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  1. Treesh

    Looking for some helpful info

    Reach out to Yogi through Twitter or IG, he's pretty responsive.
  2. Treesh

    College Bball Thread

    Is that Tom Coverdale out there?
  3. Treesh

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    I thought UCLA had Jamie? Just wait for Luke Walton, he's going to be available shortly.
  4. Meeting with potential agents this week in New York as well.
  5. Langford, the 11th-best prospect on ESPN's rankings, is currently in New York, where he's scheduled to have surgery for a torn ligament in his thumb suffered in late November. The extent of the injury wasn't revealed until the end of the season. "I hurt my thumb right before the Duke game in practice," Langford said. That game was Nov. 27, and Langford said the thumb has been hurting ever since. http://www.espn.com/mens-college-basketball/story/_/id/26439940/indiana-freshman-langford-says-enter-draft
  6. Treesh

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    No new recent news or rumblings in terms of our current players?
  7. Archie needs another two years before being SERIOUSLY judged. His recruiting has been promising with keeping in-state talent home. Landing Romeo was huge for the program even despite our terrible season. There was excitement with IU basketball again once he committed. Rob is going to be a tremendous four year starting PG for us. To be able to snag him from Purdue County was impressive on Archie's part. Forrest and Anderson are question marks and of course we don't know about Hunter. One noticeable difference when Archie arrived last year was how much more fundamental we would play. We'd be throwing bounce passes, moving without the basketball, defensive awareness and IQ seemed better. This year, I'd argue there was no true identity to the team with Romeo on the roster. Offense struggled with our lack of shooting and movement and eventually teams found it was very easy to scout / defend us. Archie is young, he's shown promise, he's rebuilding a program that has been lacking in years past despite our Sweet 16's. Let Archie get a full roster of his boys along with some skill development and let's see what happens. We all want Indiana basketball to compete ever year with Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, Kansas, etc but when a coaching change occurs and there needs to be significant changes made under the new regime, then it's only logical to think it's going to take some time.
  8. Speaks volumes that Smith hasn’t been back in.
  9. Offense looks like a YMCA 40 and older league.
  10. Think I’m going to the game 20 dollar tickets and free parking? I’ll take it.