom White

    NCAA Commission on College Basketball Report

    Those read like canned, pre-written responses that would have been used regardless of what the commission's statement said.
  8. Shouldn't that be the McRoberts Family? OK, maybe not that good of a joke, but on the serious side (and never being hesitant to show my ignorance), who is the Roberts family?
  9. Tom White

    NCAA Commission on College Basketball Report

    What do you envision it (the sport) becoming if the NCAA actually experiences the "collapse" you've been calling for? In what way do you see the situation becoming better? What (or who) would replace the NCAA as a governing body? I personally don't see that as a good thing.
  10. What an amazing article. It actually brings a tear to the eye. Tear of happiness, that is.
  11. You're right. It was the others turn to "go" first.
  12. He might want to tie his shoes as well. They are all looking a bit sloppy. Maybe I'm just old. Maybe they just can't put money towards suits, or maybe that is just their style. Don't know. Don't intend to insult, by the way. Yeah, I'm probably just old.