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  1. As a teacher.....THIS!!!!! https://t.co/BPbOolZJwY

  2. Is he sick? #iubb https://t.co/K7fNK51lp3

  3. RT @kylegriffin1: Update: Two days before the school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead, the Trump admin proposed to cut $25,000,000 in…

  4. RT @JeffRabjohns: All-time scoring leaders in Indiana HS Boys Basketball, after tonight, Feb 16, 2018: 1 Damon Bailey - 3,134 2 Marion Pie…

  5. RT @AP: BREAKING: Leader of white nationalist group has confirmed suspect in Florida school shooting was member of his organization.

  6. @teresangallegos Y'all doing 8/5 as well? #nevermissasundayshow

  7. @LionsPride People also forget that the same Eagles offense beat up on that highly touted Minnesota Def a couple we… https://t.co/N6tBT2t9kF

  8. RT @HomegrownHoos: I see you Wikipedia. https://t.co/hE2IPDZh7q

  9. Y'all he ain't got no hair. Balding on the back of your head is some Darth Vader type baldness. https://t.co/6n5DhNJ2ag

  10. RT @nytopinion: In interviews in the 1980s and 1990s, Mr. Trump speaks in complete sentences, using mature vocabulary and expressions. Ther…

  11. Someone find Lotus and show him this. https://t.co/SEj9kX8y3R

  12. This is a bold statement by someone who is not wrong very often. If true things are about to get crazy. https://t.co/s9Q7BpXSF9

  13. @YaHuckleberry26 https://t.co/ml41uR9bZj

  14. RT @washingtonpost: Amazon, JPMorgan, Berkshire creating new health care company “free from profit-making incentives and constraints” https…

  15. @AssemblyCall https://t.co/cAVuwcHskS