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  1. Slept the night through without getting up to pee. +20. BTW a prune cocktail will take care of the constipation thing.
  2. I hate games like this. I'm 72-years-old and I've been a dyed in the wool Hoosier fan since I was about 9. Think of Jimmy Rayl, Walt Bellemy and Archie Dees my heroes growing up. I will NEVER root against Indiana and NEVER miss a game if I can do anything to help it. On the other hand this is a contest and you don't win something like this picking with your heart and not your head. That is why I'm going with the Spartans and not the Hoosiers. With its best game, Indiana can win this. I hope the fans get into the game early and loud because we are going to need that to pull off an upset. And it would be an upset. Michigan State is the best team in the conference. I know the Big Ten is 7-41 on the road in conference. However, Michigan State has only been on the road in conference twice. They are 6-1 but 5 of those wins were at home. On the road they beat Northwestern and were crushed by Purdue. While Archie, at times, can't decide who to play, Michigan State has a solid lineup. Winston, Tillman, Brown and Henry seldom come off the floor. That isn't to say that the bench is a bunch of stiffs. It just says that this is a team that has some chemistry. We are still working on that. As to the numbers, IU comes up short across the board. We are 1-3 against the top 25. MSU is 2-1. Over the last 10 games MSU is 9-1 and we are 6-4. Against common opponents MSU is 3-0 and IU is 1-2. Against teams with similar records MSU is 7-3 and IU is 2-4. On average they outscore us on offense 78.3 to 75.1. They also top us on defense 63.6 to 66.2. We haven't been ranked once this year and Michigan state has been a top 10 dweller all year. Still despite all of that this could be a very close game. Who knows a 50/50 ball here and there, a good night rebounding the ball, Michigan foul trouble, a few fewer IU turnovers, or a few extra 3's fall and everything could turn out in IU's favor. Those are all big IF's. Vegas has this game at 141.5 o/u. MSU is favored by 3 so that makes the implied final score 72-69. I'm thinking that defense might be more important in this game than offense. MSU is averaging 71 in conference the that includes a 47 point stinker in West Lafayette. I see them scoring about 74 here and IU struggling to get to 70. That's it. But I hope it is the other way around. IU 70 MSU 74
  3. Usually there are a few brave souls that post a prediction far in advance of the game. With MSU on the horizon it looks like everyone is taking a little longer for reflection. Which fork in the road do you take this time?
  4. BottomLine

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    Brunk is a junior in eligibility and will be back next year.
  5. 17th game? Seems like the season just started. Well here we are in Nebraska playing a team that has a record of not playing well at home. They are only 5-4 at home this year. In short, they are no Rutgers. Rutgers is a team that is on the rise and has a chance to finish near the top of the standings. Nebraska does not. It is regrettable but reasonable to lose to Rutgers on the road. It is not reasonable to lose to Nebraska. They are 7-10 this year. Some rating systems only pick them to win one more game this year (Northwestern). I know IU had trouble scoring against Rutgers but so does everybody at Rutgers. They have given up an average of 57 over their last four games.. We can score on Nebraska as we proved by scoring 96 in overtime in Bloomington. Of course we also gave up 90. But overall we have a better offense and defense than Nebraska. We are averaging 74.6/game and they are giving up an average of 74.4. We are holding our opponents to 65.8 and Nebraska is scoring at a 72.5 clip. We have four common opponents. We are plus 21 and 3-1 against those opponents. Nebraska is -17 and 1-3. Advantage IU. They drove us crazy in Bloomington by driving at every opportunity. Our defense has improved since then and we have Phinisee, a good on ball defender, back as a regular. Jervay Green is questionable for this game. To bad. so sad. I don't think they will have as easy a time getting to the basket in this one. The big guys in Vegas have us winning by 74-68.5. I hope it isn't that close. I figure that we have to win a game on the road sooner or later and since we don't play Northwestern again this is the easiest one left. Over their last four game Nebraska has given up an average of 73 points/game. I think we will do slightly better. They have scored and average of 66. We can beat that. The crystal ball says. IU 75 Nebraska 64
  6. Okay, I take whatever the final score is and pick Indiana to win. And, that is what I pick. LOL
  7. BottomLine

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Another fork in the road coming with Nebraska. Now, where did I place that darn road map?
  8. BottomLine

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Don't know how many times I've thought about changing at the last minute and then didn't. You open up yourself to second guessing. Plenty of games left. Hang in there and good luck.
  9. BottomLine

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Not even going to try to tally the unofficial early results for this one. Have a feeling that a number of people will be subbing back in scores that were dropped. Only 8 of the top 20 picked Rutgers. Of the top 6 fwgreenway, BottomLine, and JayBobHoosier picked Rutgers and will probably be the new top 3. WayneFleekHoosier picked Rutgers and then switched. On to Nebraska!
  10. BottomLine

