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  1. BottomLine

    College Bball Thread

    Wisconsin just reverted to form. The caught us flat footed in Madison but they aren't a very good team this year.
  2. Wisconsin just reverted to form and lost to Rutgers.
  3. Was wondering at the time why Jackson-Davis took a seat for so long in the second half. I would have thought he would be on the floor more. Then this morning it hit me. IU is struggling through a scoring drought in the second half and points are really hard to find. Then IU puts the ball up and Jackson-Davis get called for offensive goal tending on a ball that was already inside the hoop and on the way down, thus taking two points off the board. It was an incredible bone headed play. Moments later Jackson-Davis is on the pine. Think Miller might have been sending a message? I don't care who you are, get your head in the game kid! Anyone else notice this?
  4. BottomLine

    Prediction League (Game 11 - Nebraska 12/13/19)

    I must be overthinking things. Think I'll try putting in my guess early instead of late and see if it makes a difference. Good points for Nebraska. We have a common opponent, S Dakota St. We won by 14 (64-50). Nebraska won by 17 (90-73). Nebraska is shooting the 3 at a 32.7% clip. Now for the Nebraska bad stuff. We are averaging 7 points more per game and IU is 12.5 points per game better on defense. Nebraska is projected to be 0-20 in the Big10 this year. They are not very good at guarding the 3-point line and gave up 13 3s to Creighton, 11 to George Mason, and 9 to Southern. They don't rebound well. They are 0-1 against Q1 competition and 0-1 against Q2, and they have lost twice to Q4 teams. In short they look worse than Wisconsin, but not by much. The Hoosier offense has stalled in the last two games and this would be a good place to get back on track, especially with Phinisee expected to see more time. Plus we should welcome playing on our home court again. Hoosiers 85 - Cornhuskers 68
  5. BottomLine

    Prediction League (Game 10 - UCONN 12/10/19)

    Hope you are right. Got the same numbers.
  6. BottomLine

    Prediction League (Game 10 - UCONN 12/10/19)

    I stuck my neck out on the Wisconsin game and got it chopped. The Badgers beat us like an old rug. I swore that the Wisconsin jinx in Madison was ready to end and our boys had some mental toughness. We didn't. Beat on the board by a smaller team! Only forces 4 turnovers! Allowed Wisconsin to look like the best shooting team in the country! Brother, what a mess! Now where do I go? What you have done in the past is usually the best indicator of what you are going to do in the present, at least until it doesn't. See Wisconsin. Now where are our boy going to be mentally? Do we fight back or roll over and play dead? When will Phinisee finally reappear? Plenty of big questions to answer against Connecticut, which on paper is a tougher team that Wisconsin. Connecticut shoots the 3-ball well and in volume and on paper they have a better 3-point defense than IU. They rebound well and force turnovers. What a recipe for disaster, if our A team doesn't show up with some grit and determination we can be run out of the gym on national TV. I have NO confidence in this game. There are just too many variables. Vegas has it with an o/u of 142 and an implied final score of 72.5 to 70. I've almost talked myself into picking against the Hoosiers, but I'll ride with them one more time before I start picking against them, but I can't see going out on a limb. Feeling conservative about this game. IU 75 Connecticut 70
  7. Wisconsin! I HATE Wisconsin. The thing to remember is that what happened 20-15-10 or 5 years ago has no impact on the game being played on Saturday. Really? Really! The physical aspect of games in the past have no impact on the game played at present. On the other hand the mental aspect can have an impact. What is this year's team thinking. Have we been snake-bit so often in Madison that when crunch time comes we will expect it to happen again? I'm thinking not, but we will just have to see. I'm thinking that this team can be pretty tough minded. On paper this is IU's game to lose despite the fact that Vegas has it as pick 'em with an o/u of 128.5. I'm not buying that. I know Wisky has a reputation for playing defense but 128.5 is way too low. IU has been over in 6 of 8 games with much higher o/us than that. Does Wisconsin have the firepower to keep up in a much higher scoring game? I don't think so. Their offensive average for the year is 66.5. In their three games with major competition they are 64.7. That fits in nicely with Indiana's defensive average of 63.6. The simple fact is that Wisconsin is a 60 point range team and needs to hold Indiana to the lower 60's or 50's to win. They aren't good enough to do that. Florida State, which probably plays much tougher defense than this group from Wisconsin, held IU to 80. Meanwhile North Carolina State pounded on Wisconsin. Which is the tougher team NC State or Fla St? I'm thinking Fla St. On the other hand, if the referees swallow their whistles that could be a problem. Florida States problem was that they couldn't guard without fouling. But everyone has had that problem with IU this year. Wisconsin's effective field goal percentage in their last three games has been 41.0, 35.8, 42.0. Their turnover rates in their last three have been 23.3, 22.4, and 15.4. Those numbers can get you beat by even a good mid-major. Is home cooking going to fix that? Where are the points going to come from? Vegas has this at 128.5 o/u and an implied score of 64.5 to 64. Hard to picture Wisconsin scoring more points than Florida State. So I'll shave 4 points to get Wisconsin's score. On the other hand I don't think Wisconsin can apply as much pressure as Florida State, so I'll take the same score for the Hoosiers just to be a bit conservative. And there you go. How did you come up with your numbers? IU - 80 Wisconsin- 60 Let's break the losing streak in a BIG way. Go Hoosiers.
  8. BottomLine

