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  1. Derrik Smits...can play face up or back to..rebounds and has mid-range shot may go pro but he says he prefers to transfer 7' 2" With DD, forces in the middle
  2. As for grad transfers..hold out for DERRIK SMITS
  3. Good..very good prediction..with off season progress maybe better
  4. Juwan Morgan was a great power forward forced to play 5..that was the fault of the coach, recruiting, and injuries Juwan played hard, played his guts out for 4 years...he did not have enough help..many times he was our main offense. He will be sorely missed and fondly remembered, sincerely thanked.
  5. Seems Sean a good catch gone..and Derrick (sp) Smits interesting Langford unlikely to return, G League and huge bucks beckon
  6. BigJoe

    2019 NIT Tournament

    We are playing where we deserve to be playing. Being the Blue Blood snob is bad karma esp when we are NOT Blue Blood 1987 a long time gone PLAY and PLAY hard and well
  7. Makes more sense to make minutes for those that will be here next year
  8. He will not be sitting..He will be playing...in the G League..just like Noah and Bryant etc
  9. need SIZE and outside shooting bigtime
  10. BigJoe

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    NIT should be a chance for younger players to gain experience..IU will/should go where it deserves to go. Saying IU is "too good" for NIT fools no one- 1 Final Four in over 30 years is the fact, Elite is Fantasy. With good health, next year looks better-Morgan will be missed. more size inside a big need, As is outside shooting..grab Sean from Sinclair, he has great range Archie has BIG contract he is going nowhere..Glass will gofirst, may retire.
  11. BigJoe

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Maybe the A team will show up for the 2nd half..maybe RL will show up along w/ Rob maybe Green can hit more clutch 3s..or maybe the JV
  12. Along with dreaming of iU beating OSU and MSU, Keion signs and Romeo stays--
  13. Appears to have tremendous outside shooting range..can handle and pass ball deftly Sign him up!
  14. Todays upset of MSU on national broadcast with complimentary announcers and rabid fans does not hurt IU chances. Brooks is beautiful and will be successful wherever he goes ..he would look FANTASTIC in candy stripes