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  1.   Same here - and we used to actually do beer bongs in front of our sophomore/junior year house as 19-20 year olds. Still nothing. 
  2. WindyCitySource

    Best atmospheres at an IU Football game

    I went to every home football game in my four years at IU, but the only memorable atmosphere that still stands out for me was the IU/Purdue game in 2007. The "Play 13 Game" as others have mentioned. Game winning field goal to take the Bucket and go to a Bowl game, made all the better that one of my best friends from high school (a PURDOUCHE) was visiting and at the game with us dressed in all black and gold.    EDIT: 2006 vs Iowa was wild too, because we left the game early (like seemingly every other student) to go back to drink at Briscoe and ended up running back to the stadium in the second half. Lol whoops. 
  3. WindyCitySource

    Best players you have played against.

    Played against Jon Scheyer in an 8th grade tournament. He and I were the same height, but I played center and he was handling the ball so I didn't really have to guard him much. His GBN feeder team destroyed us and everyone else in that tournament. 
  4. Illinois PG Tracy Abrams tore his Achilles in practice yesterday and will miss the entire season. He missed all of last year after tearing ACL in offseason. Dude's a senior, too.... Hopefully he stays positive, gets through rehab and is able to actually play again.    LINK: http://btn.com/2015/07/28/illinois-g-tracy-abrams-to-miss-season-after-tearing-left-achilles-tendon/
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  6. WindyCitySource


      PF Flyers... they make you run faster and jump higher. Easy choice. 
  7. WindyCitySource

    (2016) C Thon Maker

    I think they're just trying to cover their butts in case the stars align and Thon leaves after 1/2 year. Don't want to make any promises they can't 100% keep.  I don't really see that happening, though
  8. WindyCitySource

    UM Graduate Transfer Max Bielfeldt To IU

  9. WindyCitySource

    (2016) C Thon Maker

    ASU has a lot to offer - high level conference, great campus, great weather, lots of coeds, and now a proven coach with name recognition and a direct link to the biggest name in all of CBB.  Plus sweet logo and mascot - Sun Devils? Nice. Not to mention a pretty famous bball alum in James Harden emerging as one of the NBA's best guards.    Having said all that, it terms of basketball the aren't even in the same ballpark as IU. If Thon goes to ASU, and he very well could, it would NOT be because of it's basketball past/future. 
  10. WindyCitySource

    UM Graduate Transfer Max Bielfeldt To IU

    Yeah it's a weird situation - he's the best coach they've had since Phil and one of the best in the league, but he and the front office just don't get along at all. Best Bulls teams since 1998, but a toxic working environment off the court. I'm a bit surprised it hasn't happened yet, which makes me think maybe it won't? I don't know anymore. 
  11. WindyCitySource

    UM Graduate Transfer Max Bielfeldt To IU

    It's possible the Fred Hoiberg situation (will he stay/go) might be holding things up, since Iowa State is one of the final contenders. 
  12. WindyCitySource

    Perea interview

      He definitely portrays that he takes responsibility for himself. Doesn't really blame other people, just sort of discusses it. My wording might not have been great. 
  13. WindyCitySource

    Perea interview

  14. WindyCitySource

    Perea interview

    Did anyone actually read this article or are you all just tearing it apart without even knowing what it says?   It was Hanner's apartment and he's the one who let the police in. He passed a test on Monday, article doesn't specify if it was before or after (but if it was after, I'm sure Rabby would have said so). I don't want to give away all of Rabjohns' article here, but those of you calling this "shoddy journalism" or whatever have no idea what you are taking about. The piece takes no sides. It's a platform for HMP to tell his side, and it's mostly the BS you would expect to hear from someone after they've been kicked off the team.    He takes responsibility, says he needed to make better choices, he understands that he broke the rules and misrepresented the University. Says one of the lessons he learned is that not everyone out there that wants to be your friend really has your best interests in mind. 
  15. WindyCitySource

    Where will our transfers commit to?

      Definitely - but there could be a huge a gap between what he needs to do and what he is capable of doing. I hope he surprises us all and gets it together, but until that happens I don't think more time in college is going to do much for him.