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  1. cleeter

    Indiana Basketball and Culture

    I am 29 (first time every saying that, birthday is today ha) and I can remember the over the back on boozer to beat them, Kent State, Oklahoma, and the the Juan Dixon buzzsaw. I was around 7th grade watching the duke game in a hotel because I was traveling with my AAU team. Anyways, I feel lucky to remember that run. Sadly, I don’t remember a whole lot of RMK. I remember some, but not as much as I’d like. Basically, the point of the story, my two brothers (24 and 16) are growing up in that era you are speaking of. Where the success isn’t there for them. They haven’t seen any real success and don’t know anything about the history of Indiana university except what they see on YouTube or what our dads brags about seeing/missing after a few coors light. Hopefully that will all change for their sake and ours alike.
  2. cleeter

    Fantasy Baseball

    I’ve done them on espn for years. Always loved doing them. Never done one on yahoo but wouldn’t be against it. Count me in
  3. cleeter

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Anthony Edwards to UGA. How FCTC pull that off, I don’t know, but kept him from that blue school so I’m all for it
  4. cleeter

    Go Reds!

    Yeah I really like Castillo. He has all the movement and speed, just never really seemed able to put it all together and be consistent with location for a full year.
  5. cleeter

    Go Reds!

    Very true. I guess I would just like more star power or names but not necessary.
  6. cleeter

    Go Reds!

    Dream scenario...trade for realmuto (only if trammell, Greene and Senzel stay) and then sign Keuchel or gio gonzalez.
  7. cleeter

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    And 9-0 against Quad 2-4 teams FWIW
  8. cleeter

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    NIT? Let’s not get to far ahead of ourselves. We need to win a game first.
  9. cleeter

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    Yes, yes you did
  10. cleeter

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    Yeah, true. A university with great tradition ruined by administration is a better analogy
  11. cleeter

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    It seems like it’s a university that has a great past thanks to one coach and now is a university that expects the same results when they probably are no better than an average B1G team at best.
  12. cleeter

    Indiana vs Michigan - Gameday Thread

    Also look at how far that domination he had in high school has translated to the B1G. Now how far would that drop off be from B1G to NBA. He’s averaging 17 and 5 right now. How far would that fall in NBA? 12 and 2? Is that worth a top 10 pick. I agree with you
  13. cleeter

    Michigan - IUBB Postgame Thread

    Look at me, not that tv, ME! Trust me, it’s better for us both.
  14. cleeter

    Indiana vs Michigan - Gameday Thread

    I feel like the NBA wants to draft the youngest players, with most athleticism and most raw potential/high celling. I don’t think they care how good you are at season 1. Just seems that way because you always see these freshman and young overseas kids getting taken early. I mean when the last time you’ve seen a senior go top 5. I may be wrong but it just seems that way to me
  15. cleeter

    Indiana vs Michigan - Gameday Thread

    Yep, totally went over my head there. That’s on me haha