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  1. Naismith

    IUBB vs Northwestern - 12/1 @ 1:00 ET

    What Is With Moore Not Playing?? We're Bleeding In The Paint!!
  2. Thanks. I appreciate your response.
  3. I notice that this year we have early IU games televised on "BTN Plus." Or is this an online channel?
  4. I Grossly Dislike Stating The Obvious, But ...
  5. What is Going On with the NCAA & UNC????????????
  6. Most potential and the least results of any team I have followed going back to the 1967-1968 season ...
  7. Moving forward, Indiana needs to keep their players from jumping ship and into some "developmental league." If this group returns - and I don't see one early draft pick among them, next year could be interesting. (Wisconsin starts 3 seniors)
  8. Naismith

    Indiana @ Iowa Game Thread... #BuckleUp

    A bit of a Home Court Advantage up in Iowa City. Free Throws IU: 16 of 19, Iowa: 39 of 47.
  9. Naismith


    If IU allows Purdue to force them into this paralyzed half court "bob & weave" offense - their goose is cooked.
  10. Naismith


    Someone that needs to consider getting involved with college coaching is Yogi Ferrell. He understands, leadership, communications and excels at all, "on the floor," aspects of the game.
  11. Naismith


    I believe a change is necessary. Not so much regarding the embarrassment incurred this season and prior - but the inevitability of more of the same to come.
  12. I've Found A Way To Deal With This Dismal Season, as In Some Past Seasons - DON'T WATCH IT!!
  13. What a sad waste of talent. I can't watch this lethargic "half court" self destruction any longer.
  14. This team could have been special. It actually still could be, but the sun is quickly beginning to set on that possibility. While they have the collective ability to reach tremendous accomplishments - no one is taking a hold of the reins. I well recall the 1981 National Championship Team. There were days that they couldn't beat the church choir - because they would play to their opponents ability. They lost 9 regular season games that year - and then they started to play to their own potential. Someone, either player or coach - grab a hold of the reins... time is running out.
  15. Naismith

    IU @ Maryland Official Game Thread 9PM ET on ESPN

    Never Has So Much Talent Accomplished So Little ...