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  1. RT @kerra_henke: Chick-fil-o Chick-fil-amos Chick-fil-as Chick-fil-áis Chick-fil-a Chick-fil-an

  2. RT @kellyann1030: *someone bumps into me* Them: oh I’m sorry Me as a Midwesterner: first of all, it’s “ope”

  3. RT @ziwe: nothing but respect for my mayor of flavortown https://t.co/rZn5h1ovz1

  4. Police departments have some of the best twitter accounts https://t.co/WmAxXQbrvD

  5. RT @USDA_AMS: Agriculture is essential to everyday life. Celebrate the individuals who dedicate their lives to feeding the world on #Nation…

  6. RT @ahmedtwinkie: Just cause you blurred out the face you really think I won't be able to tell that it's a goat lmaoo https://t.co/JTYe1mrW…

  7. David Letterman? You mean Santa https://t.co/Km9sBEJwFp

  8. Thank god I brought a fork to eat my soup with ????

  9. She grew up tall, and she grew up right, with them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights

  10. RT @SadderDre: Twitter dot com has created a class system for its users. We, the 140 proletariat, must rise against the 280 bourgeoisie.

  11. RT @drunkamerica: Hero https://t.co/xgue3s01ot

  12. RT @BoringEnormous: When you lied on your CV about having previous sheepdog experience. https://t.co/fecGfhE9YD

  13. My biggest fear is that my pupper will never know how much I love him

  14. @logan_marie93 @noooluhhh and me ????

  15. RT @Easton_Fine: Why do you charge $100 for an access code then https://t.co/PJGk2dp4to