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  1. Old Friend

    Peyton Ramsey Entering Transfer Portal

    Because it's an elementary, brainless, ridiculous, thoughtless, insulting cop out.
  2. Old Friend

    Peyton Ramsey Entering Transfer Portal

    Exactly. Penix is a better player. Ramsey is a good QB and a great kid. He showed more this year than he did last, and player really well for the most part last season. But....Penix has tools Ramsey just doesn't have, and will be the starter. I laugh at people who make the claim he can't stay healthy. He broke his collarbone. It's not like he had a minor sprain that kept popping up. Good Lord.
  3. Old Friend

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    Help me understand why any coach can prevent any action on the floor. Except not playing a kid. DeVonte got benched the other day because he wasn't playing well. He was better today, poor only in decision making on occasion, but he didn't earn "the DeVonte Green Experience" for no reason. He is a complete enigma and this team will definitely benefit from his departure, but without another true primary ballhandler outside of Phinisee, he has to play. I've been coaching 22 years, and if you can tell me how to "prevent" kids from doing what they're wired to do, let me know. That is very easily said.....and it's a cop out. Archie's job (and that of all coaches) is something very different from building robots. You can limit it....and you can teach it. But you can't prevent it because players are human. The ones who aren't are in the hall of fame. Green ain't going to any hall of fame. Were you equally critical of Mike Holmgren for not preventing Brett Favre from throwing interceptions? Green is maddening. I think he's a dumb player. But Archie didn't recruit him...he just has to play the hand he was dealt. His failure.... What a joke. And you wonder why your motives are called into question???
  4. Old Friend

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    This comment is why many question those of you who still have concerns. I watched the start of the game twice, and Maryland's offense was almost flawless. Indiana wasn't late on rotations, guys weren't out of position, help was solid, stunts were good....Maryland moved the ball and made shots. They're inconsistent like....every team in college basketball it seems, but for that 12 minutes? They were terrific. That observation by itself is why your motives are consistently in question. It's not that you're fickle, it's because you're either not objective or not really watching.
  5. Old Friend

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    The more I read, the more I think a few people will blame a coach for every loss and fail to see anything positive or see what's REALLY happening with this team and program. This game isn't on Archie. Not even a little bit unless you blame him ( and it's a fair point) for having Green in the game late. Maryland is national title good if they play and shoot that way. Indiana is so much better now than they were even a month ago and it's not close. I remember reading somewhere about what would happen when we (Hunter and Phinisee specifically) got healthy.....
  6. Old Friend

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    No way to police it, way too many kids know one another from AAU and it would be a fiasco trying to tell kids they can't watch their friends, too many tournaments where games are back to back and teams watch one another... The IHSAA will always find bad rules. This is one that I'm sure has been considered because kids shouldn't "scout" or some dumb thing, but an impossible thing to implement.
  7. Old Friend

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    https://www.indystar.com/story/sports/college/indiana/2020/01/24/indiana-athletics-produced-13-million-surplus-latest-ncaa-numbers/4570770002/ Wrong thread, I realize, but FYI for anyone interested
  8. Old Friend

    Prediction League (Game 20 - Maryland 1/26/20)

    Indiana 69 Maryland 64
  9. Old Friend

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    The same people who want him fired can't watch them play, see the team getting healthier, see one kid getting benched, watch the execution and obvious steady improvement and reach a logical conclusion? That tells me a whole lot about anyone who's still on that elementary bandwagon. Couple of games here and there? Team's 15-4, has the best record in the Big Ten against ranked opponents (two ranked #6 and #7 in Sagarin yesterday) and it's spun merely as "a few games here and there." Yep. Got it.
  10. Old Friend

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    Saw it on a sheet posted by Tom Brew on Twitter....
  11. Old Friend

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    Indiana is now 3-1 against ranked teams. All but Maryland (1), Minnesota (3), Nebraska (1) , and Northwestern (3) have played at least 4 games against ranked opponents. Know who in the Big Ten has a better record against ranked teams than Indiana? Nobody. That early schedule - which gave a young and healing team time to grow - all of a sudden doesn't seem like such a bad idea.
  12. Old Friend

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    Are there any left on this board who still want Archie fired? Indiana won that game with two pretty benign performances by the 2 seniors. Only 10% of the minutes, 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, and 3 turnovers between them. Indiana won a game against one of the better teams in the country getting "bad DeVonte." Assuming everyone else is back, this team is only going to get better. We make FT's? That's a 15 point cruise. Indiana was the better team...dominating the paint, winning points in transition, won the rebound battle, committed fewer turnovers, and shot it better from the field. And...the defensive end looks a lot more connected. Kids have clearly bought in. 15-4 with no bad losses is better than 90%+ teams in the country, boys. I still have plenty of faith in Archie Miller. He's much more calm and collected than I thought he'd be, which is a benefit for a young team. This group has no "man," but it's balanced and deep. I like the future.
  13. Old Friend

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    Jesse came to Bloomington and met with Herbert, also stood on the steps of the student union in 2006 and played the race card. Said Indiana wanted Davis fired because he was an African American and that was also the reason he was the lowest paid coach in the Big Ten for a while (which was his first protest against IU in 2003 or something). The athletic department caved to that with a raise and an extension and caved to the racist stuff when they hired Sampson. Herbert had the full support of Jesse and his mob.
  14. Old Friend

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    Players were not only smoking dope, they were doing it in the locker room. Let that sink in for a second... It floored me to think that would happen at IU. There was also some more exotic stuff going on, and when Dakich said he cleaned house, it needed to be done. Badly. Sampson fits just fine at Houston. He didn't fit at Indiana. And yeah, he fit the minority profile, but Herbert caved to Jesse Jackson and his band of thugs who were all in Davis' corner. Their demands were met. I'll leave it at that. Mike Davis himself helped plant that seed and sowed them for 6 seasons and my comments about him have been my most blunt and by far my most critical. He was an idiot then. An arrogant, ignorant boob who said more dumb things in 6 years than any man deserves in a lifetime. A disaster and a complete mess who never should have been hired in the first place. Indiana has done this damage to itself. But in 2006-7? Indiana University was a victim of its own political correctness and desire to avoid offending anyone interested in the untouchable. Here's Jason Whitlock's column explaining exactly what I'm saying and he is spot on : http://www.espn.com/espn/page2/story?page=whitlock/060216
  15. Old Friend

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    Depending on who you believe (and I still don't know for sure, but have my suspicion), John Belein or Kevin Stallings were literally on an airplane to come to Bloomington. Only remaining step was signing a contract to be the coach. But...Adam Herbert rejected that choice, demanding that IU hire a minority to replace Mike Davis; and thinking Kelvin Sampson was African American - true story - accepted and in fact recommended him as the alternative. 100% accurate story and verified. Adam Herbert. The Velvet Fog.