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  1. When I die instead of a headstone I just want a projector and screen playing my favorite vines on a loop

  2. RT @stylestruIy: when you're at a party and mr brightside suddenly comes on https://t.co/6OzkHE5D4b

  3. Rule #1 for working in an office: DONT BRING FISH FOR LUNCH

  4. RT @mzyonce: ok what you aren’t about to do is bash reba , a single mom who works too hard who loves her kids & never stops with gentle han…

  5. RT @juliapencek: If I was Khloe I would tell Tristan he can see the birth of his child on the next season of KUWTK

  6. Omg Anita https://t.co/blUuJ7d25c

  7. Suggested to @c_slamma that instead of her going to law school we should move to the coast and start a restaurant t… https://t.co/gsrIgB1Yh8

  8. Why spend time trying to make nuclear bombs when you could spend time trying to make something that lets me red my dog’s mind

  9. Come on babe ???? https://t.co/7nXbh3aZSj

  10. I feel like there aren’t enough people excited that Trading Spaces is coming back

  11. Tbh my ideal husband would be a goat farmer

  12. Rhyan just told me to “sack up” i can’t anymore friendship canceled ????????

  13. How often do people have a friendship that can survive 18 years and living on the opposite sides of the country? I’m so blessed

  14. @sglessner HAHAHHAHAHA I’m dead

  15. RT @PLAYBOIRICO: Spring is acting like a bitter baby mama... ***** I just wanna see my sun