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  1. kbhoosiers

    Getting Rid of Cable...maybe

    I second this. I have YouTube TV as well and I’m more than satisfied with it. Although I think mjtavier and I have been grandfathered in at the $35 rate. I believe the price is up to $40 a month if you sign up now. You input your zip code at time of signing up and that gives you access to your local channels. It also has golf channel, tnt, tbs, tru tv. The only thing that is missing is NFL Network. I’m saving close to $100 a month by making the switch. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  2. kbhoosiers

    The Masters Thread

    Time to brush the dust off of this thread. IMO, this is the second best 4 day stretch in the sporting world (close second to opening weekend of March Madness). I look forward to this tourney every year but even more so this year. There are so many great story lines heading into this years Masters. There are at least 10-15 guys you could make a legitimate case as the “favorite” heading into today. It’s going to be a good one folks!! Who are you all taking? I personally think Rory or Jordan gets back on track and takes the green jacket this year.
  3. kbhoosiers

    2018 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    3/22 - Nevada
  4. kbhoosiers

    2018 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    Yeah, what he said ^ thanks buddy.
  5. kbhoosiers

    2018 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    It’s time for my win-win. Kensucky for 3/17.
  6. kbhoosiers

    2018 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    3/16 West Virginia
  7. kbhoosiers

    2018 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    3/15 - Gonzaga
  8. kbhoosiers

    Cutting the Cord

    I have internet through Comcast. I’m running about 95 mbps (I’m no techy so not sure if this is good) I believe and I’ve had no issues with buffering. I stream it through my Xbox One and so far so good!
  9. kbhoosiers

    Cutting the Cord

    I’m just getting started with it, but from what I’ve seen, it’s based on your location. I’m in the Cincinnati area so I’m getting Fox Sports Ohio (which is great for my reds games). If you are in the Indy area, I would assume you would get Fox Sports Indy but not 100% on how that works. Here is the list of channels it comes with.
  10. kbhoosiers

    Cutting the Cord

    Thanks to you all, I have finally made the switch to YouTube tv. It has all the sports necessities for me and cartoons for the kiddos. Only thing it’s missing is HGTV for the Mrs. it’s going to save me around $100 a month. For those contemplating making the switch, if you sign up for YouTube tv by March 13th, you’re grandfathered in at $35 a month. If you sign up after, it jumps to $40 (still pretty cheap).
  11. kbhoosiers

    Game Thread: Indiana at Nebraska 9est BTN

    Wow. Judging by that Andrew Dakich senior speech, he has father’s gift to gab.
  12. Possibly because he didn’t have the personnel at Dayton to go 9-10 deep? If we were to get Romeo and this seemingly solid SG (which we desperately need) I could very easily see us going 9-10 deep. He didn’t have the quality of players at Dayton that he is going to be reeling in here. Just because he didn’t use bigger rotations at his previous school doesn’t mean he won’t entertain the idea if he has some depth. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  13. kbhoosiers

    Romeo v Phinisee - Hypothetical debate

    Both are obviously huge gets, but I’d have to go with RP. A true pg for 4 years is hard to replace. Rob will have his fingerprint all over this program in the next few years. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  14. I’m to the point in this thread where I no longer need to read names of posters. I know exactly who writes what. A lot of dead horses in this one. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  15. kbhoosiers

    Game Thread: Indiana State Friday 7pm BTNplus

    You have to start wondering if playing these small Indiana schools is a good idea. I like the idea of it and think it’s great for the state but not sure the pros outweigh the cons if you’re IU. Playing IU is the biggest game of the year for ISU or IPFW so they are going to bring everything they got. If IU wins, no one will bat an eye but if they lose, then it is a back breaker. I know a lot of people like that idea of adding even more of these games to the schedule each year (Ball St, Evansville, etc.) but these games are no cake walks. I’m hoping in a couple years this is a moot point and CAM has IU working like a well oiled machine but I guess time will tell. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners