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  1. cchoneycut

    IU's Most Important Player This Season

    Yogi. Our offense will go as he goes and he has to play great defense to give TB a chance at getting blocks. Getting the ball out of the other teams point guard can really mess an offense up. Yogi's offensive decisions will decide how deadly this offense can be. He needs to find the post early and often to give shooters the looks late.
  2. cchoneycut

    I'm worried about in-state recruiting.

    That's the thing though... We can totally rob some studs in that class. Build a solid class of '16's and then hand pick our awesome in-state '17 class and we should be set for a bit.
  3. Maybe we could get him to prep school in Indiana??
  4. cchoneycut

    Class of 2016 Recruiting

    Thank you for the response. Clears up most of that.
  5. cchoneycut

    Class of 2016 Recruiting

    Ok I don't know where to put this, but is it a thing with College Football Coaches where they will recruit a certain area harder in anticipation that they will move to that area? Kevin Wilson has done a tremendous job recruiting Florida and Georgia and I'm just curious if there is opportunity out there for him. I don't know if that's why he recruits that area the hardest, and I understand there are tremendous athletes out there, but still he doesn't pay attention to Indiana much. Again no inside information from me just my curiosity getting the better of me.
  6. cchoneycut

    (2016) RB Toks Akinribade to Iowa

    We have missed on every big Indiana high school prospect haven't we? Any I'm missing that have yet to commit?
  7. cchoneycut

    Weak Indiana HS Senior Class

    Maybe instead of just recruiting all Indiana kids lets just make them a bigger priority. So I'm not saying lets only recruit in Indiana, but let's make our high school basketball programs feel like they have a chance at IU, so when we get a loaded class (class of '16/'17) we can be ahead of the game(which we are with that class). I'm fine with bringing in the East coast kids and what not, but maybe just a bit more PRIORITY on our Midwestern boys.
  8. cchoneycut

    IndianaMBB Account on Snapchat

    Nope, it was Holt. I was wrong. Had to go back through and look.
  9. cchoneycut

    IndianaMBB Account on Snapchat

    Pretty sure I saw TB in there.... I could be completely wrong.
  10. cchoneycut

    Thanks, Kentucky for revealing yourself

    Ok I don't know where to put this, but Kentucky just hired a North Central grad to be an assistant coach for basketball. Does this put our 2016/2017 class at risk for being stolen by Kentucky? Are they gearing up to make a run at those classes?
  11. cchoneycut

    Potential replacements for 2015-2016

  12. cchoneycut

    Potential replacements for 2015-2016

    Murphy to Minnesota
  13. cchoneycut

    (2016) PF De'Ron Davis to IU

    First video I've seen of him in awhile and boy does he look good playing. I want this kid. Bad.
  14. cchoneycut

    2015 NFL Draft Thread

    Oh and they drafted some guys to destroy our OL
  15. cchoneycut

    2015 NFL Draft Thread

    So far the patriots just drafted guys to slaughter our DL and we drafted a guy that paired with T. Y will be the fastest two wideouts on the same team. Imagine those two running seam routes on opposite sides of each other.... Good luck defending that.