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  1. Yeah, it's embarrassing to see how far ahead Purdue is now in academic rankings.
  2. Are these things really permanent? Hopefully the traditional jerseys with the piping come back for conference season. These don't even match the shorts!
  3. 126 pages of marketing mumbo-jumbo. https://s3.amazonaws.com/sidearm.sites/iuhoosiers.com/documents/2018/8/28/IUB_athletics_brandguide_TO_PRESS_8_2.pdf The biggest takeaway is the new font. Old: New:
  4. I'll be there.  Had already planned on going to NY for the week, was supposed to fly out that night.  Moving my flight to Xmas night.         My group may have an extra single.  My friend submitted for 5 but one of our friends isn't coming from home from Maryland.