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  1. RT @PearlJam: We have to stay young. Music allows you to do that, especially rock’n’roll. #EddieVedder https://t.co/HOO6t3MN2W

  2. @SnootyJuicer @3GPulley @CaptHandlebar Maybe I didn’t have friends from that region?

  3. Drinking a Premium Elderberry Cider by @sincider @ Brooks Landing Pool — https://t.co/jRtCtv9yrV

  4. Huh. https://t.co/1Ia3eWl6rG

  5. @TheOriginalRD Yes, or if you provide hope of merging, then squash it

  6. @WomanMDsGuide She thinks she’ll get Alzheimer’s. She added that she’s very concerned about what she puts in her body. We are eye rolling.

  7. This is delightful! - Drinking a Mulled Cider by Ash & Elm Cider Co. @ Ash & Elm Cider Co — https://t.co/Oea0PSLFqx

  8. RT @TheBrandonMorse: Someone auto-tuned “Smells Like Teen Spirit” to a major chord, and now life is confusing. https://t.co/jIXJ0Ut1zG

  9. And before you are concerned, he won’t attack me, my tweets are locked down. Unlike the IU defense.

  10. RT @BettyBowers: This is what a "wild night" looks like to someone. And you thought you had a bad year! https://t.co/dJTFOwFirc

  11. @BlaineGodbey @JomaChameleon @Feeble41 It smells inoffensive, purchased at target https://t.co/EY90TE8SSW

  12. @HMATTHIAS @bush_jason @dukedynamite @lukedunlevy @JMV1070 @royhobbson Dog 2 has grit

  13. I just earned the 'Legendary' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/JpvI3NXs3M