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  1. IU 70 kitty cats 66 GO BIG RED....
  2. Terps 68 IU 64 Hope I'm wrong. GO BIG RED
  3. IU 62 IZZO crew 74. Hope i'm wrong, GO BIG RED.
  4. IU 68 Huskers 62 GO BIG RED...… Please.
  5. IU 61. OSU 73. GO BIG RED....
  6. IU 74 Cats 62 GO BIG RED
  7. I haven't given up on Rob at all, he has shown flashes of being an excellent point guard with flashes to the basket at times. Not sure what is going on presently but maybe it is just confidence. He was out for several games and missed a lot of practice so hopefully going forward we will see him continue to develop.
  8. tkbbn

    College Bball Thread

    Wiscy and Rider 3 to 3 7 mins into the game, Talking about a slow start.
  9. IU 65 Terps 74. That pains me. GO BIG RED.....
  10. IU 72 wiscy 64 GO BIG RED.