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  1. biteoftheapple

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    The Colts signed Justin Houston today.
  2. biteoftheapple

    2019 NIT Tournament

    ASU and ST Johns had the ugliest game ever played in the dance.
  3. biteoftheapple

    2019 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    Cincinatti on Friday
  4. biteoftheapple

    2019 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    I will go with Syracuse.
  5. biteoftheapple

    B1G Tournament - Non-IU Games

    Nebraskaball may come up short today . but they tried to make a Kemba Walker run.
  6. biteoftheapple

    College Bball Thread

    Fla just burst some bubbles. Up 3 with 1 sec.
  7. biteoftheapple

    College Bball Thread

    LSU vs Fla tied..under 13 secs. Fla ball
  8. biteoftheapple

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    Before I statemt thoughts, if Romeo isa lottery pick he needs to get the money. If not in the lottery hs should judge the drafting team over one more year college expereience, which is where my thoughts stand. But no matter what, good luck to you Romeo, no matter the options.
  9. biteoftheapple

    College Bball Thread

    Zion looks healthy..and is playing his normal game vs Cuse.
  10. biteoftheapple

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Well. The meaningful part of this season is a wrap!
  11. biteoftheapple

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Why did Morgan sit so long?
  12. biteoftheapple

    2019 NCAA Tourney Survivor League

    That makes it impossible to have a winner.
  13. biteoftheapple

    College Bball Thread

    I think NC States alarm clock did not get set.
  14. biteoftheapple

    You be the Committee

    I have been greatly disappointed by our overall performance this season. I have watched all our games, but lost interest in the overall season. I want them in the dance, but frankly the Hoosiers did minimum to earn that right. If thet are relegated to the NIT , I understand.
  15. biteoftheapple

    College Bball Thread

    Georgia Tech making a serious run on ND. 20- 6 run about a min left and 3 pt ball game