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  1. Old Friend

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    Yep. Absolutely.
  2. Old Friend

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    Dakich and Fischer both said pretty glorifying things about what he was doing in practice to have it be nothing more than light shooting drills. Interesting.
  3. Old Friend

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    Maybe I'm late to the party.. He was practicing to some degree two weeks ago. Enough to the point where both Don Fischer and Dakich said they were really encouraged about Hunter's future. Has something happened since?
  4. I read your post 3 times and this stuck out as I thought about it. I'm not sure I think what made him successful at Dayton and in the Atlantic 10 can also be successful in the Big Ten; and I say that because of the quality of coaches, quality of defenders, number of shooters, number of athletes, size, depth, etc. He did seem to want many similar players there. Long and athletic. They were also relatively experienced in his best seasons, which is a reason to give him some time. I don't see a pattern yet....but the point of him locking down Indiana, while I certainly agree with the right players for HIM; may not absolutely fit what he wants to do, which makes doing that counter productive. While I've been vocal about recruiting the immediate area; I don't know if that "smart, fundamental player who's tough and will compete" fits what Archie wants.....maybe. It sure fits Painter. Yeah...I love Henry. (and he is absolutely that tough, smart,fundamental player) Did in high school. The kids just the correct play every damned time. Someone coached him very well.
  5. Old Friend

    Prediction League (Game 26 - Purdue 2/19/19)

    PU 76 IU 61 And seats get really hot.
  6. No..It's not, and you're right. I did say "I don't know." My post to 66 was more clarification because I think we'd all like Indiana players to look like that. And...I think we all agree....they don't. So I was trying (poorly, apparently) to clarify what he meant. To me....knowing him as I do, he was providing a description of what he wants an Indiana player to look like. His description did not seem to me like an Archie Miller player, even though I said "I don't know." Does that make sense? (To use an extreme example to help illustrate what I was trying to say, he could have answered "I think of a gymnast who looks like Mary Lou Retton." I wouldn't have agreed with that, either..as an Archie Miller player. I don't KNOW what that player looks like now; but I do know it doesn't look like THAT.) The main reason I made that comment, and maybe why I asked the question is I saw Romeo and Al walking out of a huddle on Sunday..down 28...laughing. That doesn't say "tough" to me, or even committed. Which is also a reason I assumed he meant "what do I want an Indiana player to be," which really wasn't what I was asking. I really was trying to spark discussion. I've heard two people (Jay Bilas and Seth Greenberg) say in the last...10 days, maybe, that a team can't just have one 1 and done kid because of the competing agendas of the players. So...does Romeo fit? Is THAT an Archie player? Same with Brooks. I made the Crean comment because I DON'T know what Archie's system is. I DON'T know the kind of kids he's trying to recruit. I DON'T know what he's trying to build because I can't tell. So yes...I DO want discussion about that. What I didn't want is "what do we want an Indiana player to be?" That has been discussed ad nauseum. And I think we can all agree we don't see that so far with Miller. Now that we've lost 10 of 11 and somehow gone from 12-2 (should have been 13-1) to "awful and look like our players couldn't care less with pieces that don't seem to fit or don't seem to be coming together;" I asked what I wanted to be a question about direction and the characteristics of the players as they fit into __________ (whatever Archie is trying to do). Make sense? Edit : In response to another post above, I absolutely agree Archie recruits more specifically than Crean did, but I question so far what he's trying to do or what he's trying to build. Is he trying to run like Crean did? Trying to be a half court, opportunistic team? A team that wins on defense (and if so, I would be hard pressed to think he can do that with the great coaches in the Big Ten)? A player development/roster development guy like Matt Painter; whose most experienced teams are usually damned good? What is he recruiting to?
  7. I'm interested in what his players look like. What he's trying to build. I'm not looking for speculation or "how he played." My point is, I am beginning to think he's a lot like Crean and just taking anyone who says yes. I don't see a team being built. At all. Every team would benefit from who 66 described. That wasn't my question. We'd all love to have that player across the roster. We don't. We have a mish mash...even among his recruits. We have a bunch of kids who so far don't look like winners. They look like they want everything to be easy.
  8. You think this is what an Archie Miller player looks like or what you want an Indiana player to look like? I don't think this is an Archie Miller player at all.
  9. This is probably a question better asked on a different thread, but given this is a popular one, I'm going to ask it here and if the mods see fit to move it; that's obviously just fine. "What does an Archie Miller Indiana player look like?" What characteristics does he have? Does anyone - including Archie - know the answer right now? I honestly don't know. Jake Forrester and Damezi Anderson clearly aren't ready to contribute as freshmen and I'm not convinced either of them will as a sophomore. Romeo Langford didn't fit. Phinisee has been down since his concussion, but prior to looked okay. Hunter's been hurt. Nothing in common among those guys, and Franklin and Davis are different than both. I'm trying to figure out what he's trying to build and I'm struggling to figure it out. Thus the question. Looking forward to the replies and discussion.
  10. Old Friend

