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  1. Absolutely. What's your point? Let me guess....you've never seen any of them play (I have); and you're doing nothing other than what you always do, which is to be critical. Real easy to be critical when nothing will be seen or known for sure for 8 months, and by then people will forget about the idiotic trolling. What's your point? Franklin less accomplished? How, exactly? Because of his ranking? Surely you're smart enough to know how meaningless those are outside the top 5 or so? Or maybe not. I saw him score an easy 30 against Lawrence North in LN's building in the sectional 8 weeks ago, and LN has at least two D1 players, and maybe 3. You can have your self important IMG kid. But....let's see if you have the sack to come back here next season when I'm right. Why am I doubtful? **Edit : Your last post quoting me was a very pompous correcting of spelling of a kid's name, so forgive me if I don't take you very seriously.
  2. Give hopes a rest. This kid will not make or break anything. He's a player. There are other players. Lester Quinones is JAG (just a guy). Kids saying yes should not fire anyone up. Trayce Jackson Davis is a very good player. Arman Franklin is a good player who will get better and will help immediately. Jerome Hunter is a very good player who will surprise a lot of people. Lester Quinones is....just a player. A kid who will be in the rotation, but not any kind of difference maker. Good if he comes, just fine if he doesn't.
  3. Old Friend

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal

    To me, this means he understands how to play the game, not just the sport. Positioning, angles, spacing, passing away from the defense, getting to spots and getting the ball to spots where he or a team mate can do something positive, things like that. May not stand out as the best athlete on any floor, but a basketball player. I'm tired of athletes who can't play the game very well.
  4. Old Friend

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    They do?????????????????? It never would have occurred to me to order clam chowder there.
  5. Old Friend

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    No one has ever gone to Nick's for the food. (Have they?) But I gotta' say....the pizza's not awful. And the IU-ness of the place is cool. Who else here has at least one of their mason jars in his home? I have two of them.
  6. Old Friend

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    I'd argue we have 4. Smith is really a 3 and much better in the open floor. I'd like to see him in the high post/FT line; but I wouldn't consider him a big. Davis is capable of 15-20 minutes tops; Thompson is still just 6'8". I think there are plenty of minutes to go around. Not sure I agree with your comment that good teams don't have 2 players who can only score on the block. Purdue was pretty good and they had 2-3 guys who fit that description. (Every kid can make a 10-15 foot jumper, so it's a gray-area argument, anyway)
  7. Old Friend

    Juwan Morgan - Post IU Basketball Career

    Guy scores 34.5 PPG in Banker's Life Fieldhouse. Pacers have to take a good look, right? What can Draymond Green do that Morgan eventually can't? I'm serious about that.... Pacers could do a lot worse, and have many times.
  8. Old Friend

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    This will do nothing but help. I love it.
  9. Old Friend

    And then...there's this. DeVonte Green

    A great senior season would do wonders. I know I have been very hard on the kid, and in my mind...deservedly so. None of that matters now; but I will say this. Carsen Edwards had an incredible run in the NCAA tournament and completely elevated his stock and made himself a ton of money. DeVonte Green has a similar skill set. He brings the work and discipline and then executes as Edwards did? You never know. I would bet anything I have he hears Carsen Edwards' name many times through this exploration process; and he didn't need to declare to do it. =)
  10. Old Friend

    And then...there's this. DeVonte Green

    Kind of a "spirit of the rule" thing for me which is why I said something. Your point is valid, and on the surface, I agree with it. But.... There are 3500 kids who could "declare" every year and take advantage of the system. But...3500 kids don't. If a kid's close...or really wants to know specifically what needs to improve so he can increase his chances or his "draft stock," I get it. I don't think DeVonte is close or even HAS an NBA draft stock. He's on nobody's watch list.. You mentioned he shows NBA ability at times; and I don't mean to be trite but there are a few hundred players in the G League; at least 1000 players in college, and countless kids on playgrounds all over the place who flash NBA ability at times. He's not a combo guard in the NBA. He's too short. He's an NBA "1," and he HAS to know he has to improve ball handling, on ball defense, shooting, and especially decision making. No NBA team wants a point guard who's a poor decision maker, and DeVonte is. He is a volume shooter and streaky scorer with average at best ball handling skills and pretty elementary numbers. His numbers under Archie have improved slightly which tells me a little discipline has done him some good, especially toward the end of last season. Long answer...there is no downside to declaring, and I know he's just testing the waters, but the spirit of the "declare without an agent" rule exists for kids who are far closer than he is. Sort of like that little kid who wants to play ball with the big kids. Yeah...it's fine, and they should let him fool around just to be nice guys, but he's not yet really ready to play with them. That's how I see it.
  11. Old Friend

    The Masters Thread

    This is a great video. Came out last year after he won the Tour Championship, and a great reminder that the "experts" know exactly nothing. Why anyone gives credence to people like Shannon Sharpe, Jamele Hill (good gravy is she an idiot), Colin Cowherd, or anyone else baffles me!
  12. Old Friend

    And then...there's this. DeVonte Green

    That's a fair point. I would counter that there are ~4500 kids playing D1 basketball right now and I would imagine close to half have the dream of playing in the NBA. At some point, a kid has to have the self awareness to know what he has to work on before any NBA team will take him seriously. I suppose my point is right now, he will likely go get information from them which any knowledgeable basketball person could tell him. Old Fart said it perfectly above.....I don't think he needs to declare to hear what he needs to hear. I'll even edit above and make that point. Yours is well taken. Thank you.
  13. I don't know why I'm surprised, but I am. He has zero chance as an NBA player right now. He has the ability in some areas, but not the brain; and nowhere near the ball handling. I know he's investigating; but wow... Not all college players are NBA players. College players who shoot less than 40% for their career and have basically a 1:1 A/TO ratio do not make it in the NBA. But....good for him. I don't think I'd hire an agent. http://amicohoops.net/nba-draft-nba-rumors-devonte-green-indiana-basketball/ Edit : Credit to Old Fart and Stromboli for making me aware that I need to explain : My point is I think he;ll hear from NBA scouts and anyone he asks the same things he is hearing from Archie and anyone who objectively evaluates his game. I would like to see a player like him have enough self awareness to work on his own rather than having to "declare." I think he'll be back, but it surprised me he took this step. Lots of players a lot closer than he is don't take this step. It just surprised me....but then, it didn't.
  14. Old Friend

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    I was referring to Romeo and Jake. No idea whether Cliff was part of the mess or not. Green and Smith are still around; and I know this is a dead horse from me, but Green just doesn't feel right to me in any way. I know he has some ability and I know he can get hot. He played great late last season. No question. But he makes bad decisions on and off the court, and I don't believe he's a great team mate. I would love to be proven wrong and will be first in line to say so if I am.