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  1. cchuntsman

    Dan Dakich during Flor/Kent game

    I was watching when he said it. It was prompted by a promo for the IU/MSU right before. If I remember right, Schulman made a comment about MSU, and then a comment about IU losing seven straight. Then came Dakich’s comment.
  2. cchuntsman

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    If this is purgatory, I’d hate to see Hell.
  3. cchuntsman

    IU vs Uof6 Game Thread

    Their returning players were coached well. Ours were coached by Crean.
  4. cchuntsman

    IU vs SMU Game Thread

    The offense flows so much better with Stan in there due to his constant cutting and driving
  5. cchuntsman

    Favorite IU BBall Dunk or Block of All Time

    http://youtu.be/VoD5d4p443c Will shocked me with this.
  6. cchuntsman

    (2015) SG Shake Milton to SMU

    For Yogi to go in the first round he's going to have to finish at the rim in half court situations better. No NBA team will take him in the first until he proves he can do it.
  7. cchuntsman

    (2015) SG Shake Milton to SMU

    You'd actually rather go undrafted than get drafted in Round 2. If you get drafted in Round 2 you don't get a guaranteed contract, and you're locked into one team. If you go undrafted you choose your team to sign with and can look for a better situation roster wise for a team to sign with. Still not a guaranteed contract, but you're more likely to make a team if you choose wisely. That is why leaving early to go anywhere in Round 2 isn't worth it.
  8. Strictly based off of the fun I had watching them. 1. Tom Coverdale 2. AJ Guyton 3. Calbert Cheaney 4. AJ Moye 5. Alan Henderson