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  1. Is it time for @lukecombs yet?

  2. RT @Reagan_Atwood: unpopular opinion: Dunkin’ Dounuts is without a doubt better than Starbucks

  3. That’s not even the lyric... ???? https://t.co/GruajnvJ6T

  4. Update: I didn’t win that gameboy but my super nice work friend gave me hers https://t.co/3sMXbHMVir

  5. @Nik__Names Can’t wait until I can take vacations to all of your amazing hotels ????

  6. RT @BradCole: Yesterday I got married. It was awesome. Everything went perfectly but it almost went horribly wrong. Here is the story of ho…

  7. @johnna_cummins @lukecombs see you soon!!!

  8. If anyone else gets engaged this week I’m gonna lose my mind

  9. RT @farenrachels: I swear I’ve got a good heart... but Lord have mercy on this mouth ????????‍♀️

  10. @noooluhhh this lineup ???? https://t.co/p0ByWjKcKR

  11. RT @RyanWhisner: reasons why ur dumb for hating on crocs: 1. they’re light and airy so ya feet don’t stank 2. they’re easily accessible an…

  12. If you don’t get motion sick you don’t know how lucky you are

  13. RT @mikaclarete: venmo me $$ if u ever wasted my time

  14. When I die instead of a headstone I just want a projector and screen playing my favorite vines on a loop

  15. RT @stylestruIy: when you're at a party and mr brightside suddenly comes on https://t.co/6OzkHE5D4b