    ACC-Big 10 Challenge

    I'll take a look over there.
  9. BottomLine

    ACC-Big 10 Challenge

    Can't believe on a basketball crazy forum like this nobody has anything to say about the challenge. With three games to go the B10 leads 6-5 in a series where the ACC is getting exposed! The victory margins by the B10 have been +18, +18, +14, +16, *29, and +21. Only one game in the challenge has been decided by less than 10 points (Illinois came from 27 down to lose by 2). The last three games (Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Penn State) could all be B10 wins. The success can't hurt the SOS argument from this point forward. Love seeing what the rest of the conference looks like.
  10. Having fun with this league thus far, but I feel like I'm at the racetrack today. I've spent all afternoon doping out the horses and scrutinizing the past performances and I have the feeling like I'm going to lose to some little old lady that is picking jockeys wearing pink silks and riding gray horses. OK so here goes. The o/u in Vegas for this one is 140 and I have a feeling like that could be about right. Florida State isn't a high powered offensive team and we are due to come back to reality with some stiffer competition. FSUs O/D averages are 76 and 59.9 so they look like they try to beat you be stopping you from scoring. Their O/D averages for the four power 5 opponents they have played are 61.75 and 57.75. They are looking for a grind it out game. Their average o/u is 135.9. They are very big and their guards like to put pressure on the ball. Can our guards hold up to that pressure? On the other hand IU has averages of 86.4 and 63.6 but we have played no power 5 opponents. Out o/u is 150.0. If Rob Phinisee were healthy and starting tonight I would comfortably go with the Hoosiers. He isn't. I'm afraid that FSU is going to clog up the middle with their big guys and turn us into a jump shooting team, which we don't do well. On the other hand the game is in Bloomington and the students should be back from Thanksgiving vacation. We are going to need that sixth man tonight. So, enough with the blah blah. With an o/u in Vegas of 140 and with IU favored, the implied score is 71-69 IU, I'll ride with the Hoosiers until they fall. I'll pick them the cover again and forget about the o/u. IU 75 FSU 65 .
  11. BottomLine

    Food For Thought

    Crazy numbers: After 7 games this year we are 7-0 but, of course, we haven't played any one. We are averaging 86.4 points/game and we are giving up 63.6/game. Last year at this time we were 5-2. the two losses were to Arkansas by 1 on the road and by 21 to Duke on the road. We had a good 23 point win over Marquette and 4 wins over cupcakes Chicago St, Montana St, Texas Arlington and UC-Davis. At that point we were averaging 82.1 points/game and giving up 64.6. Are the numbers really any better than last year, considering the competition? In a roller-coaster year we followed the Duke loss by winning 7 in a row to bring us to 12-2 and a #21 ranking in the AP poll. That was followed by a loss in 12 of the next 13 games before we righted ourselves and ended the regular season with 4 straight wins. By the end of the year we had a scoring average of 71.5 and a defensive average of 67.8 Really hope for a win on Tuesday but folks the jury is still out.
  12. BottomLine

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    So everybody is going to temporarily drop the S Dakota St results and get back one of the other scores that was dropped. No big deal, right? Well, yes, because when we start picking losers the S Dakota St score is going to come back and haunt us and we will be GLAD to have it. What a monstrosity of a game. Am I worried? Not in the slightest. I don't PLAN to pick any losers, choke cough choke cough wheeze. Good luck to everybody with the Florida State game. I have a headache already.
  13. This has the possibility of being a trap game. Big heads from a 6-0 start and the first major test coming next week, can't blame the guys for looking a bit ahead. Hope they tend to business as usual. Vegas has the over/under at 149. They are starting to wise up out there, especially after we have been over in 5 of 6. With IU favored by 17.5 that would make the implied final score something like 83.5 to 66.5. IU has also covered in 5 of 6. South Dakota State has played 3 major teams and lost all three on the road by an average of 81-67. I think IU has a better defense than any of those teams as well as a better offense, so I'm going over on the o/u and over on the spread. Looks like there are a lot of predictors here that are in agreement so there isn't much wiggle room this game. IU 90 SDst 65
  14. BottomLine

    Food For Thought

    6 games into the season and our 3-point defense is still a point of contention. Here is the season 3-point percentage for each of our opponents and the 3-point percentage for the game with IU Western Illinois (41.1 - 29.2) Portland State (29.9 - 50.0) North Alabama (32.0 - 50.0) Troy (27.1 - 20.0) Princeton (28.7 - 22.2) Louisiana Tech (31.3 - 40.0) We have allowed over 40% 3-point shooting or better in 3 of our 6 games, and that includes our biggest tests Portland State and Louisiana Tech. We still won all six but there are plenty of good 3-point shooters still to come this year and plenty of work still to do. Three of six at 40 or over seems like a lot to me, especially against high volume teams. Are we that bad or is it just a case of random streaky shooting from our opponents? Speaking of streaks - there are still 27 undefeated teams (IU included)
  15. BottomLine

    Food For Thought

    The HOOSIERS are averaging 90.2 points/game. That ranks second of the 353 division I teams. After last year we were wondering if we would be able to score this year. Don't tell me about the easy schedule. Other teams play a series of cupcakes in November and they aren't scoring over 90 points/game. A drop off is coming but how much? For those who have forgotten how dominate IU basketball have been over the years. This is our 120th season and the lifetime record now stands at 1839-1053 for 63.6% wins. Then again some people only ask "what have you done for me recently?" Point taken, but the bar is always going to be high for the Hoosiers. The season record for the first six IU victims this year is 15-22. Subtract the IU loss and they are 15-16. The present record for the teams that are ahead 82-27 and not one single opponent has a losing record. Despite leading IU in minutes played and scoring, team captain Al Durham still is being left off many fan's ideal IU starting lineup. That is despite 45.5% shooting from 3-point range and 19-21 from the foul line. And, IU has the reputation as having one of the most knowledgeable fan bases. Not going to happen guys. Finally Joey Brunk led IU in shots against Louisiana Tech. Joey Brunk?