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  1. I understand what you're saying, but know that both Cody and Yogi were courted big time. The staff did "beg" and "plead" for each to attend IU. At least for me, I don't love them any less because the staff had to work incredibly hard to convince them to enroll at IU.
  2. ziggyiu

    (2018) SG - Luguentz Dort to Arizona State

    That does not make any sense considering the time and effort Archie's put into Dort's recruitment. Dort may or may not be a Hoosier, but it's obvious Archie wants him.
  3. ziggyiu

    (2018) SG - Luguentz Dort to Arizona State

    For those that don't want this kid because of a situation that looks suspicious (What substance is there?), why not trust Archie? Why not see this as an opportunity for the kid to be surrounded by a "better" kind of care?
  4. This Gary Harris talk needs set straight. Remy had practically nothing to do with Gary picking MSU. He picked MSU because Izzo is a better coach, MSU had a better program and they had been recruiting him longer. In his own words, months before he made a decision, he broke down the schools recruiting him. He had nice things to say about them all. However, what he said about MSU was very telling. He simply stated they were like family. From that moment everyone paying attention should have known where Gary was going.
  5. ziggyiu

    Fire Fred Glass

    Why commit yourself to something that the people running it aren't committed to? You give IU basketball your time, your money, your emotions. You make IU basketball great. Never forget that, even if Fred has. Suppose leaving is solely Crean's decision, that means neither Fred nor--the only people he said he cares about--the big money donors understand or strongly desire a quality basketball program. Finally, one little note for Fred--since we know the coaches and administration have people to scan the boards--after the apathy sets in on a generation of fans you never really get them back again--not as passionately. As FDR said: "Above all, do something."
  6. 1. No one has ever thought it was on his accord. 2. If he's not the coach at IU next year there's a good chance he'll be a coach elsewhere, therefore he'll keep recruiting.
  7. ziggyiu


    If I could sum up Frank Martin with one point, it would be this: Miami basketball didn't want him. He was asked to leave KSU because of his attitude and he never did anything special record-wise either at KSU or SC. He is known for crossing the line over and over again in how he treats players, he schedules terrible non-conference opponents, he is not a great recruiter and he never took either KSU or SC to any kind of title or deep in the tournament. (1 EE and that's the only time out of the first weekend). IU will have proven to be at a new low of Martin were hired. He would raise money and his antics would grow old quickly. The thought that his name has surfaced should make all IU fans reconsider the state of the program. Before any IU fan considers a coach of Martin's caliber or person with his character they should do some research.
  8. ziggyiu


    I understand that one post won't likely change any opinions, but before discrediting Sean Miller take a look at the situation he inherited at Arizona. There was a lot of talk about NCAA infractions and kids leaving the program when Lute left. So. E in the media thought it was going to be similar to what happen to IU. Of course it ended up not being as bad, but Sean had to build the program up (again admittedly not as bad as the IU situation). Also, look at his success at Xavier. That's a decent program, but people think of it as a decent program in large part because of what Sean accomplished. Thad was only there for one year. It's not like Xavier is known for Final Fours. Sean hasn't been at Arizona a long time. He already has two Elite Eights. He has conference titles and conference tournament titles. Not every year he's been at Arizona has been a down year for the conference. Look at what he's accomplishing this year with a seriously young roster (A truly young roster. Not a made up Crean young roster.). A lot of coaches, ADs, and others closely associated with college basketball respect him. He's a USA team coach because of the respect people in the game have for him. If Sean came to IU, fans would see a level of success they haven't had on a consistent basis in about 20 years. Before you bash him, look into his whole profile. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
  9. ziggyiu


    Take the 8th best offense rating with a grain of salt. Remember that rating is based on the 348 best schedule. If Crean didn't load the schedule with so many terrible teams that rating wouldn't look so good. Note, that's not to say the defense is terrible.
  10. ziggyiu


    It's sad that some IU fans are talking about what could boost the team into the tourney. That should never be the goal or a relief or even part of the discussion. If IU barely makes it into the tourney again and gets bounced in their first or second game, that's not progress. That's not success. That's the sign of a stagnant program. P. S. I'm not calling those fans out in anyway. It's just my observation of the state of the program and what that lends fans to talk about. If IU were more successful we'd talk realistically about titles, for example.
  11. ziggyiu


    I'm curious what's the different idea? I'm confused by that statement. I'm only noting that a trait of many successful coaches is surrounding themselves with other successful coaches. Do you disagree with that idea?
  12. ziggyiu


    I like that you noted that football is a different sport from basketball. Thanks for the clarification. Interesting that you noted how I noted it was an extreme but you posted anyway. Use a basketball coach, the idea is what matters, not whether or not you think OCs/DCs are similar to associate/assistant. Noting that is missing the forest through the trees.
  13. ziggyiu


    I really like the discussion of assistant coaches. I find it very interesting. There are coaches that want to be challenged and want the best staff. This is extreme, but look at Urban Meyer's staffs at OSU. He recruits the best assistants, knowing they are going to be great recruiters and great with game plans. He has a tremendous coaching tree because coaches want to work with him and see their time with him as a stepping stone to a head coaching position. Meyer then reloads with new quality assistants. This is a trademark of a great coach. One who isn't afraid to be challenged, keep learning, and fosters careers. Other ADs want Meyer's assistants because of the respect they have for Meyer. Tom Crean's track record with assistant coaches is quite the opposite. To me, there's much to be inferred here and this serves as just one example of a quality coach compared to a not-so-quality coach.
  14. ziggyiu

    IUMBB vs Wisconsin - Game Thread - 1/3/17

    It's a good idea to throw it to him. He just needs coached to identify where the swarm is coming from and pass the ball to the open teammate. His decision-making was rushed and he isn't great off the dribble. Oh, a coach, a coach. My kingdom for a coach.
  15. ziggyiu


    There's a big difference between identifying the problem and solving the problem.