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  1. I'm quite certain underage players on his bball team drank - most notably his son. There was a no bars policy that they did follow.
  2. 716e11th

    Collin Hartman returning!

    Thanks - On spring break and haven't been able to read through all the threads. Which thread can I look at to see our recruits' status?
  3. 716e11th

    Collin Hartman returning!

    Awesome but how does this work with the oversign?
  4. Bennett has been more consistent in the ACC and getting to the Tourney vs CTC. I just don't think you can win an actual NCAA championship with his offense. You need great guards who can score at will. My guess is he'd consistently get us there then exit early - much like he's done at UVA.
  5. 716e11th

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Would never happen but I'd be curious to see jay bilas as a bball coach. Reminds me of how they pulled Purdue Person vermeil back out of broadcasting and he lead the rams to a super bowl win.
  6. 716e11th

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Point taken. Maybe his records are more consistent but from NCAA tourney perspective, his resume isn't much better than crean's.
  7. I'd take him but I just don't see him leaving Arizona. Maybe less pressure there? Thank crean for making it easier to step into the job bc it was a crap storm from Sampson?
  8. Didn't he turn us down before we hired CTC? Can't imagine him wanting to come here now.
  9. 716e11th

    Welcome Coach Miller

    I don't get Bennett. I like the defensive mind set but I think he swings too far in this direction and I think it'll be hard to win a NCAA title with this mentality. He's never won a title. He had 2 ACC titles in 8 years. Three sweet 16's, one elite 8. Him and Alford are way low on my wish list.
  10. What's more time consuming? Coaching in the NBA or college? I heard that Stevens said he likes having more time to spend with his family with his current gig vs his college coaching days.
  11. 716e11th

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Can IU realistically wait for donvan's season to end? If OKC makes say the 2nd round, that's into May right? The roster is over the scholarship limit - that needs to be dealt with. Don't want too many recruits or current players to jump ship bc then ur talking a longer rebuild.
  12. 716e11th


    Would it be telling that CTC is coming back if he's an analyst for cbs during the tournament like he's done before?
  13. 716e11th

    IU vs Nebraska Game Thread

    Beyond me how a coach allows a team to average ~18 turnovers per game over the course of his tenure. No words.
  14. 716e11th


    I was specifically referring to IU's half court offense - not transition. I thought we had great ball movement as well as inside post feeds against KU. I remember thinking how good they did in their half court sets.