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  1. RT @Ty96_: https://t.co/S93XkUNi52

  2. ???????? https://t.co/iVdy0gZ03A

  3. RT @tabariusndacut1: BIG MOOD https://t.co/nFLJyfLQeW

  4. Fear of god on me I got nothing but faith

  5. RT @_TheBluntDoctor: He faked a heart attack to see how his service dog in training would react. https://t.co/AV7OBjACtw

  6. RT @Travis_churxh: get I might be wrong but don’t have to make me for the biggest pos over it but fine

  7. RT @SamuelLongway: Today just ain't been my day

  8. The golf course is so therapeutic

  9. RT @RedSox: Goodbye, baseball! ???? Moreland smashes a two-run homer and we are within one! 4-3 https://t.co/3ciHedTLEo

  10. Lake house in 23 days ????

  11. RT @maceemckinley: I’m so tired of people only hitting me up when they need something

  12. one person followed me // automatically checked by https://t.co/gFRWW9OXl6

  13. @THELarryBerry I burn so many trees that I have splinters in my toaster

  14. @Travis_churxh Nah

  15. RT @THELarryBerry: Being laid up would be lit