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  1. During the staff's in home visit with the Watfords today they mentioned that they were 'close' to getting Romeo (Ernest Watford said this). Given the news of today it's encouraging that they feel good about it... Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  2. When I was going to college I was trying to decide between three schools and had paid the $50 dollar or whatever housing deposit at each because I couldn't decide. I even signed up to room with someone at a different school if I went there. Took me til May to decide because I was being pulled in different directions by friends, but at the end of the day my parents pushed me toward the obvious best choice which was IU. Point being: high schoolers are indecisive and the kid probably hasn't made up his mind. He's probably signed something at every school to reserve a room. His Dad being in the corner of IU is huge.
  3. gazelle1

    Tax Cuts

    So the money multiplier is a factor of the fed's required reserve rate and how much the bank is loaning out. If your thought is that the tax cuts will create a more of an incentive for corporations and people to take out loans to invest in their homes, businesses, or whatever, that would increase the money supply due to the money multiplier. That's a good point, but I don't think it's a concern you should have. It wouldn't be meaningful inflation and if that's really happening the economy would really be rolling and the other positive affects would outweigh the inflation IMO. Regardless, interest rates are so low right now that the federal reserve has a lot of room to fight it. Curious though if you saw something on inflation concerns - I've heard a lot of pros and cons to the tax bill but this is a new one to me, would love to check out the article. New taxes haven't hit my paycheck though - I've been told February and I'm looking forward to it.
  4. gazelle1

    Tax Cuts

    I wouldn't worry about inflation here...that would be more of a concern if we were adding "new" money to the money supply (i.e. printing more money). The tax cut just puts back in your pocket money that is already being circulated, earned, etc. Stock market is going to go up and down, impossible to predict when. Invest if you can, have a plan, don't pay high fees, and stick with it for the long term and you can make money. Disclaimer: For any finance nerds out there, yes there are a lot more things that can cause inflation (or deflation) that we could debate, along with the pros and cons of the tax bill. Just saying that you probably shouldn't worry about inflation because of this. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  5. Nothing we haven't heard before, but an increase in pro IU chatter from scouts/insiders for all three (Romeo, Garland, TJD). Chances of Romeo deciding in the fall have gone from nonexistent to slight. This weekend is big!
  6. gazelle1

    New starting five to prove a point

    Start Collin and Zeisloft. There's at least some energy on defense there.