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  1. Miller'sTheMan

    Indiana vs Penn State Post Game Thread

    I come here after a win versus a team that was favored against us on the road, and see almost more negativity than anything else... Yeesh.
  2. For Brooks? No, we lose Morgan/Fitzner, and everyone expects Romeo to be a one and done, which gives us 3 open scholarships. We'd most likely need a transfer if we take 4 players in the class.
  3. If we get Brooks, does Watford still visit or are we done on that front?
  4. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB @ Arkansas - 11/18 @ 3:30 ET

    Such a frustrating loss. So many stupid plays made throughout the game. We handed that to Arkansas on a silver platter.
  5. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB @ Arkansas - 11/18 @ 3:30 ET

    With the way the officials were calling the game, that's not a foul on Arkansas, but that's a foul on IU every time. Any contact against IU they called it a foul, apparently not the other way
  6. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB @ Arkansas - 11/18 @ 3:30 ET

    Davis HAS to make that tip. That's an easy bucket, no excuse at all to miss it.
  7. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB @ Arkansas - 11/18 @ 3:30 ET

    We just played dumb. So many unforced errors.
  8. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB vs. Marquette 11/14 at 8:30 ET

    Man may want to keep Al in the starting 5 honestly. I thought he, Phinisee, and Langford worked well together.
  9. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB vs Montana State - 11/9 - 8:00 ET

    You're aware the offense has shot 56 and 57% from the field the last couple games right? Horrible is a massive exaggeration.
  10. Miller'sTheMan

    College Bball Thread

    Washington/West Virginia both lose... I think we'll see both us and Marquette ranked for our match-up next week, assuming Marquette takes care of business.
  11. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB vs Montana State - 11/9 - 8:00 ET

    It's because of how much he weighs and how well he moves with that weight that makes him special.
  12. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB vs Montana State - 11/9 - 8:00 ET

    Good game from the team. Took care of business against the cupcakes and now we gotta get prepared for the first real challenge of the season.
  13. Miller'sTheMan

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    I'm pretty much done fretting over this recruitment. Would really want to get at least one of him and Brooks, but if I was Archie I would be calling Watford/Hurt to at least have some back-up options.
  14. Miller'sTheMan

    College Bball Thread

    Wow, Notre Dame not very good this year?
  15. Miller'sTheMan

    IUBB vs Chicago State - Tues. 11/6 at 6:30 pm ET

    Good performance, defensively we need to improve I thought. Not a horrible performance on that end but definitely room to improve... and FREE THROWS! Won't hurt us against teams like Chicago State but we have to be better than 56% against good teams. We left 8-9 more points on the court just by free throwing shooting alone. Hopefully it's a fluke, and in Romeo's case I'm confident it is.