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  1. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs Troy game thread 11/16 8 pm BTN

    I chose those teams for dramatic effect...somewhat. However, Minnesota is 1-3 to start the year with losses to Oklahoma, Butler, and Utah. None ranked but all decent opposition. What good does that do for Minny right now? What if we were 1-3 and our young guys had no opportunity to settle into a groove? These are tune up games. I just want bodies for our guys to go against in November. Get 6 or 7 wins under your belt, learn each other’s tendencies, get some confidence and then bring it in December when the competition ramps up.
  2. There were with Dabo too!! We’re the next Clemson.
  3. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs Troy game thread 11/16 8 pm BTN

    I want this team gelling and building confidence. What good does it do is to have Demezi and Jerome having to go up against UNC or Villanova right now? There’s enough meat on this schedule this year given who we have on this roster. Two years from now if we’re playing an OOC slate like this it’s an issue. Right now it’s just nitpicking.
  4. Magnanimous

    Cleaning Up the Mess

    Young team + crazy coach = this thread
  5. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs Troy game thread 11/16 8 pm BTN

    Team’s chemistry has been very strong to start the season. I think these guys are going to enjoy growing together over the next few years.
  6. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs Troy game thread 11/16 8 pm BTN

    Remember when this program couldn’t move the ball against a 2-3 zone?
  7. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs Troy game thread 11/16 8 pm BTN

    Welcome to Bloomington Demezi!
  8. Special teams blunders cost us the game.
  9. That pass right there is the difference between Ramsey and Penix
  10. PSU - 42 Indiana - 17 Our defense isn’t forcing enough turnovers this season to win us these kinds of games.
  11. Was about to post this as well. These are young guys but I’m liking what I’m seeing already. This roster is starting to fortify itself and hopefully it means consistency from here on out. Archie still needs to start sprinkling in some more shooters, a Nick Zeisloft or two would be perfect, but we have some good assets now that just need time to mature as a group. They looked like a team today that enjoys playing together, which we haven’t seen since 15-16.
  12. Magnanimous

    Penix and Ramsey, a perspective

    I haven’t seen it mentioned yet, but to reiterate the quick release Penix gives us, Ramsey has been sacked 11 times this year while Penix only once.
  13. Magnanimous

    Penix and Ramsey, a perspective

    I think we saw the last time our coaches ever call a designed run for him...
  14. Magnanimous

    Penix and Ramsey, a perspective

    If I was an FSU fan and “we” hired Tom Allen I’d be furious. I’m very happy with him as an IU fan though.
  15. Magnanimous

    College Football Thread

    FSU instability following Jimbo’s tenure landed us Penix and a few others. Allen needs to scoop up who he can while this mess lingers in Tallahassee.