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  1. @20committee @rcosgrove **** off with your anecdotal evidence. The numbers don't lie. Intellectually lazy ****.

  2. @chinnystwits At least you have the @DetroitRedWings

  3. @SvenClark @chinnystwits is Texas back?

  4. @Baclrk @RepWalberg https://t.co/otaLFCiQql

  5. @maggieNYT Back on your BS

  6. RT @sarahljaffe: nationalize amazon https://t.co/t8SaZkeZs3

  7. RT @eugenegu: Martin Shkreli is going to jail for defrauding rich people. If we jailed him for exploiting the poor and the vulnerable, othe…

  8. RT @Mobute: I believe him. https://t.co/MOYKVMgX0u

  9. @PeterRoskam @newyorktimes Shut the **** up, you stupid moron.

  10. RT @_CharlesPreston: This website though: https://t.co/NGrn6mY9JK Chicago is something else.

  11. @JoeBiden I like you, but you have some trash takes.

  12. @BenG412 @KickSewly It is canon.

  13. @danpfeiffer @JWGOP @eug541 @JohnKasich @SenJohnMcCain That's exactly 1/2 of a good point.

  14. @DanielBiss @ourrevolutionil poor people apparently not worth fighting for in your dulcet tones?

  15. RT @MichaelDTubbs: 1. I’m 27 2. Please look up the word universal. 3. We haven’t been bankrupt for years and are actually the 2nd fisc…