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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Uspshoosier in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   





    6'3" | 180 LBS | SG
    CLASS OF 2020
    Why him?: We debated whether or not Galloway should make his way back into the rankings when we updated them in late June. I wasn't so sure he had earned his way in. I'm pretty sure I was wrong. Galloway does a little bit of everything you would like to see a guard do and he plays with a tremendous motor. It's hard to think we won't be able to find a spot for him in the next update to the 2020 Rivals150.

    Recruitment: Indiana is thought to be the leader with Iowa, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Ohio State among the others involved.
    Bossi awards

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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Uspshoosier in (2020) SG Anthony Leal   
    Leal has hit 17 threes in his last 3 games

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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Stuhoo in IUFB Offseason Updates   
    I heard the quote; it was more along the lines of "We have a returning starter in Ramsey, and Penix and Tuttle are gonna compete with him for the job."
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in 2021 General Recruiting Thread   
    Archie Miller continues to stay busy on the recruiting trail for Indiana basketball, this time increasing his communication with 2021 in-state wing J.R. Konieczny.
    In Archie Miller’s system, wing players are always welcomed with open arms and that’s what he has done with 2021 wing J.R. Konieczny. An in-state prospect, Konieczny is a name to keep an eye on as an Indiana basketball fan.
    There is no secret that the Indiana high school class of 2021 is one of the best in history, because of its star power but also depth. J.R. Konieczny is ranked No. 123 nationally by 247Sports and No. 7 in the state, but has already racked up offers from Butler, Creighton, Iowa and is receiving interest from a plethora of other schools including Indiana.
    Taking three visits already, all unofficial, to Indiana, Ohio State, and Butler, Konieczny spoke to 247Sports about his recruitment so far.
    “It has been fun and real busy. It has been a blessing to have coaches calling and texting me, and I am just enjoying it right now.”
    He loved every second of his visit to Bloomington as Archie Miller has made an increased effort at building his relationship with Konieczny.
    “The visit was great. It is a special place with a lot of history, so it was fun to see everything at Indiana.”
    Konieczny is a 6-foot-6 wing whose best attribute is his ability to shoot the ball. Either off catch and shoot opportunities or off the dribble, Konieczny has a quick release that makes him a difficult guard. He is getting better as a passer and overall playmaker, but still his best skill by far is his shot making ability.
    He plays for 16U Indiana Elite on the Adidas Gauntlet summer circuit and South Bend’s (IN) St. Joseph’s High.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Chris007 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    His doctor and close friend live here (Rink) plus his other close friends Hammel and Bomba all live here. The ranch he was living on there wasn't anything close by for miles. The family needed to be around other people. 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to IUc2016 in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    Yeah I don't think Leal and Galloway are diamonds in the rough. As Stuhoo said, look at their offer list. Very prominent programs are after these kids. 
    I feel pretty good that Leal, Galloway, and Cross are big ten contributors and am not worried about them. I only worry that there doesn't seem to be a great chance we will land a point guard in this class and that would be two classes in a row without a point guard. I know Lander is 2021, but that is nowhere near a certainty. 
    Still in a wait and see with Archie, love his organization overall and what he is trying to do. Just have to see on the court success or none of this matters. 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to ThompsonHoosier in IUFB Offseason Updates   
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    Crimson and Cream got a reaction from WayneFleekHoosier in (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed   
    Fits with the Dipo comparison, Vic couldn't shoot either early on
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Stuhoo in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    For me I've completely changed my recruiting standard; I now tend to assess based on how I've seen it done for college football.
    I now primarily look at a player's offer list to assess whether he's highly regarded. Trey Galloway's offer list is incredibly impressive; Michigan State, OSU, Purdue, ND, Kansas trying to get into the equation. Leal and Cross have good lists, but not as good as Trey.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Stuhoo in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    My point?
    The transitive property of 'which coach owns which coach' is random, malleable, and not especially compelling.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Stuhoo in (2020) SG Trey Galloway   
    Ohhhh, so THAT's what you mean!
    Archie owns Izzo.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Brass Cannon in (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed   
    His dad need a job? 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed   
    Jake‏Verified account @jakeweingarten
    Indiana just extended an offer to five-star rising junior Aminu Mohammed, a source told @Stockrisers. Archie Miller just called and extended the scholarship.
    5-star SF from Washington, DC; plays HS ball at Greenwood Laboratory School in Springfield, MO.  247 ranks him #15 overall and the #4 SF.
    October '18 article:   http://www.ozarkssportszone.com/2018/10/11/nationally-ranked-greenwood-sophomore-aminu-mohammed-has-nba-dreams/
