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  1. ksloan34

    (2016) PG Curtis Jones to IU

    Is there a third recruit on campus if so who?
  2. It would be nice to get CJ but i got a feeling trey won't let that happen ijs
  3. ksloan34

    Tom Crean Chant

    This is madness we as IU fans should act and type with common decency for another human being i know thats hard for some but c'mon mannn.No one likes to lose it happens u move on i hope our guys are tuning out the talk of crean being fired because the season is not over #GoHoosiers
  4. I try not to gripe to much about the program I love IU i wanted to go to IU but it didn't happen. I know things don't appear to be great right now but I refuse to be so doom and gloom about it IU will rise again. That is All!!!!!
  5. ksloan34

    (2015) PF Juwan Morgan to IU

    Thank u General and glad i'm on board
  6. ksloan34

    (2015) PF Juwan Morgan to IU

    So does anyone know if Juwan is signing today?