    Prediction League (Game 17 - @ Rutgers 1/15/20)

    Boy oh boy, would I like to win this game at Rutgers on Wednesday night! I'm going to be rooting like crazy for the Hoosiers, but I'm not going to pick them. The Hoosiers have a really steep up hill climb to win this one. They CAN win it. I'm just saying that it will take a mighty effort. To start with the Big Ten record this year for road teams is 5-32. Everybody is competing like a junkyard dog at home and that included Rutgers, who is 11-0 at home. Indiana, on the other had, has two road games in the conference so far and both were blowouts. Not an encouraging sign. We did win two neutral court games by the skin of our chinny chin chin. We have two opponents in common. Rutgers beat Wisconsin and Nebraska by 7 and 17. We were blown out by Wisconsin and had to go into overtime to defeat Nebraska at home. Indiana has averaged 60.5 points in our away games and has given up an average of 68.2. Rutgers offense/defense at home is 73.2/55.7. Vegas, which is risking real money on the results, has Rutgers favored by 3.5 and an o/u of 130. That makes the implied final score 67-64 in favor of Rutgers. Throw into the mix the question of whether Phinisee is ready to play major minutes in two games in a row and whether Green will turn mental case again after playing well in the second half against Ohio State. I'm just having trouble finding anything positive that would point to a Hoosier victory. For those who are discouraged, go to sevenovertimes.com and check out Indiana's future schedule. He has IU winning 14 of it's last 15 games in the conference including Rutgers. The only predicted loss is Ohio State in Columbus. Hope he is right. Nitty Gritty Time! IU 65 Rutgers 69
  11. BottomLine

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    We have all been there. Plenty of games to go. Good luck.
  12. BottomLine

    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    Highly unofficial results. Only 4 of top 15 selected Hoosiers. New standings fwgreenway (1514), WayneFleetHoosier (1512), BottomLine (1507). The first major fork in the road and all three took the right one. Many more forks to come. MoyeNeeded picked the winner right and then changed to OSU.
  13. Read to the bottom. Got IU winning 70-69. We are in this one together.
  14. I don't know if anyone notices my ramblings here before I make my predictions, but I enjoy the process of thinking out loud. Sometimes I'm right on and sometimes I make a fool of myself. Luckily this site is locked before the game starts and nobody can come back afterwards and laugh. Anyway here goes my thinking process before this one. I told my wife a month ago that I thought IU's first loss would be Ohio State. Then along came Wisconsin, Arkansas and Maryland. We are still at the stage of the season when we can still remember each loss. This has been a strange season and this Indiana team is psycho! Ever notice how every game there are several people who pick the opposition's final score and very few pick the IU score? That is because IU is not consistent. A lot has happened in the last month and I can't believe that I am about to pick the Hoosiers over the Buckeyes. At this point Ohio State, which at one point looked like a contender to take everything, is not a very good team. They have two key players out. Though Young might be a game time decision. They have lost 4 of their last 6 games. The two wins were over a bottom dweller and Kentucky. The ability is certainly there but OSU is not producing on the court right now, and they aren't a very good road team. Throw out the bottom dweller and over it's last 5 games OSU has averaged only 62.6 points/game. Their defense has given up 68.8. Throw out the Nebraska game with it's freakishly high OT score and Indiana's numbers are 61.6 and 64.4. In other words, looking at what we are doing now, OSU is one point better on offense and we are four points better on defense. OSU shoots the 3 better than IU (who doesn't?) but they turn the ball over more and they like to foul. The Vegas line on this game has Ohio State only a 1.5 point favorite and the o/u for the game at 134. That would make the implied final score 68-66 Ohio State. OSU is 4-4 against competition similar to IU. IU is 1-2 against competition similar to Ohio State. As for IU, who or what is going to turn up for the game? The locker room is in turmoil. The coach has suddenly become the sheriff. The revolving door substitution policy is set to be junked and the list of players used is expected to shrink. Our second best scorer is in Archie's doghouse, and who knows what will happen when he sees the floor, if he sees the floor. And, who knows, maybe THE GENERAL might be in attendance. What the heck, I'm going with the Hoosiers based on a gut feeling. I figure if we can score 70 we can win this game. But will need to hogtie OSU's big center to ensure the victory. I figure I'm either right or we get blown out by a bunch. Should be interesting. Go Hoosiers! IU 70 OSU 69
  15. BottomLine

    Do we have any good guards?

    Al's best shooting was early in the season when Franklin was starting and handling the ball up top. Al is much better on catch and shoot than shooting off the dribble, which he does when he is playing point.