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  1. @DirkThoughts @AddisonAgen Hate it when a typo gets in the way of a good joke!

  2. @AssemblyCall Like most things, devil’s in the detail. We don’t know those

  3. @BrownBagDC Yes it has been too long! Love Your daily facts & DC photos!

  4. @kbikoff I thought the sideline catch in 1st half that even announcers said looked good before they whistled to rev… https://t.co/r8uijnphGj

  5. @maggieNYT Uh, amazing how people react only bc of hatred for pres. many companies have no personal phone use at al… https://t.co/9cOCzdVqPM

  6. @crimsonquarry But IU is number 1 in political correctness!

  7. @ConanOBrien Why aren’t u able to be funny anymore? Used to be so incredible before getting political

  8. @thecomeback Devils advocate here... if players don’t have to follow a clearly defined procedure in their labor han… https://t.co/lsWT3vul49

  9. @DoctorGC And you don’t think media journalism is dead? Lol

  10. @baltimoresun This must be an editorial rather than news because journalism would not contain opinion in a title. #obvioussarcasm

  11. @davidsirota I’m sure it was just an oversight on your part to forget to point out each time dems pull same kind of… https://t.co/TEw9pRwI7h

  12. @Dr_Chad_Tew @IUBloomington @idsnews Not must read unless you are absolute partisan, think the word “might” is abso… https://t.co/bSCoc7aEOR

  13. @DirkThoughts Next time don’t post your plans in advance for the evening? Lol

  14. RT @IUHoosiers: Win tickets to Saturday’s #CrossroadsClassic, courtesy of @FifthThird. Retweet & we’ll pick a winner! https://t.co/HeUga4Xh…

  15. @MikeMillerHT Can’t go 0 for w/ starting guard and expect to win