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  1. Woodson1980

    Forum tipoff classic

    Sisley looks like the kind of kid that goes to Butler or Iowa and haunts the hell out of us.Thomas is really athletic and has hit a couple threes.
  2. Woodson1980

    Poll: Archie Miller

    I agree for the most part but then there's this.
  3. The best thing that could have happened for this team may just be Rob bring nicked up.Franklin's building that second lead resume and it's looking fine. We missed Phinnisee tonight but come March these adversities could pay off
  4. The kids already a good defensive player and seems to handle pressure very well for a freshman.Has better handles than Al already. Add in the fact he gets to the rim and finishes well,with a little work on the shooting we're looking at a star. I love the kid.
  5. Woodson1980

    College Bball Thread

    Go Toppers! F U OF 6
  6. Woodson1980

    College Bball Thread

    Can't wait for that game.
  7. Woodson1980

    College Bball Thread

    Something tells me unranked Michigan will make a huge jump in the polls this week.Dykes said he thought they were the best in the Big and he may be right.
  8. 87 Hoosiers 74 Terry Bradshaw U
  9. Woodson1980

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia to Marquette

    If this indeed is over this isn't the end of the world as we know it, although it does put much more emphasis on signing a big in the next class. I'm sure Archie and company are all over it already and new names will be popping up.Is there any in state players that could be a quality 5 in the Big? I'm not aware of any. Being able to offer playing time after what I hope and actually expect to be a successful season could sway some of the high profile national recruits. There's always the grad transfer route too. GO HOOSIERS!