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  1. I don't know who took the famous photograph, but it's a shame they haven't gotten a dollar for every copy of it on walls throughout Indiana. At my place of work at the time, I had a darkroom and processing lab. Someone brought me a negative and said it was a second-generation duplicate of the original. I know I did many prints for people I did and did not know. It seems like every print I've ever seen came from the same camera angle and moment.
  2. pumpfake

    What was your first/earliest memory of...

    Good old "Jack". Several years ago Mark Monteith interviewed Chuck Marlowe and that broadcast came up. Chuck caught holy hell from station management (like he had any control over it). I used to watch that show on Sunday morning religiously (no pun intended). I still remember the Amax coal and Mineweld commercials.
  3. pumpfake

    What was your first/earliest memory of...

    Channel 4 was the epitome of a local TV station. Back in the late 90's they ran an anniversary show around Labor Day (as I recall). It was 2 or 2 1/2 hours long with lots of old footage. I recorded it on VHS, but when I loaned it to someone they loaned it to someone else and I never got it back. I've had no luck finding a copy of it. One story I remember from it was in the early days of the station, they would televise the basketball game and then disassemble the cameras, get them back to the studio, and reassemble them for the late newscast.
  4. pumpfake

    What was your first/earliest memory of...

    In the early 70's I was an Indiana Pacers fan, first and foremost. I casually followed IU only in the hope that he'd end up on the Pacers (which he did). I didn't follow college ball, but my dad watched Purdue games but I wasn't interested. During 1974-75, the IU juggernaut was getting a lot of coverage and I began watching games and became a fan. The first intense memory was watching the NCAA loss to the cheaters down South with Scott May playing with a cast. I vividly remember thinking we were the better team and got the short end of the officiating straw - as the game concluded I was so disappointed that I broke the aerial off my old Admiral black and white TV. I can still recall the sound the "mother" of Oscar Robertson made after she called him in the house on the Farm Bureau commercial (and of course Martha's chuckle at the end of the fight song). I remember when channel 4 used to televise pre-season scrimmages. I think it was when Alford was a freshman, but he made a move toward the basket and then whipped a behind the head pass to Uwe, smacked him right in the face (lol).
  5. pumpfake

    Dakich under investigation

    You know the old saying "If it walks like a duck...". The same can be said of an @$$.
  6. pumpfake

    College Bball Thread

    Wholesale "Marshalling", I guess.
  7. No. Sometimes life isn't fair, but while missing out on an opportunity to play in a tournament stinks, it's not a tragedy. Many people have missed out on important events and opportunities because of unfortunate circumstances (more important/significant than missing a basketball tourney). Imagine the chaos with scholarship and roster limits.
  8. Super Chonk Bjorn Borg on the floor!
  9. I'll add that the 2 dumbestplays were by upper classmen.
  10. THAT is how you squander a lead! We have NO killer instinct and go soft and stupid when we should be choking them out.
  11. WTF was Durham doing! bad pass, turnover, lazy defense, and fouls the guy.
  12. Hey, yea. Banner #6 is in the bag!
  13. After tonight ALL remaining games will be completely 'neutral site games'.
  14. Whoa. Hunter went all Bill Russell on that guy, then DG 4 3
  15. He was asked what he was discussing with the officials at the end of the half.