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  1. He must've deleted it since you screenshotted that
  2. Jketch

    (2018) PG - James Akinjo

    I don't know if this was already mentioned, but he was given an offer with terms that he isn't allowed to commit until he has permission by Archie.
  3. Jketch

    2017 July Evaluation Period

    He later told Peegs that there's a chance he may make up his mind in August at the earliest. To me it seems he is worried about competition.
  4. Archie did not offer Henry strategically. Truly offered him a spot in this class. Jerome was seemingly going to commit regardless of Henry's offer, but Damezi loved IU and Henry's uncertainty could have led Damezi to commit earlier than expected today.
  5. Jketch

    2017 July Evaluation Period

    The only players that could be pulling the trigger soon are Henry and maybe Phinisee. Phinisee is apparently ours if we show more interest. Think Duke is a priority but will be hard to get competing with Providence and Nova. Garland could take a bit to commit somewhere. Romeo is expected to commit around spring but doesn't know who he likes best yet between IU, KU and UofL. Dort has not made up his mind and will most likely commit later on as well. Moses Brown is still regarded as a priority.
  6. Yes that is quoted from Henry in the article
  7. Apparently Henry has backed off from committing to a school until around October or November now. I think he's just overwhelmed with the two others that committed today and that his projected timing is subject to change.
  8. "Newkirk, that's their only pure point".?? I would say he's the least pure out of our three
  9. Jketch

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Seems that PG changes his mind like the weather based on recent quotes
  10. Exactly what I was thinking. For those that want to believe money isn't involved in recruitment, try talking to a retired big time AAU coach. I've heard of kids potentially getting paid thousands of dollars for an official VISIT.
  11. Previous target Jordan Tucker didn't seem to make the top 100 in final scout rankings. Whoever continually mentioned that they believe Smith is better than Tucker is not alone on their views.
  12. I hear JBJ doesn't plan on coming back. Unfortunate if true, but we move forward.
  13. These guys just put an emoji to gain attention, don't look further into it... Unless you are like me and noticed that Bryant liked Rob's emoji, which means they must be on the same page.