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  1. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    I’m afraid to ask when the last time was we had a three game winning streak over MSU...
  2. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    Even hitting a couple of shots changes everything. Trust the process.
  3. Magnanimous

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    That possession was Green in a nutshell.
  4. We would’ve all been wearing Tu “zip em up” Holloway jerseys. #FreeBudMackey
  5. Let’s not ignore the fact that about 8 players on that team had a Kent Dorfman level GPA.
  6. Magnanimous

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Chiefs break through and make the Super Bowl. Would’ve been two straight appearances if Dee Ford doesn’t line up offsides against the Pats. Bigger should’ve been champion - 2019 Chiefs or 1975 Hoosiers?
  7. Magnanimous

    College Bball Thread

    It was hideous because we hit a total of two shots outside the paint, not because we lost to a decent Rutgers team.
  8. Magnanimous

    College Bball Thread

    He’s 3-18 in the SEC so far.
  9. Magnanimous

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    I know it was a tight finish, but goes to show you what this team can do when they hit shots. The Lineup of Phinisee, Franklin, Hunter, TJD and Brunk looked good. I don’t think Smith is ever going to reliably take over a game but if he can continue to be a guy who makes plays when he finds himself in opportune moments like tonight, he’ll add a ton of value to this team.
  10. Magnanimous

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    This current rotation is next year’s starting 5.
  11. Magnanimous

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    Everyone's thoughts on Green’s performance.
  12. Ed Orgeron says hi. I’m done repeating myself on this. The team moves the ball well in the half court, much better than Crean’s teams did, and the sets do open up shots. They don’t go in, plain and simple.
  13. I don’t base a coach’s evaluation on cherry-picked parts of his team’s worst games. Archie’s teams do hustle and the defense has been fine. They can’t shoot. The shots are there, but they don’t go in. That’s it. That’s the whole problem plaguing this program right now. If they had two guys who could reliably shoot they’d be a top 15 team. Yes, it is on the coach to get the shooters in the door, and like I said, if Archie can’t do that next year given the obviously gaping hole on this team then he isn’t the guy. But if he can, which he should hopefully be able to do because shooters are littered throughout the country, then when coupled with what has already been installed he may just have a competitive team going forward.
  14. The effort is there, the defense is there, and more often than not the offensive sets are there. He needs shooters and it’s an easy fix. Literally find some kids who can shoot. They’re all over the country. I get that some of the shooting Archie was counting on with his young recruits hasn’t arrived, but if he can’t get basic shooting added to this roster by next season than he’s never going to get it done here. Thats where I’m at with Archie. Let’s see what his system looks like with guys who can shoot or it’s time to go. You cannot play Shaka Smart VCU basketball at this level and expect to win. Archie needs to get a couple of Nick Zeislofts here ASAP, not more freshmen.