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  1. need SIZE and outside shooting bigtime
  2. BigJoe

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    NIT should be a chance for younger players to gain experience..IU will/should go where it deserves to go. Saying IU is "too good" for NIT fools no one- 1 Final Four in over 30 years is the fact, Elite is Fantasy. With good health, next year looks better-Morgan will be missed. more size inside a big need, As is outside shooting..grab Sean from Sinclair, he has great range Archie has BIG contract he is going nowhere..Glass will gofirst, may retire.
  3. BigJoe

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Maybe the A team will show up for the 2nd half..maybe RL will show up along w/ Rob maybe Green can hit more clutch 3s..or maybe the JV
  4. Along with dreaming of iU beating OSU and MSU, Keion signs and Romeo stays--
  5. BigJoe

    JUCO: 6'4" SG Sean McNeil

    Appears to have tremendous outside shooting range..can handle and pass ball deftly Sign him up!
  6. Todays upset of MSU on national broadcast with complimentary announcers and rabid fans does not hurt IU chances. Brooks is beautiful and will be successful wherever he goes ..he would look FANTASTIC in candy stripes
  7. BigJoe

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    NIT beckons if lucky Agree, let the rookies play, try to pick up the pace, have Romeo shoot 30 times again in transition and off screens/picks
  8. BigJoe

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    Continuation of Crean small ball...playing 3 guards and no center
  9. No worry about Archie leaving anytime soon..has $ 14,000,000 or so I believe guaranteed on his contract
  10. BigJoe

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Face it, 1987 was a long time ago. IU is no longer a top basketball program, and has a LONG way to go to be one again Still in the shadow of Knight Sad we are talking now about next season instead of being in the hunt in the Conference and looking to the Big Dance. We have been , are now , and look to be too small to compete in the physical Big Ten. Juwan plays his guts out when he should have bigger bangers to help. 3 and 4 guards on the floor gives you a 1-9 streak
  11. BigJoe

    So some concerns I’m having...

    The only disaster was Sampson
  12. BigJoe

    So some concerns I’m having...

    IU too small for the Big Ten grind..need size and bulk for front line.
  13. BigJoe

    So some concerns I’m having...

    Painful to say, no NCAA tournament in the cards for IU in 2019..unless a miraculous Big Ten tourney championship appears
  14. BigJoe

    IUBB @ Northwestern - Game Thread - 01.22.19 - 9:00 ET

    I was looking for Crean on the bench..looks like his team
  15. BigJoe

    IUBB vs Northwestern - 12/1 @ 1:00 ET

    Often has that deer in head lights look