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  1. Old Friend

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Interesting take.....
  2. Old Friend

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Thanks! For perspective - Jordan Hulls was no bigger than Brown is. Michael Lewis was no bigger than Brown is. Yogi is shorter. I don't know why size statistics matter as much as they do. Position defense is more important to me than on-ball; and he's a smart enough player to avoid hurting his team. Romeo got beat defending on the ball plenty a year ago, and he's 6'6". Brown is a basketball player. He is a fantastic passer. He knows the game. He can MAKE shots. As MikeRoberts basically said above, what do we lose?? I've seen enough bad players with better "measurables" come through Indiana to know I'd rather have a basketball player 100 times out of 100.
  3. Old Friend

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    It may be only me in this camp, but I have recently seen tape on this kid, and he's a legit 30 PPG guy who's NOT small/slight anymore. His legs are thick, and he's got range to 28' with no problem. Kid may break Bailey's scoring record, and I think he's better by far than a 12th or 13 scholarship guy. I think people here sell the kid way short because of Blackford's schedule. I want Archie to offer this kid and secure him. Kid's a great passer and had 55 in a game last season. Being looked at by several high D1 schools now, including Purdue and Butler. That's better than a 13th scholarship player in my mind. I differ with you on this one.
  4. Old Friend

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway

    I didn't see an offense designed otherwise....
  5. Old Friend

    2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

    No disrespect, but are we afraid of in state opponents, now? This mentality makes me want to throw a brick through my computer. WHAT????? So what if we've seen losses time and again?!?! What good did beating Jacksonville do us a year ago? You think Duke won't play UNC Greensboro and instead play Montana State....because they're afraid of an in state loss????? That's absurd! SO WHAT if there's a higher chance of a loss?? It would also be a far better win! WOW, Moye.
  6. Old Friend

    2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

    Lots of wins against the Portland State's of the world would land us in the NIT. The Big Ten will win us some and lose us some. Portland State is a no-win situation. It's a bad win, and would probably lower our RPI
  7. Old Friend

    2019-2020 Basketball Schedule

    It's not about win totals anymore and I believe Portland State does nothing to help make the NCAA field . It's about quality wins, quality opponents, and - one man's opinion - I believe Indiana's bar should be far higher than just making it. Indiana should shoot to be a top 4 seed more often than not. To be in the conversation for Big Ten champions every season. Portland State is nothing but a cupcake game and a check for the visitors. I know "every team plays these games," and I understand why. But why not Valpo? Why not Evansville? Why not Indiana State? Portland State makes no sense to me.
  8. Old Friend

    Let's Talk Hockey

    I need help. Live hockey to me is cool. I like it. I was spoiled and my first live hockey game as an adult was the Frozen Four in Cincinnati. Seats on the glass. Have learned to like other seats in live arenas, but I can't get into it on TV. Is there a trick to it? Something I should be watching in particular?
  9. Old Friend

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    Very well done. I know nothing of Austin Van Zyl except the one video I've seen and another poster on another site mentioning he shot very poorly for his season. I DO know you're 100% correct on Green and I'm stoked someone other than me said so. That said, he WILL play at the "1," and we'll see if he learned anything and the late season improvement was meaningful..or...not. Durham can give minutes at the "1," and I think Franklin can as well. But...we do need another pure PG. What I don't know is whether or not our fans (who have become painfully impatient) will get upset if he's not able to contribute significantly in year 1. I feel the same way about Luke Brown. I think that kid (who I DO know about) will be a solid player by the time he's a junior in college, but doubt he'd "wow" anyone as a freshman. Phinisee will be counted on heavily, and anyone here knows that's my horse. I'm happy for that fact, but he ain't Superman. He needs help. I'd use the word "intrigued."
  10. Old Friend

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Most people on chat boards know exactly nothing. Their opinions are what they are, and they have this Norman Rockwell vision of what a Big Ten basketball player looks like. If Luke Brown wants to go to Indiana, I hope he calls Archie and tells him what Peyton Manning told Bill Polian. "Take me, or I'll kick your a$$ for 4 years." I have no idea what Archie's waiting on. It baffles me.
  11. Old Friend

    IndyCar thread

    Okay, so I have THIS too. I have 3 sons and this is my youngest (13). Not his best angle, but he is a huge Indy 500 fan. He can name all 103 winners in order. Yes...he has met Donald Davidson and listens to his show. He pulled Pagenaud in a pre-race pool and won $200. So THIS is what raw genuine-ness looks like. THIS is passion for something. THIS is a kid in his element. I spent the last mile or so watching HIM...not the cars, with this result. Funny. He probably thinks that will be one of the best memories of HIS life.
  12. Old Friend

    IndyCar thread

    I SO agree with that. Here it is.....not my film, but I sit in Turn 4, and it was absolutely awesome. I'm so glad someone else thought it was as cool as I did.
  13. Old Friend

    (2020) PG - Hassan Diarra

    Right now, I want to see 2 things in Archie's recruiting. I want to see toughness. This kid seems to have it. I want kids (unless we're going to get a roster full of legit 1-2 year guys) who will stay 3-4 years and I think he would. Is he the prototype "Indiana kid?" Maybe not. But a kid who carries himself like he seems to can be successful in the Big Ten and doesn't have to set the world on fire year 1. Better said, I'm not really interested in a team full of kids everyone expects to make immediate highly successful contributions. Sometimes, kids need to develop, and I think he does. But I also think he's a tough SOB who can become pretty solid.
  14. Old Friend

    Left Field Candidate for a Job

    Tell your story. Who are you? Jimmy Buffet's resume says he's a singer. And he can't sing. At all. Your resume says what you've done. But...it's not who you are. Develop THAT story and be able to articulate it and show/sell it. Your letter should use the word "non-traditional" to describe your candidacy. You may BE a different candidate than they expect. Embrace it. A position like that requires leadership, organization, team work, and myriad other things. In your letter...hit those hard, but do so briefly. What experience do you have in your LIFE, work or otherwise that will qualify you for this position? The best thing you can do is be and SELL...you. Unequivocally. Write the letter and walk in the interview like you own the damned place. If you want to be the man....be the man. And it starts with the introduction. "Dear ______," My name is Jon Doe and I am excited to see that XYZ Widget has an opening for VP of Finance. I am skilled in the areas of budget management, accounting, personnel management, and team leadership. While my work experience has been limited in this field, I have run 3 travel sports organization, serve as bursar at Hope I Never Get Caught Christian Church where I manage a budget of $2.8 million, and I have my CPA license. Last month, in a role reporting to the VP of Finance at "This Company Sucks" I was able to save our service department more than $300,000 by renegotiating 3 separate contracts and improving our payment terms with 4 of our financiers. I've been passionate about managing money and people since I helped my mother as girl scout cookie mom in 2003 when my sister set the Arkansas state record by selling 298,212 boxes of Thin Mints. You can imagine the number of bank deposits and organization that was necessary.... Seriously....you can write whatever you want, obviously....but sell you and have fun with it. And remember...you want an INTERVIEW. Not the job. Tip from Uncle Old Friend.