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  1. Nebraska 64 IU 60 Just can't bring myself to predict a road win until we prove we can at least play well on the road. It's a place where we just haven't even been competitive.
  2. AKHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Venturing over to the UK boards and my are they done with Brooks. No one knows why he's starting, upset he takes any shots at all, and can't believe he hasn't gotten any better since the start of the season. I seriously think he transfers at the end of the year.
  3. This is the type of program we are now, just face it. We're a program that expects to lose at Rutgers. The administration got what they wanted. We're a business school. We're a diversity school. We're a law school. Not a basketball school.
  4. Zero chance I watch another away game this year. Not worth the time.
  5. Well good for Holtmann, at least all his bitching about the refs earlier this week has worked to his advantage today.
  6. Refs are out in full force today. I get the feeling though that this will come down to OSU draining a last second 3 like last year to beat us.
  7. They're more reliable from 3 than we are from the free throw line. Of course that happens. I don't know if it's the pack line defense or the players or whatever, but I am SO SICK of teams hitting so many 3's against us. Especially when it's in our own building.
  8. Offense is sputtering, refs are bad, we're not getting 50/50 balls. Not a good recipe. Hopefully the 2nd half is more like the early part of the first half.
  9. Darn. Really thought RMK would be there today. I'm guessing there was definitely smoke to this, but his condition just couldn't allow it. He must really be struggling.
  10. If a senior in his second semester still doesn't "get it" then it's time to cut bait. He's not going to all of a sudden be a different person. Devonte is a 4 year player at IU who's never been to the NCAA tournament. Has that ever even happened before? If he doesn't care, and is a cancer in the locker room, then it's time to move on. Addition by subtraction.
  11. Whatever. Just get to the tournament. That's the only goal of this season now. To be a program that matters, you have to get to the NCAA tournament. If you don't, you're nobody. The journey won't be pretty, but it doesn't matter. All we gotta do is get there.
  12. I'm starting to think this is the case. Why not just go be a millionaire at some other school with half the pressure and an administration maybe willing to play ball in the cesspool of basketball recruiting?
  13. AKHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Exactly, one spot above IU. I hate him.
  14. AKHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Wonder where he has Purdue. What a homer, and I actually like his commentary.