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  1. Mood. #COYS https://t.co/5CON3iTW0R

  2. Me when other teams sign legends to one-day contracts: What a cloying gesture -- so pathetic. Me when my teams sig… https://t.co/PB7jMYhT7f

  3. Of course he did. https://t.co/o8lmhXOgBS

  4. A great Hoosier. https://t.co/IeQcXYF1oz

  5. @libbycwatson He more or less remembered to say the quiet part quiet. https://t.co/lz9IDbhhht

  6. RT @jon_bois: capitol hill is a real zoo — and today mark zuckerberg’s the REAL clown. wait is the zoo the one with clowns or is that the c…

  7. Ay, there was some really good music put out today by Hinds, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Wye Oak, and Hop Along.

  8. @JSlanderz @BigToddDont And he's now been fired by The Atlantic. So long, Cold Stone Steve Austin. https://t.co/usEpJDOZ18

  9. RT @Lowenaffchen: i wrote about sam harris and jordan peterson and all the charlatans reviving discredited pseudoscience https://t.co/wAV9Z…

  10. RT @dele_official: ???????????? #COYS https://t.co/DapbEVdkNC

  11. The Americans is emptying the chamber with the 80s music cues in this last season, my god

  12. RT @JasonKirkSBN: No I don't think she did anything wrong https://t.co/K6Q5cF72at

  13. Harry and I have the same shoes! We’re also wearing the same number of leg braces! https://t.co/PvJs4RsauV

  14. @HarryLiberman These kids are standing on the shoulders of giants and they don’t even know it https://t.co/ZbP5HTjyPn

  15. Lol nah. https://t.co/3OfPRvmS26