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  1. Miller'sTheMan

    Game Thread: 09/21 12:00PM ET Indiana vs UConn BTN

    Anyone know if Penix has thrown at all this week? Not expecting him to play but just curious if he's throwing at all.
  2. Pretty cool video. And yes, for those curious, Penix is there.
  3. I don't know, I think if you go back and re-watch that game, and add in the yardage he should have had if our receivers could catch the football, you'd be saying the exact opposite. He made a couple glaring mistakes in that game, the INT and an overthrow to Hendershot, but he was very good outside of those.
  4. You are bringing up a specific stat line to show that Penix's shortcomings against Ball State. I am pointing out that if you watched the game and understood the game, you would realize that the 2nd INT was not on him. Hell, the coaching staff even said as much after the game and reiterated that fact after watching the film. If you want to agree it's not his fault, then why are you bringing it up to showcase his struggles?
  5. Also just throwing this out there, through the first two weeks, Michael Penix Jr. and Justin Fields have been the two highest graded quarterbacks in the Big Ten according to PFF.
  6. Do you watch the games or just look at the stat sheet? Because that 2nd INT wasn't on him at all. Interesting that you bring up his number of attempts, because his average yards per throw were significantly higher in that game than what Ramsey's career stats have been up to this point.
  7. Setting the top passing mark for a quarterback in a debut since Antwaan, in a game where we had at least 5 or 6 blatantly dropped passes that would have made his total yardage even more impressive, is "barely" doing that for you?
  8. I hope he is, Chris doesn't sound optimistic though.
  9. What was the point of having him meet with the media? Were they just trying to keep it under wraps and having him not meet would raise questions?
  10. Chris, is there any chance Penix plays or is that a pipe dream at this point?
  11. So Penix is out it sounds like? That really sucks if that's true. Why did they have him meet with the media on Monday if he wasn't gonna be able to play? Was it a practice injury?
  12. Miller'sTheMan

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Nice pick up. How many are we taking in 2020?
  13. Penix opens up so much more for us offensively. Teams weren't respecting Ramsey's deep ball at all last season, you can't do that with Penix. If you don't play him honestly, he'll beat you over the top with the 60 yard deep ball like he did with Westbrook 2 times (one was a dropped pass). Kind of blows my mind people still question if Ramsey would be better for us this year, I don't think it's remotely close.
  14. Only one interception was Penx's fault. The other was on Fryfogle who slipped and threw off the route. I have no idea how you can possibly watch that play and say that INT was on Penix.
  15. Miller'sTheMan

    Indiana vs Penn State Post Game Thread

    I come here after a win versus a team that was favored against us on the road, and see almost more negativity than anything else... Yeesh.