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  1. Magnanimous

    Fire Fred Glass

    If the verdict is still out on Archie then it’s still out on Glass, and that’s where we’re at right now as a program. They’re a package deal, and if you fire Glass now and then Archie becomes successful in the next year or two, the university really looks foolish. What benefit does it do any of our programs to just fire Glass and let Allen and Miller coach next year with that kind of albatross hanging over both of their programs. I’m obviously not happy about how this season went, but it’s not like we’re sputtering down the drain here, and that applies to football as well. Both programs were literally one win away from being at a level this fanbase would have accepted for this year. One win. One win from being bowl eligible and one win (likely) from making the NCAAT in year two. Yes, both are benchmarks for progress, but without context they’re also not reflective of how far away a program is from competing. Both 1-11 and 5-7 football teams miss out on bowls. Both 17-15 and 6-25 basketball teams miss the tournament. Defense has improved in both sports and recruiting has improved in both sports. Now we just need scoring and consistency, two things that tend to occur after talented players gain some experience playing in a system for a few years.
  2. Magnanimous

    Fantasy Baseball

    Id be interested if there’s space.
  3. Magnanimous

    Ding Dong, Delany's Gone!

    Michigan is to blame for the unbalanced divisions.
  4. Magnanimous

    IU basketball becoming irrelevant

    Setting a foundation is the hardest part of a rebuild. We’ve also come up on the short end of games a lot this year, but there have been very few we’ve been completely uncompetitive in, especially against average teams. This team has lost four games by 3 points or less and another one in overtime. Granted, we’ve had a lot of close wins as well, but if two or three of those losses go the other way, we’re feeling a lot more confident about the state of the program. If we beat Maryland by one instead of losing by three, or beat Purdue last week, or if the tip-in against Arkansas goes our way, are we really that much better of a team than we are today? Not really, but people wouldn’t be pitching a fit in the middle of a rebuild. It’s the long game we should be focusing on. Yes, winning every game possible is nice, but just missing the tournament this year vs. sneaking in and then getting bounced early is going to make little difference for year four of Archie’s tenure.
  5. Magnanimous

    IU basketball becoming irrelevant

    Since Knight left: - one coach who was out of his league here, couldn’t recruit, and couldn’t coach - one coach who broke NCAA rules, recruited bad seeds, and left the program rebuilding from scratch within two years of arriving in Bloomington - one coach who could barely coach, couldn’t manage a roster, and played off what he inherited into sticking around longer than he should have. In summary, we’ve had three consecutive busts as coaches. Not complicated to see why we’re where currently are.
  6. Magnanimous

    Indiana at Iowa Game Thread: 2/22 - 9:00pm - FS1

    Archie’s defense is starting to come around. Just need the offensive pieces now...
  7. Magnanimous

    Indiana at Iowa Game Thread: 2/22 - 9:00pm - FS1

    This is like playing Bo Ryan’s Wisconsin teams. Chuckers...
  8. Magnanimous

    Indiana at Iowa Game Thread: 2/22 - 9:00pm - FS1

    Sometimes....in college...it’s an offensive foul but the shot counts if the ball gets out of the hand first.
  9. Magnanimous

    Indiana at Iowa Game Thread: 2/22 - 9:00pm - FS1

    If he could shift that to 75% miracle he’d be our Russ Smith. Instead he’s Marshall Henderson.
  10. Magnanimous

    One and done is (done)

    “Coincidental” that it was released today after Zion Williamson’s injury last night, but the NBA has submitted to the players association it’s proposal to lower the draft age from 19 to 18 beginning with the 2022 draft. Link
  11. Magnanimous

    Purdue at Indiana Game Thread - 7:00pm ESPN2

    Why do you expect sweeping changes to occur in the middle of the season?
  12. Magnanimous

    Purdue at Indiana Game Thread - 7:00pm ESPN2

    A lot of our guys are catching the ball in the half court where an offensively gifted player would be able to score. As anemic as this offense is, from what I’m seeing right now it’s more on roster composition than offensive scheme that is limiting us.
  13. Magnanimous

    Fire Fred Glass

    Im getting close to being done, not with IUBB, but the forums. You’ve ruined at least two IU message boards with your asinine comments and this takes the cake. On behalf of everyone associated with this fan base, get lost.