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  1. I used to live in Memphis and I have to say I loved it very much and I would not call it one of the "worst" cities in America
  2. Coming from a Grizz fan who was at the game last night, I don't blame people for not getting excited against us we suck haha. I had a great time tho Bankers Life is really nice
  3. First off, everyone needs to chill out. There is no reason to complain about stuff you cannot control. A big reason for lack of student attendance is that the General Admission system is absolutely terrible. A lot of schools you go wait in line and you get a ticket and then go home like the morning of the game. This year I waited from 9 am to 9 pm for the Duke game and 8:30 am to 3 yesterday. Students have lives and are not all as crazily obsessed with IU basketball as others. If they fixed the system I firmly believe attendance would jump. Not to mention they dont let you bring drinks in the line even if theyre sealed and you can only bring snacks if they are unopened.
  4. zsmithey4

    College Bball Thread

    An IU fan sitting courtside almost got tossed last night too
  5. 1. All student tickets are not GA. There are many scattered throughout the Hall. 2. These posts are ignorant and take away from students like me that line up hours early to get in the front row of all these games and bring intensity and passion. 3. Monday is a big day for night classes at least from people I know. The Big Ten is partly to blame for changing the schedules. 4. For every fair weather fan you have the passionate fans that show up every game. If you take away seats from the students, you're taking away tickets from the kids that actually care about IU basketball and you will have games full of the fair weather fans you guys are talking about.
  6. zsmithey4

    Maryland at IU Game Thread

    I can promise you that it was far from dead in there.
  7. zsmithey4


    I think we can do better. 11-7
  8. zsmithey4


    IMO Miller inherited a team similar to Crean's year 3 team. This team also reminds me of the Vonleh team.
  9. zsmithey4


    Looking through the schedule, it is completely reasonable for us to finish 12-6. However, it is also completely reasonable that we could finish 7-11. I believe that last Saturday may have been a turning point win. I'm still skeptical but I think with each win their confidence has grown and I also think it was HUGE for them to follow up Saturday's win by coming back and grinding out a win against a really good defensive team.
  10. Saw on another site that Kansas had to send an assistant to see Romeo today because he had to deal with the Billy Preston situation
  11. zsmithey4

    2018 McDAAG nominees

    How many can make the game from each state?
  12. I assumed it helps with our resume because they mentioned tier 1 and tier 2 wins on espn.com. Unfortunately they were talking about that horrible school northwest of us having 4 of them
  13. I posted this in the college basketball thread but it looks like Minnesota's rpi was 74 when we won on Saturday. Does that make it a tier 1 win?
  14. zsmithey4

    College Bball Thread

    I just looked up the rpi rankings and it said that Minnesota is 75 now but was 74 previously. Wouldnt that make our win a tier 1 win?
  15. zsmithey4

    College Bball Thread

    Any idea of who might be on the grad transfer market at the end of this year?