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  1. jonz44

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    About 8-9 games ago actually.
  2. jonz44

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    I don't believe we're supposed to mention names so I won't but I will say that I do agree with you that based on what we've seen those (that?) player would view it as an empty threat. That's the first thing that needs to change. The rest of this season would be the opportunity to provide them with the impetus to leave.
  3. jonz44

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    If I'm Archie there are a few players that I'm sitting down with at the end of the season and telling "It would be in your best interest to transfer elsewhere. You will not see the floor next year because I don't trust your work ethic."
  4. jonz44

    Random Archie/Basketball Talk

    Has them eat yogurt?
  5. Just think how good we would've been if Copabianco had stayed!
  6. jonz44

    The one that got away ...

    Don't feel feel bad lol. I was 27 y/o that season. I can remember going nuts in my living room when they beat the fab five in Ann Arbor. The day I found out that Alan got hurt I felt like going in the bathroom and puking then I just wanted to go in my living room and cry. I knew they wouldn't win it all without him. Felt like Tv Teddy stole it from them the previous year. My lord that brings back bittersweet memories. My daughter was born the following January... my son three years later... they both had birthdays this last week... they're in their 20's... damn! I'm getting old! Lot of frustration the last 25 years. Archie needs to get this s**t headed in the right direction so I can root for a winner in my golden years lol.
  7. jonz44


    I noticed on that Romeo 3 that he seemed to be expressing a little towards either the MSU bench or student section as he came back down on defense. I liked it.
  8. jonz44

    Dan Dakich during Flor/Kent game

    I live out of state these days. I listen to him at times on iheart. Not necessarily because I want to hear him but many times more because I want to hear his guest talk about IU or the Pacers. At times it seems that if he's not careful he's going to end up like his college coach... cranky, just because he can be and kinda full of himself.
  9. jonz44


    I've liked him from the beginning as well. Lately my appreciation for him has grown. Seems positive, upbeat, doesn't let mistakes destroy him... just really like his approach.
  10. jonz44


    If so, Hopefully they are NOT partaking of the elixir lmao!
  11. jonz44


    More and more I'm really liking this young man. Really seems to have a lot of heart. Not afraid to put in some hard work. He seems to be one of those guys that really help a program. Not the highest rated guy coming in but pretty good athlete, positive attitude, coachable, encouraging teammates, not afraid of a big moment... hope he continues his upward trajectory.
  12. jonz44

    Go Reds!

    I think I'd be ok with parting with any one (plus other parts) of them for Kluber. It would be the additional parts that would make me queasy.
  13. jonz44

    Go Reds!

    If they'd take him. Not sure I see them giving up a pitcher the quality of Kluber to get Kemp at his age/salary/contract year.
  14. jonz44

    Go Reds!

    I believe their options are limited. Because of his contract I'm not sure there's a very big market for him. I'd love to see them swing a deal for Kluber.
  15. jonz44

    Indiana vs Michigan - Gameday Thread

    You da man lol. I've been saying this to folks and I think they'd like to lynch me. Not saying he's terrible but he's playing against guys who can match his athleticism and some who are even more athletic. He has talent but he's going to have to develop his skills some. In this day and age there's just too much info out there. You can't shoot the three? Prefer to go one way? Coaches and teams are going to figure that out quickly! NBA? Those are full grown men who are elite! It's gonna take a higher level than where he's at right now.