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  1. IUHoosiers22

    (2015) WR Leon Thornton to IU

    Well then good, sign me up!
  2. IUHoosiers22

    (2015) WR Leon Thornton to IU

    Don't know much about him, good recruit?
  3. IUHoosiers22

    Tre Roberson to Illinois St.

    If I had to guess I would say Sudfeld beat him out, and now Tre wants to find someplace where he can go start at. Not like Tre was a cancer or anything, but I call this addition by subtraction, now Sudfeld won't have to look over his shoulder all the time wondering if he messes up will Tre be put in the game. 
  4. IUHoosiers22


    Where is the video/50 minute mark?   Nvm, found it, interesting, should make our stadium look better! And hopefully not more empty 
  5. IUHoosiers22

    Yogi and Stan Arrested....

    Stupid move for the fake-ID, i don't care at all about drinking, it is little5 week, the entire campus is drinking
  6. IUHoosiers22

    Daily MLB Banter

    Billy Hamilton and Jay Bruce are really picking it up here
  7. IUHoosiers22

    (2014) C Jeremiah April to IU

    Same here, hopefully he can give us some good minutes!
  8. IUHoosiers22

    (2014) C Jeremiah April to IU

    Oh sorry didn't notice that, my fault. 
  9. IUHoosiers22

    (2014) C Jeremiah April to IU

    Yea, but the article also said that his high school coach called Crean (Or one of the recruiting guys here at IU, i can't forget), and told him to get down here and check out April because he won't last another week, and sure enough Marquette, Arizona State and others looked at him, as did Crean, and as we know now, he committed here
  10. IUHoosiers22

    (2014) C Jeremiah April to IU

    Good article written today over at the IU 247 sports site, makes me feel a lot better about April, and his high school coach said he'd be an immediate contributor here
  11. IUHoosiers22

    Trey Lyles

    Lyles would start there eventually 
  12. Drive and kick offense, high speed, up-temp and hopefully our guards can create some easy looks for our bigs down low, and hopefully Perea and April can knock down the mid-range jumper consistently. 
  13. IUHoosiers22

    Dec. 9

    Yes sir! Lets get out to a hot start!
  14. Oh haha ok, I was confused by all the doom and gloom here, yet I hadn't seen anything about him being negative towards us. 
  15. IUHoosiers22

    USC G Byron Wesley off the board

    17+ ppg scorer? Well knowing our frontcourt situation, we will need a lot of outside scoring, so sign me up
  16. IUHoosiers22

    Kenny Johnson to Louisville

    Its not like its good to lose him, but it doesn't really matter much imo
  17. IUHoosiers22

    Rotations for next year?

    My sleeper pick for starting center is April, if he can play defense, grab boards, and give us the mid-range jumper every now and then, he can be a big help
  18. IUHoosiers22

    Rotations for next year?

    What are everyone's predictions for our rotations next year? Mine are as follows:   Yogi Blackmon Robinson Williams Perea/April/Davis (I have no idea tbh)   With Johnson, Davis/April/Perea (the other two who don't start), Hoetzel, and hopefully Cunningham off the bench.    Thoughts on this?
  19. IUHoosiers22


    Well, didn't something leak about Indiana possibly have plans to enclose the south endzone? That could put seating closer to around 60,000. I don't remember where, I feel like I have heard that somewhere (Maybe the 247 board?).     Onto the OP's question, if Wilson can turn Indiana into a winner, then yes, I believe Glass will pay the man.
  20. Are we not in good position with him recently?
  21. IUHoosiers22

    Kenney and Fant have been impressing

    I certainly agree with this, I prefer Roberson, but I am perfectly fine with Sudfeld as long as we win
  22. According to multiple articles, redshirt freshmen CB Rashard Fant, and sophomore OLD David Kenney have been very impressive so far, if they can step up, it will help our defense a lot. I have hope for a 7-5 season this year!
  23. IUHoosiers22

    Kenney and Fant have been impressing

    Me personally, I like Roberson more, he can throw the ball, and his legs give us whole other dimension. Roberson and Coleman running the ball? Man thats lethal 
  24. IUHoosiers22

    Kenney and Fant have been impressing

    Ahh, sorry as you can see i'm new here :P
  25. IUHoosiers22

    Kenney and Fant have been impressing

    Just thought I'd ask, who do you all prefer at quarterback? Sudfeld or Roberson?