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  1. RT @KickSewly: set the entire campus ablaze and bury the ashes. https://t.co/mO1ca4fo1q

  2. @maggieNYT This is the last straw for me. Unfollowing your garbage account and unsubscribing from your trash newsp… https://t.co/h96LlvElJ8

  3. @SvenClark @ErinWinger @colbythegrey Way, way in the background?

  4. @SvenClark We're back to being a basketball school.

  5. @AbdulElSayed @Baclrk @SvenClark

  6. @chinnystwits Go on...

  7. RT @Les_The_Great: Amber had time. https://t.co/pgiW01wYQs

  8. @20committee And what the **** has your generation done to help solve anything, you dumb piece of ****?

  9. @maggieNYT @AlanDersh The only place you can truly be a civil libertarian is on someone's private plane 40,000 feet above an ocean.

  10. @Frank_P_Ramsey @AaronBBrown @jbouie He is a self-described clown.

  11. RT @BLMChi: This one should blow you away. Since Rahm closed half of the City's mental health clinics in 2012, there is now only ONE full t…

  12. @roddreher show me the lie

  13. RT @TheOnion: Jeff Bezos Tables Latest Breakthrough Cost-Cutting Idea After Realizing It’s Just Slaves https://t.co/oBEYzFSnKi https://t.co…

  14. RT @zeynep: The issue goes far beyond what Cambridge Analytica may have done in 2016. We need to confront that this kind of surveillance/da…

  15. @20committee @rcosgrove **** off with your anecdotal evidence. The numbers don't lie. Intellectually lazy ****.