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  1. RT @KimKardashian: Or second or third brothel https://t.co/iYYJ1NehOe

  2. RT @MyleezaKardash: Y’all know who doesn’t get the credit she rightfully deserves? Kristen Mary Houghton Kardashian Jenner. (A thread) http…

  3. @noooluhhh can you imagine https://t.co/OrmggWQjes

  4. RT @KevKombi: I don’t know why Kylie is out here acting like she’s carrying Renesmee and we are the Volturi

  5. I take pride in finding the perfect bitmoji for every occasion

  6. @taylorebelles I’m can’t with y’all and this house sooo cute ????

  7. The bachelor is great but I wish I was watching with it @laurnorr19 and @Nik__Names

  8. RT @elizethh112: Taking no mf chances, sorry guys https://t.co/OCCGosMDO2

  9. He can’t be serious https://t.co/0eNCrdAQXr

  10. @noooluhhh I think you’re perfect

  11. RT @uchaachi: So the Kardashians have been doing the 25 days of Christmas and Kylie is nowhere to be found... I’m calling it now - PREGNANT…

  12. Merry Chrysler to my new friend https://t.co/HUXmkgSbrs

  13. @Nik__Names this was the first song I put on my very first MP3 player

  14. RT @SimpnMild: RT if you were born with this animal instinct and didn't need Marcelina to teach you https://t.co/9DMyID2FRM