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  1. RT @11jdc: My gf wants a puppy but I told her we already have 2 dogs and they're a handful so we compensated and pick up our new puppy Satu…

  2. RT @IUCrimsonGuard: HOOSIERS WITH THE WIN!!! #IUBB ⚪️????

  3. @CBrack25 You can always come to Randy’s lol

  4. RT @IUHoosiers: Happy Holidays — from our family to yours! ⚪️???? https://t.co/FRbHTu3i3J

  5. RT @Barknado69: Doctor: I'm sorry *puts hand on my shoulder* you'll never walk again My dog: *kicks in the hospital door* did somebody say…

  6. SOS in need of hot soup and medicine ????

  7. RT @nickigilbert: I find it be most frustrating thing when i call someone who has their phone glued to their hand 24/7 but can never answer.

  8. @oliviasusann Did you see the news on fixer upper ????

  9. RT @josieatk: thomas rhett rly just dropped a WHOLE ALBUM about how much he loves his wife... whatta man

  10. In my 8 am and I hear, "I'm just here for the attendance and then I'm going to breakfast club." #GameDay #IU

  11. Happy Birthday @ike2899 ! ????????????Wish you could make it to the game this week!!

  12. Why is this not an actual thing.. ???? https://t.co/ZxA6GFZk1N

  13. Today is my last first day of college.. ????

  14. RT @Obey_Ellee: FAFSA thinks our parents' annual salary is gonna go straight to our college tuition like they don't have bills to pay and m…

  15. https://t.co/829POrAByB