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  1. Old Friend

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    IU Football will be IU Football until divisions are re-aligned. 7-8 wins is the ceiling and that is attainable. Trending positive. IU Basketball is in a great position for the long haul and they'll be fine for the short term. I'm not sure how anyone can look at the program and players we have and have coming and think otherwise. Will it mean national titles? Nobody knows. It DOES mean we'll have opportunities. You have to stop looking for track records because not a single circumstance is even similar. Crean left the cupboard bare. That's just truth. Archie has done about as well as he could re-stocking it, and if anyone says he's doing a poor job, they're being intellectually dishonest. What do you consider a low bar? Winning Big Ten titles or being in the top 4 consistently and making the NCAA tournament consistently with good results frequently is not a low bar. You accomplish what you can, and sometimes luck or circumstances take you farther or get you beat before you want to; but NCAA championships cannot be an expectation yet. Consistent success can, and I think it is. What's the low bar? IU football has a definite ceiling and a lower bar than some, but it's in pretty good shape at the moment. For what do you blame Glass aside from perhaps a quick hire of Allen?
  2. Old Friend

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    Yeah, I got a large coffee today. It lasted a while. Sorry, =)
  3. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    Okay, help me. I need to make sure I have this right. * Illinois football is bad. In far worse shape than Indiana. That cannot be argued at the moment. But we're using them as a comparison that means we should fire both our coaches in football AND basketball, along with our athletic director. * Illinois hired a "big name" who has a record of 11-31 in his tenure there. Yet he's somehow better than Tom Allen....... * Who was a DC at Ole Miss where he turned around a defense ranked last in FBS to one of the better ones in several categories. Who was DC at South Florida where his defense ranked #1 in its conference. Who turned around Indiana's defense in a single season, but many b*tched that we hired a high school coach (never mind that many schools hire successful coordinators as their coach...I don't remember those people b*tching when we hired Wilson...who was a successful OC with zero head coaching experience).... I digress. * Illinois has a bowling alley and a slide (a slide....) in its football facility, which is supposed to mean something for the future, and we're comparing Indiana dis-favorably to Illinois because of it? * Yet the positive things that are happening in our program and in our basketball program which indicate a more positive future are ignored so we can fire OUR coaches? (this one's important....I need to understand whether or not the positives at Indiana are even noticed. My guess for some is "no.") * If Indiana adds a teeter totter, a 4-square court, and a merry go round; and maybe a sand volleyball pit or tether-ball, it will mean we're keeping up with the Jones's? * Indiana needs everything every other school has, or we're not providing enough "amenities." That about the size of it?
  4. Old Friend

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    After year 2 and only year 1 with any of his recruits playing at all; given the roster, recruiting, and everything else you see; do people really want Archie fired now? Or...if not, do you want his seat hot enough that he feels it this season? That would be a huge mistake in my mind. 1) If "get old and stay old" is a strategy we agree on unless we can get 3-4 five star kids every year, doesn't it make sense to at least let us GET old? 2) Whoever we'd hire would be the 6th coach in 14 years. (Davis, Sampson, Dakich, Crean, Miller, and _____). Who would we legitimately attract with that carousel and obvious "win now or else" pressure? 3) If you do want him fired now, what is it you don't see happening which makes you think he needs to go? I know the records of his first 2 seasons. Leave those out. I think the "why" matters, and the "why" is legitimate in my mind. As of this moment, given what you see and what you know.....about now and what you can surmise about the future, why do you think he needs to go NOW? My 2 cents? He has recruited back to back Indiana Mr. Basketball and is likely to have a 3rd in a row already in hand. He has 2018 Ohio Mr. Basketball healthy, which I think is an "X factor" this season. He is building depth. I happen to know a former player pretty well (who remains close enough to the program for me to trust) who's told me the players are 100% bought in to Archie. The chemistry is allegedly 180* different than the poison a year ago. Everyone (according to the players) is on the same page and on the same agenda. Not true a year ago, even if I realize he had to recruit Romeo. We have depth (and perhaps the deepest front court in the Big Ten), a growing basketball IQ, players who work hard, and I saw a much improved team late last season compared to earlier in the year. And I saw HIM grow last season given play on the floor, some things that changed on the floor, and the fact that he jettisoned some dead weight. I prefer good coaches who will stay above a carousel of coaches because fans are impatient. I see no reason to fire him now or even have the discussion. I see no reason to light the match under his seat at this point. I think he needs at least another year, and maybe 2; and if given that time, I see consistent success in Indiana's future; and by that I mean consistent 22-24+ wins and top 3-4 conference finishes and NCAA tournaments every season. Results will be what they'll be beyond that; but Indiana will be in the discussion consistently. If that doesn't begin to manifest in the next 2 seasons, I can see the discussion having some merit; but I think those discussions now are premature and frankly pretty short-sighted.
  5. He has consistently been at the bottom of the power 5 conference in YPA. A year ago he was last among starters. His receivers also were top 5 in yards after catch, and I've said from the beginning he struggles to get the ball down field and he did again today. What's your point? On top of it, I wasn't even aiming that anywhere near your general direction, but hey.....why miss an opportunity, right? After all, it's an easy mark and you've had a bad day. I get it.
  6. Old Friend

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Remember when I told you when the basketball team succeeds and the football team goes to a bowl game this year (and Tom Allen finishes the season with the highest winning % of any coach in IU history over his tenure), you'd have nothing to b*tch about and you'd melt down? I would imagine many of your posts would begin with something like "oh, shove it." I can see it coming a mile away.
  7. On another note, I did have to laugh. Ramsey completed 4 passes and averaged 2.5 yards/attempt.
  8. Maybe you should have taken proactive measure and cleaned that up, yourself?
  9. Yeah, we only averaged 6.8 yards per carry and ran for 260. We suck.
  10. Old Friend

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    I'd far rather see him on the block with his back to the basket a-la Juwon Morgan than try to develop an outside game. Why can't he be Dennis Rodman? Why can't he be Stacey Augmon? Why can't he be Juwon Morgan (the on the block version)? Why can't he be Horace Grant? I don't need to see him shooting more than 15 three's all season.
  11. Old Friend

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Texas Tech didn't have a single top 100 recruit on the roster and made the Final Four. We had a top 25 talent a year ago. We had Noah Vonleh at one time. We had Bracey Wright at one time. We had Eric Gordon at one time. We had Thomas Bryant at one time. Give me depth, experience, basketball IQ and length. Top 25 guys on a team with only one or maybe two almost always have different agendas and that has a tendency to divide a team. We DO have Ohio Mr. Basketball for 2018 and Indiana Mr. Basketball for 2019. We have plenty of talent. That's not bent out of shape. That's me saying top 25 guys aren't the end all, be all. How many recently successful teams can we name who haven't had one? Again, it shocks me that the focus tends to be on what we don't have; and then extrapolates into "fire so and so" because we don't. Do we want a team with one or two and done NBA guys or do we want to build a "get old and stay old" program? I much prefer the latter, but that means fewer top 25, different agenda guys. We don't need a top 25 guy. We either need 4-5 of them every year, or we need players who will stay 3-4 years. Those are the formulas for success. Having a single "proven top 25 guy" has proven non-successful, and I wonder why that's what people want.
  12. Old Friend

    Hoosier Hysteria

    You all are selling him way short. I won't say any more than that. Granted, from 3 games; but you can see the skill set. (#5 is Cam Jordan. He's a high level football recruit (WR) and a good friend of my son's. Kid worth rooting for if you're so inclined)