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  1. hoopsta007

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    Perhaps Keion has been stringing things out and using IU as a back up plan in case UK got their primary targets.
  2. hoopsta007

    Fire Fred Glass

    The question should have been asked, “Why are we in a serious rebuild mode under your watch?”
  3. hoopsta007

    Fire Fred Glass

    Glass should have been shown the door with Wilson at the latest. He let the football program flounder with Lynch before getting Wilson. Let Crean flounder and waste a decade of IU basketball. Its beyond me that he skated with the Wilson debacle. If he gave Wilson an extension knowing of the issues, that’s on him. If he turned a blind eye to the issues for the extension and was forced to fire Wilson later, that’s on him too.
  4. hoopsta007

    Fire Fred Glass

    Need a new President first
  5. Poor old victim Kansas. Trying to run a clean program but these unknown guys keep paying their players to go to Kansas. Nothing to see here....Riiiiight.......
  6. Greg is 100% a Butler guy. Good friends with some in the Athletic Dept
  7. hoopsta007

    NIT Bubble Watch

    Will the NIT selection process mirror the NCAA tournament process and the tier system?
  8. hoopsta007

    IU vs O$U Game thread 1/30 7 pm

    Every loss like this screams Fire Fred Glass! Ridiculous
  9. hoopsta007

    Bracketology and team resumes thread

    So is it based on how teams finish the year ranked. The Notre Dame game was a good win. Will we be punished because they lost their best player to injury?