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  1. I agree with most of everyone’s criticisms of the staff and players this year, but this is just ludicrous. Crean seemed to offer everything that moved whereas Miller had been very specific and particular about who he even offers. If he was just looking for players to say yes there are several players like Anthony Leal and Try Galloway who’d already be committed
  2. Kepner

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal

    Nothing is written in stone yet but I could definitely see him going to Marquette, Michigan or Northwestern and being one of those players we all wish IU had pursued more
  3. Justin Fields was granted immediately eligibility at OSU after playing in most of the games this year so I don’t see why Tuttle wouldn’t be granted his eligibility
  4. I’ve heard “next weekend” for about 3 months now it seems
  5. Brian snow from 247 sports said that with all the transfer problems under Crean, if Archie would have booted any players when he came in, IU wouldve faced a post season ban due to APR (academic progress rate) being so low. Snow was on the radio last week saying he believed Miller would’ve basically cleaned slate when he came in if he could’ve.
  6. I would hate to lose him as RB coach, but the OC hire was way too vital to give it to someone who’d never done it before. If he does leave, IU has had really good track record of RB coaches. Plus the backs that IU has
  7. I think he would’ve if not for the APR issues the program was facing when he came in.
  8. Kepner

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    Sorry man! Just trying to back you up that I’ve heard the same rumor. I never said it was a big. I heard 6’ 9”. Not sure why I added the “or bigger”. Just heard that he was 6’ 9” and potential the best of the income recruits.
  9. Kepner

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    I have seen the rumors about another recruit a part from Brooks. No names but it’s someone that is 6’ 9” or bigger supposedly. I guess we will see At the beginning of the week there was talk by recruiting experts that Brooks was going to commit this weekend but I haven’t heard any updates
  10. I stand corrected. Thank you for the info!
  11. He was going to be a preferred walk on at Houston from what I had read
  12. Kepner

    (2020) RB Charlie Spegal

    Pretty cool article on him on Bleacher Report a month or so back. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2810851-run-charlie-run-70-touchdowns-later-high-school-back-still-seeking-attention
  13. Kepner

    Amen Kent Sterling

    I think this article is exactly why we as a fan base should be patient (I know, shocking). We are only one recruiting class into Miller’s career here. As writers like Brian Snow at 247 noted, Miller couldn’t clean the slate when he came in due to APR issues the Crean staff left behind. Look at Miller’s first full class and you see majority long, athletic guys who look to be mostly 3-4 year players. Teams like Purdue, Michigan, Michigan St, and Nebraska are experienced teams that build rosters and feature mostly upperclassmen. Yes all teams do benefit from the occasional 1 and done by the major points of the roster are experienced. im just as frustrated as anyone. I’ve turned more games off this year than I have in the past but there have been improvements. I think the players Miller is recruiting bodes well. Time will only tell
  14. Kepner

    Devonte Green Suspension

    Indefinite sounds a lot more ominous than what it is. Could be as small as 2-3 games
  15. Kepner

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    This school was featured on Next Chance U on Netflix last year .