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  1. pumpfake

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    It's an article on indystar. Pretty much a rehash of what Archie said last month. Sadly, there was nothing new to be optimistic about but it said they'd have a better handle around August.
  2. pumpfake

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    Nothing new, but it's recent: Indystar (Osterman) on J. Hunter
  3. pumpfake

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    Interesting? Yes. But, IMO not a player for our program at this time. The kid is focused on the NBA, so he's going to expect starters minutes where ever he goes - do we want a very possible 1 and done taking the ball out of Rob P's hands only to bail on the team? We're still trying to establish a "culture" & "get older", pursuing players like this seems at odds with those goals.
  4. pumpfake

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    That's the way I took it, too. From my understanding of the rumored medical issue, there is a lengthy procedure for treatment and then weaning off the medication and follow up.
  5. pumpfake

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    It's announcement day for a top level recruit with us being mentioned as one of the two finalists and I have almost no interest (apparently same goes for many others on this board). Don't get me wrong, I'd really love to add Trendon to the roster but our perceived outsider status and the ridiculously long decision process leaves me numb. I can see why Mr. & Mrs. Watford want their son to play closer to home, so they can travel much easier but choosing LSU would be a real disappointment in Trendon and his family.
  6. r.e. MSU: It's something I've thought for quite a while, that the top schools with long-time coaches will likely take a big hit. It is more of the rule than exception it seems to me. Fans always clamor for the grand slam hire, but those rarely ever occur. There's only so many coaches that fit the bill and usually they're already at top programs and would be very unlikely to jump. Heck, we look at the team in Lexington and they were rebuffed by Donovan (the clear fan favorite). Unless a team can lure a top name alumni coach, they will almost always go through a coach or two before finding their guy and odds aren't great he'll be HOF material. I think with Beilein it's a case of wanting to coach - not spend much of your time recruiting players and then having to deal with being hamstrung by the stupid NBA draft rules. It's why I don't think guys like Donovan or Stevens would want to get back in college coaching, at least if they're given a choice.
  7. I wonder if KB Senior uses twitter? Somehow it wouldn't surprise me if some griping tweets popup during the upcoming season.
  8. I can certainly understand the many reasons why a coach would get sick of it. You may spend more time recruiting a player than coaching him.
  9. pumpfake

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    I don't remember where it was posted, but a couple of months ago an "insider" said something like "don't expect Archie to pursue any more 5-star recruits" (very loosely paraphrased). I'm 100% fine with that as long as he gets the right players.
  10. pumpfake


    Interesting insight about TJD and shot selection. It can be a concern from a fan perspective that players work on things they aren't proficient at during games trying to impress the experts. I felt there was some of that with Morgan this past year firing 3's after the NBA evaluation last year. I understand players want to impress, especially hoping to get to the NBA, but as a fan I'm only interested in team success.
  11. pumpfake


    Ultimately, I guess I don't really care how highly ranked the players Archie brings in are. The bottom line is build a team that wins, a program that has success and sustains it, and plays within the rules. Getting players from Indiana is important but not the be-all, end-all. I'm not one that gives two hoots in hell about highlights, spectacular dunks and so on. I get more enjoyment watching team basketball like we saw from teams like TT and Virginia. I hate what 1-and-done does to the game. I'm also going to play the old grump card and say that a lot of the attention seeking, prima donna act with so many of the 'elite' players rubs me the wrong way.
  12. IMO Archie will get a fourth (and fifth) unless something significant occurs, like some sort of recruiting scandal or behavioral issue. That said, a bottom 5 finish or missing the tournament again would probably make a lot of natives restless.
  13. I agree, and frankly it makes me nervous simply because of the uncertainty around JH (will he be able to play and how good will he be). It's likely the roster is set for next season. We're over due for some good luck so hopefully we see the improvement from returning players, the freshmen live up to expectations, and we can sustain full health for a change.
  14. I completely agree. The Watford saga has dragged on far too long and I never got the sense they were truly interested in considering us. Frankly, it seems both players are most interested in self-promotion and their futures beyond college.
  15. pumpfake

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    No, I believe you are correct. I don't really follow pro ball (Pacers) anymore for this very reason. You need multiple stars to win in the NBA and the Pacers always seem to have one borderline all-star and a few decent players - just enough to be mediocre, make the playoffs as a lower seed but most importantly remain profitable. Indy isn't going to attract big name free agents, so aside from a rare mid-round gem, they need to get stars via high draft picks. With Vic out for most of the season this would have been a good year to "tank" and draft high, but that's not what the Simons want. Job #1 is to make money, which is fine as they own the team, but I gave up watching long ago knowing that's their main objective.