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    They closed the school because of numbers. You're right on your comment about the IHSAA.
  11. Old Friend

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    They did, but are now playing a varsity schedule again. Think they opened it as a private school with < 70 kids at the high school level. Could be wrong...
  12. Old Friend

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    I'll make the comparison again. Brody Boyd played at Union Dugger and their schedule was and is far worse than Blackford's. Currently, so small they're not even in a sectional; and back when Boyd played, they played schools like Shakamak, Tecumseh, Bloomfield, North Central of Farmersburg, Eminence, White River Valley, and Jac Cen Del. It's clearly not without precedent that a kid like Boyd or Brown comes out of the cornfields and does some good things at a high college level. Maybe not as a freshman and maybe not as a sophomore; but Boyd made 195 three pointers at Iowa and was a solid contributor as a junior and senior, starting 29 games as a senior under Alford. Blackford is in the same sectional as New Castle and Delta, who is undefeated. We'll likely get to see them play better competition; but their Sagarin rating is 132 of 410, so it's not like they're scraping the bottom. For the simple sake of reference....one of Blackford's losses was to Northwestern. Lost 90-79. Northwestern is 18-1, having beaten Tipton (northern suburb of Indy), Frankfort (where they filmed Blue Chips and a basketball crazy town), Hamilton Heights (just north of Westfield/Carmel), and West Lafayette coached by a guy named David Wood who's been there....25 years, won over 340 games, and knows what the hell he's doing. Northwestern's defensive average is 47.1. Blackford scored 32 points above NW's average. Blackford is 6th in Indiana in scoring; 23rd in scoring margin Dumb of Hoover to play not a single sectional opponent in the regular season. Why any coach does that is beyond me. I'm not suggesting at all that Brown would be an immediate asset; and I know everyone wants kids who will contribute immediately; but I think he's a gamble worth taking. It should be noted that Blackford - as it says in the video above - lost 61 straight games before he got there; and they are 13-4 this season.
  13. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    Agreed and I think the jury's still out on all but maybe Allen.
  14. Old Friend

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    Maybe a small part...but.... They scout us but we don't scout them? Or we're so inept at it we lose 9 of 10 with a team talented enough to beat 3 teams in the top 12? I don't think it's quite that simple. Or at least for that to be a major part of the answer. Something else is off and I don't think anyone can put a finger on it,
  15. Old Friend

    Fire Fred Glass

    Fellas, the changes have to come from the administration and Board of Trustees. Not Glass. He's the face and the voice, but not the problem. He's been told to operate in the black. And he does. He's been told Indiana will be different and guarantee scholarships. And he has. He's been told it will NOT be about winning, that sports, and especially men's basketball will not be bigger than the university; and that we will be "one team." Those aren't his initiatives. They are that of the University administration. I have maintained for a long time that sports (and in particular a college's most visible entity) are the world's window into that place. Without men's basketball, what would most people know about Duke? Would the world know as much about Indiana University as people do without Bob Knight and success of our basketball program? Not close. No way. But....to academes, sports is an afterthought, not a priority or vital tool. Michael McRobbie has zero interest...and that's not far from absolute truth...in whether or not we hang banners. He wants to make money and stay out of trouble. That's how HE defines success. We define it a little differently, as success on the field/floor is equally or more important; but Fred Glass is as much a fan as we are. He's just doing his job as defined by those who manage him. He's not the problem. You have to remember this is a guy who ran the Indianapolis capital improvement board and was in large part responsible for the sports growth here. He's not an incompetent guy and far better as a growth minded administrator than Greenspan was.