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  1. Old Friend

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Same. Oladipo's been in his ear for several months. Think we're going to like this kid and the results of his having that mentor.
  2. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    No worries. I got home from a business trip late and typed it about 1:30AM. It likely lacked of clarity. =)
  3. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    I think maybe we have to go undefeated for 3 straight seasons. That might convince him.
  4. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    Noted. Thanks.
  5. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    When you want coaches fired....you want the team to lose so they get...fired. There were threads wanting Fred Glass fired. Archie Miller fired. And Fred Glass fired. Both coaches within the first 3 years of their contracts, and nothing had even begun to play out. Miller had played exactly one season with even a single of his recruits....FIRE HIM!!! You wanted Indiana to win...."immediately" or fire the coach. That continued even after football season began. You're right. People were complaining. Without thinking or paying attention to what was happening right before their eyes. Did they not see it? Not understand it? Or were they rooting against it and ignoring it? Has to be one of the 3. Some still wallow when things don't go perfectly every second of every game. Same guys who wanted coaches and the AD fired. Only after Indiana won did anybody come around. You don't get to have it both ways. You don't get to scream for a coach to be prematurely fired because you want to win NOW when it's just not that simple; and then tell me all you want is to win, so now you're quiet and happy about the same coach you wanted fired 7 weeks ago. Are those people fair weather fans? So many preached how Indiana is a joke of an athletic program, Indiana won't invest, Indiana has settled for mediocrity. Blah, blah, blah. FIRE THE COACH!! (Translated....I hope we lose so this coach gets fired and I can be proven right about how miserable Indiana is) Oh...now we're winning with that same coach I wanted fired! Yay rah! Go IU!!! You can't have it both ways. You can't want a coach fired and then claim you wanted that coach to win. Doesn't work that way. And.....if you think the people who were mad and impatient are the only ones who want IU to win, you're out of your mind.
  6. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    No. I'm sick of the negativity, the stalking, and hoping Indiana loses. Nothing to do with you.
  7. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    With thanks to SouthernIN for keeping this thread alive, I think your silence (and that of a couple of others) is comical and deafening and I'm sure not only is the SUCCESS killing you but the fact I've been right about all of it has to be making you crazy. (Awaits rambling retort...) Your agenda and cynicism is noted. How'd THIS gem age (from FSU game the other night, right after halftime)? You seemed to take pleasure in a slow start...but then went into a cave. Deafening, I tell you. Alford Bailey replied to mamasa's topic in Indiana Men's Basketball Not the start to the second half I was looking for lol. Damn....foiled by success, yet again. 8-0 and #16 in Sagarin under a coach you wanted to get fired. Football finishes 8-4, wins the Bucket, and headed to a bowl under a coach you wanted to get fired. You must be about ready to jump off a building by now. And by the way, the rambling tirade? With all of that truth in it? Truth it's obvious you can't handle? Maybe 12 minutes. Thanks for reading. You and the other 2 Muppet men should go find another team or at least a balcony. Know your opponent, indeed. Mine's a troll. Must be a miserable existence waiting for the team you claim to love to fail so you can gloat to a bunch of dudes you don't know. SEE!?! We suck!! Told ya'!! Congratulations. You win....nothing. But at least you've been outed. Go IU
  8. What else is new? Little brother's gonna' have a tough week.
  9. Er..uh...um....er... um.... Yye.....I mean....NO, Billy! I am one of Santa's helpers!! Now go back to sleep and let me have that camera. Where's your mother?
  10. Dear IU Fans everywhere, I can't control the results, however I know the young man, and I promise if he DOESN'T play that way the remainder of the season, it won't be for a lack of effort in TRYING to play that way. Much love, be good, and leave bourbon instead of cookies. Santa
  11. I promise I won't gloat. =) He's going to be fantastic. So will Phinisee if he can figure out how to stay healthy!
  12. The entire culture of the team has benefitted. One thing I will say for sure is based on what I have seen - and it's been an almost 180* pivot - from Archie, is we seem to be moving away from players who have alternate agendas and focusing on team guys. Kids who'll be around multiple years and want to be part of that vs. one and done or with their eyes on "next." Indiana is building a program with staying power. Games like tonight, with that atmosphere and that toughness against a really solidi defensive team will attract exactly what Indiana needs in order to build, get old, and stay old.
  13. You didn't read this board all summer? The kid can play. He has ability to do even more than he's showing because his role is what it is right now. He's going to be terrific....
  14. Here I am!!! Green played 29 minutes. He was 12 minutes of terrific. 5 minutes of "what in the hell are you doing?" And 12 minutes of spectacular. I don't think many would disagree with that. Making shots looks great no matter who's doing it. Lots of kids made significant contributions and I still think defensively, we were fantastic..and that's what's set the tone for us.