    Last year he was the Missouri player of the year averaging 34 pts and 17 (yes 17) rebounds/game.
    He played AAU on the Nike circuit for Boo Williams and in 19 games this AAU season averaged 16.5 ppg on 51% shooting; 70% FT; 8 reb./game of which 40% were offensive rebounds
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in (2020) SG Anthony Leal   
    This in response to Leal's tweeting about his O$U offer
    TJD‏ @TrayceJackson 17h17 hours ago More TJD Retweeted Anthony Leal
    Nice Offer but yk where you going
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in (2020) SG Anthony Leal   
    As long as you're just sitting on the balcony and not standing on the ledge hyperventilating chanting "woe is IU, woe is IU!"   lol      Hope the USPS family is having a great vacation.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to InArchWeTrust in Romeo Langford - Boston Celtics   
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Stuhoo in Ed Schilling leaving   
    I’m pretty sure Calbert is the only guy we’re considering who can say to a recruit:
    ”When I was an NBA assistant coach with Golden State for two years, Steph Curry improved quite a bit.”
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to LamarCheeks in Ed Schilling leaving   
    You just reaffirmed exactly what I wrote. Thank you!
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Walking Boot of Doom in Ed Schilling leaving   
    And 100% certain he'll trash whatever decision "Little Archie" makes
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Brass Cannon in Ed Schilling leaving   
    To be fair I’m like 99% sure DD will claim to have turned the job down at some point 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to LamarCheeks in Ed Schilling leaving   
    What this essentially says is that if you are critical of Dakich, your opinion is wrong, because OF likes him. And only positive opinions expressed about DD are correct ... Okey-doke. 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Maedhros in Ed Schilling leaving   
    I'm not sure what you're trying to defend against here. There is no one to blame for my poor opinion of Dan Dakich other than Dan himself. It's not as though there's some ulterior motive at play to tarnish his legacy; he's earned it all through the way he carries himself and treats others. Maybe he truly is a terrific person in private, but that's not how he's chosen to use his public platform.
    If you want to tell me it's all shtick, an act he only does to get ratings, I'm not sure how that's supposed to be any better. I'll never get to know the real Dan, the person he is in his private life. All I'll ever see is the side of himself he chooses to put out in the world. And that side is obnoxious as hell. If he wanted me to think well of him the choice would be clear: don't be a dick. But that's not how he's chosen to get his ratings.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Chris007 in Ed Schilling leaving   
    Just so we are clear, this is one of his best friends posting something nice about him. I hope that most BF's would do the same.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in (2021) PG Khristian Lander   
    Osterman in IndyStar -
    HOOVER, Ala. – Indiana has prioritized Khristian Lander in 2021 for as long as it has anyone in the Class of 2021. That only intensified last weekend at the Adidas Gauntlet championship in Alabama.
    Playing up a year with Indiana Elite, Lander had IU associate head coach Tom Ostrom courtside for every one of his games at the Hoover Met Complex. By the second day of the evaluation weekend, head coach Archie Miller had joined him, and the pair caught all of Elite’s games into the third day of action.
    That strategy served multiple purposes, with 2020 targets Anthony Leal (Bloomington South) and Trey Galloway (Culver Academy) also playing on that team. But Lander, a five-star point guard, probably sits as high up the wish list as anyone, regardless of class, and IU has made sure he knows it.
    “They’ve communicate with me about two, three times a week,” Lander said, referring to Miller and Ostrom. “I’m continuing to build my relationship with them.”
    Currently 247Sports’ No. 1 prospect in Indiana in his class (No. 18 overall), Lander figures to be one of the state’s most-coveted players when it’s time for him to pick a school.
    Louisville, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Ohio State, Purdue and Texas Tech have all offered as well. IU’s coaches weren’t the only ones following Lander last weekend in Alabama. Louisville coach Chris Mack, among others, was a notable attendee at numerous Indiana Elite games.
    Like IU, the Cardinals are selling hard to Lander the idea of being their floor general, perhaps from day one.  “I’d be a point guard on their team and be able to run the team,” Lander said of Louisville’s pitch.
    Stretching to about 6-2, Lander possesses the required quickness and ball-handling ability to run the point.  He also has a developing 3-point shot that’s as dangerous when he moves off the ball as when he has the ball in his hands. Several times last weekend, he lost defenders in the flow of Indiana Elite’s offense, only to emerge with an open look from behind the arc.
    Lander found mixed results in knocking down those shots, an area he’s pinpointed as his next project.  “I feel like I’ve gotten a lot stronger, gotten my handle a lot better,” he said, “and I feel like the thing I need to work on is just getting my shot more consistent.”
    Lander is in no hurry in his recruitment.  The Evansville Reitz point guard said he doesn’t have a timeline for narrowing his list, and he wasn’t sweating the crowds of coaches on the sideline. Lander said he will likely take some visits in the fall, but nothing is set.  “Just keeping everybody in mind,” he said. “Just trying to build relationships with coaches and stuff like that.”
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to WayneFleekHoosier in (2021) PG Khristian Lander   
    Big year for Archie. Recruiting already feeling the affects of lackluster results.

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