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  1. RT @Brett_A_Taylor: I am CRYING. The Weather Channel set up for a live shot of the Georgia Dome being imploded, and at the perfectly wrong…

  2. RT @WorkaholicBlake: The dogs face ???? https://t.co/tkJqrAS7rk

  3. RT @3L3V3NTH: This is nuts https://t.co/t51ni3zHgw

  4. RT @keithboykin: Trump tweeted this last year, 15 minutes after @Wikileaks secretly asked Don Jr. to get his dad to mention the "many great…

  5. RT @TeamPelosi: Paul Ryan got painfully and brutally slapped with not one, not two, not three but FOUR Pinocchios for *deliberately lying*…

  6. RT @AaronTheH: AMAZING https://t.co/zS67j3zYl7

  7. RT @SRuhle: Blames mental illness, but signed a bill allowing the mentally ill to buy guns & supprted healthcare reform that didn’t cover m…

  8. I'm ready to see these fellas again. It's been far too long #boognish #browntown https://t.co/5GVW2Vp8QB

  9. RT @goldengateblond: Brown guy kills 8 with a truck: “WALLS! BANS! BARRICADES!” White guy kills 59 with guns: “well what can you do”

  10. RT @brianklaas: 80,000 votes in three states—the number that fit in a football stadium—were decisive to Trump’s victory. That’s .06% of 126…

  11. RT @MotherJones: Jeff Sessions is in charge of a bribery prosecution involving two of his top donors https://t.co/jnVMOLBhHk https://t.co/3…

  12. RT @DavidCornDC: GOPers are trying to discredit the Steele memos to dismiss the Trump-Russia scandal. Yet they're pushing a counter (and ph…

  13. Jesus...might have been easier to list the havenots. https://t.co/9m7MprVuj7

  14. RT @JeffRabjohns: New statue of Steve Alford and Keith Smart at Indiana. #iubb https://t.co/5ch9COMsv5

  15. RT @MrJonCryer: So, nine months into his administration, Trump has already had his Benghazi, his Watergate and his Katrina. I’m terrified…