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  1. @jk_rowling So sad for you. Hate is such a waste. Consumes and is rather pitiful

  2. @HamillHimself Most egregious would be the non investigation of Clinton/Obama

  3. @AssemblyCall Beyond laughable

  4. @StephenKing You obviously mean the obama administration. Or still pouting? Love your books though! Amazing writer

  5. @funder Just stop. Please. Tantrums from left are embarrassing.

  6. @range_4 @KyleNeddenriep If UL hadn’t been so extreme in their constant cheating, they probably wouldn’t have been… https://t.co/PoQ8U0WnjH

  7. @JeffRabjohns @dandakich So true! Not surprising given the states love of Bball. Has always been a question why it’… https://t.co/rTQPbTqZQm

  8. @BeauWillimon @GOP Yes we could have had HRC so could have had all the illegalities upfront and unquestionable. Liberal whining is hilarious

  9. @NewYorker What a joke of a entity @newyorker is. Go one and continue death spiral. We won’t worry

  10. @dandakich @1070thefan A huge part of it is media hyping it up. From crystal balls to rumor analysis, it’s a machine that people consume

  11. @andyluther300 If the NCAA has far reaching powers including privately owned business electronic boards then we all… https://t.co/53RVpgh7co

  12. @mattdpearce @DylanSinn Informed though means not pushing personal or one sided agenda. Requires balance and honest… https://t.co/UYkmHGzK6S

  13. @dandakich As someone else pointed out, political correctness at IU is to blame for the Sampson decision at least.

  14. @DoctorGC This always bothered me too!

  15. @bkravitz That was nicely done. Lol