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  1. I honestly can't imagine somebody saying this unironically. https://t.co/U6b8CM4pDo

  2. RT @willmenaker: Perfect screencap https://t.co/zHkigfTCd1

  3. RT @brianbeutler: Beginning to end, this @CillizzaCNN article assigns collective responsibility (“our,” “we,” etc.) to a trend of indecency…

  4. RT @libbycwatson: i wrote about why politico playbook has absolutely no grounds to act smug and savvy about influence in washington https:/…

  5. My god, it’s beautiful. #COYS https://t.co/dXsfeA4gKy

  6. My god, it’s beautiful. #COYS https://t.co/dXsfeA4gKy

  7. RT @nick_kapur: A thread of Chinese internet nicknames for NBA players. China is crazy for the NBA, but official sources use boring phonet…

  8. We did it fam! https://t.co/LQMXXlIUYk

  9. I was really hoping it would be the mail robot holding the elevator on The Americans. I’m happy to report it was the mail robot!

  10. RT @Papapishu: This is why you invest in good, sturdy card stock from a Union printer: https://t.co/uPodv9HZRj

  11. Three points in the bag, though #COYS

  12. The Thunder probably shouldn’t have run that play for PG late in the game. https://t.co/Jq1iO3XZTr

  13. Yikes there’s a real “Pray For Mojo” moment on this week’s The Terror. https://t.co/XzL57kHZZq

  14. RT @historyinflicks: Internet: we found a bunch of your old homophobic blog posts Normal *******: i sorry (not really sorry but this will b…

  15. Mood. #COYS https://t.co/5CON3iTW0R