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  1. hoosierdogg

    Robert Johnson - Polish Basketball League 8/19

    RoJo...the "Thrower"!
  2. hoosierdogg

    Knight In Declining Health

    Ha ha...been watching IU basketball for over 40 years. My wife does not like basketball. But the only thing she can remember me yelling during basketball games over the years while she sat in the other room is "C'mon Hornsby"! BTW, I liked Kyle Hornsby. Very interesting news about RMK if true.
  3. hoosierdogg

    Mt. Rushmore of musicians

    Axl Rose
  4. hoosierdogg

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Deron's health is the word...
  5. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    Why shoot that 3, with that much time? Go to the rim...jeez.
  6. hoosierdogg

    College Bball Thread

    PUke with the big 'boiler up'!
  7. Didn't look like anybody could guard McDuffie...
  8. In a game where IU desperately needed three point shooting, why did Fitzner not even see the floor? Nobody else wanted to shoot the three, passed up plenty of open looks, should have let Fitzner let a few fly.
  9. Hey, only 9 turnovers!!! Did anyone count deflections?
  10. Note to Archie...find some shooters, stat!!
  11. Just send Smith to the locker room...smh