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  1. cchuntsman

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Plenty of grad transfers from mid-majors are great players who didn’t get recruited by big-time programs out of high school for whatever reason, but now have that option due to a great/good career at a mid-major.
  2. So you’d play Fitzner at the 5 and have Juwan out on McDuffie on the perimeter? We’d get crushed on the boards defensively if we did that. If not that, you’d have to have Fitzner on McDuffie. Race got in because he’s quicker laterally. Also, he didn’t last long due to his defense in this game. Further proof what Archie was thinking regarding Fitzner not getting in. Fitzner has always been matchup dependent when it comes to playing time.
  3. McDuffie shot 41% for the game. Not sure I’d say defense on him was bad at that rate. If Fitzner was guarding him he’d shoot well over 50%.
  4. Fitzner cannot defend McDuffie. That’s why you never saw him. Just a matchup thing.
  5. How the heck doesn’t a reporter ask? Weird.
  6. cchuntsman

    So some concerns I’m having...

    Clearly you haven’t been watching the PAC-12. ;-)
  7. Why do you think Al has peaked? I still see a lot of potential growth in ball handling and shooting. He’s also widely recognized as a hard worker.
  8. cchuntsman

    B1G Tournament - Non-IU Games

    I was onboard too. I’m still not sure how a team with Roby, Watson, Palmer, and Copeland was this bad in conference. Granted, Copeland got hurt, but still.
  9. cchuntsman

    B1G Tournament - Non-IU Games

    Damn. Nebraska only has 6 scholarship players for this game.
  10. cchuntsman

    College Bball Thread

    I’ll never understand why players try to hit the front of the rim straight on when trying to miss a free throw. They either accidentally go in or drop straight to the ground where the defenders have the advantage to rebound. All they have to do to miss on purpose is try to bank and aim so the center of the ball is over the far right or left part of the rim. Gives it a nice hard and high bounce off the rim to try to rebound.
  11. cchuntsman

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    I’d say net gain, especially if you consider a full year of Race, as well. This is assuming Hunter is a full go.
  12. Those players are already immensely talented and they end up there due to World Wide Wes/Nike.
  13. In fairness to the students that rushed the court, what has IU done in their lifetime? It’s not a statement on them, but how our program has been over the last 20 years.
  14. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the arc only matters if you are a defender off the ball.
  15. cchuntsman

    Purdue at Indiana Game Thread - 7:00pm ESPN2

    Agreed. That’s why I’d love to know why the change occurred and who thought it was a good idea.