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  1. TheStillman

    Big Ten Tournament Tickets

    Looking for 3 tickets to Friday night session of Big Ten Tournament. Unfortunately am moving Thursday and cannot attend but if IU gets the win I am willing to meet on Friday before the evening session somewhere around MSG to buy. Please let me know!
  2.   Agreed it needs to hinge on more than 1 game and I am not counting a win.  My point is simply that playing well against OSU at home is all well and good but it is about what comes next.  You have two games ahead that I think the team should win and should go into with the mentality that its a win.  It is easy to bring the intensity one week against the #1 team in the country at home.  Bring that same intensity every week for the rest of the season and the program has turned a corner.     If we are 6-1 heading to East Lansing I think the program has positioned itself from the bottom tier to the middle tier at least for this year.  
  3.   Absolutely, if this program has turned a corner we will be 6-1.  Have to make a real statement next week.
  4. Haven't able to focus all week.  Let's have a good showing Hoosiers.  Keep building the program
  5. TheStillman

    Patterson out as Texas AD

    Some good discussion here but I think a major point needs to be made to those who say that athletics is a way for the University to generate dollars.  This is data from 2008 since that is the latest I could find with a quick search but the trends and proportions likely stayed true over the past 7 years.   IU athletics brought in $57.1 million in FY 2008 versus the total University revenue base of $2.4 billion (about 2% of total revenues).  IU's expenses in FY 2008 for athletics were $50 million.  So if we consider that $7.1 million as the net revenues of the department we are looking at $7.1 million made for the University (.30% of the University's total revenue base).    We all love athletics here but the University would do just fine without it from a monetary perspective.  Yes it does provide marketing at a below market value cost but the University as a whole is much bigger than the athletic department and if not for athletics the University would find other ways to market itself since getting a college education by and large is considered a standard in the US.    Further, the situations at Texas and Michigan are so different than Glass at IU.  It does not indicate that those universities are more committed or anything like that.  It means that they made bad hires who did not care about the university mission and only cared about the dollars which created a toxic environment.  To me Glass hits a good mix between understanding the mission and generating dollars to support the athletic department.  I also respect the hell out of what he has done with the Student-Athlete Bill of Rights.   To any point that people don't know Harvey Mudd College or Elon or whoever and that somehow shows that IU should emphasize athletics equally with academics I think you're putting forth a false narrative.  People know what is relevant to them.  If I was interested in going to an elite grad program that either of those schools offered I would know about it.  Just like I would know about it at Duke or IU.  If you're seeking out an education you will do your due diligence given the long term costs and benefits from making this choice.  For some on the margin the athletics program may drive this decision but for most it will not.   
  6. TheStillman

    Patterson out as Texas AD

    Read up a bit on the situation at Texas. The guy brought a toxic environment to the department and alienated his employees. He raised ticket prices and didn't seem to care much for the average fan, just the bottom line. http://espn.go.com/college-sports/story/_/id/13665028/steve-patterson-firing-texas-shows-college-ads-all-business Glass has done the exact opposite of what Patterson and Brandon did at Texas and Michigan. He's made the fan experience at football, basketball and baseball games something the University should be proud of.
  7. TheStillman

    Patterson out as Texas AD

    The front door to the University shouldn't be the athletic department
  8. TheStillman

    Max Bielfeldt Letter to A.J Guyton

    This is perfect. In summary if Max did it solo it was great, if Crean was involved it's worthless.
  9. TheStillman

    Emmitt Holt dismissed from team

      I have heard numerous stories that involved Zeller drinking while in college in Bloomington FWIW.  Think he was definitely smarter than these kids about it but he drank just like the rest of those guys from 2011-13 did.
  10. TheStillman

    A look at the future

      I doubt you would hear any complaints like that.  The guy isn't coming here regardless. 
  11. TheStillman

    A look at the future

      The guy coaches one of the top professional sports franchises from a historical perspective.  It's not like he is coaching the Kings, it is the Celtics.  
  12. TheStillman

    A look at the future

    If I had to guess...Stevens turns us down this offseason, we hire a different coach then him and everyone on this site are having pretty much the same arguments as they are now but with whoever we hire in place of Crean.  
  13. TheStillman

    Emmitt Holt dismissed from team

      What a confusing way to react to this specific news.
  14. I don't think you understand what lack of institutional control means in the NCAA's eyes. If IU was going out of its way to sweep these transgressions with players under the rug that would be lack of institutional control.
  15. Two guys got kicked off the team earlier this summer. What do you consider real consequences?
  16. TheStillman

    Custom IU jerseys...

    For my friend's bachelor party this summer who went to IU and is from Detroit I got him a Lions Oladipo shersey just because it made no sense.
  17.   I think you're way discounting Cook Hall.  Having walked through and gotten private tours of that facility our players have locker rooms, weight rooms, training facilities and film rooms that make them feel like superstars. Look at some quotes from recruits when they visit, look at some quotes from national reporters who have been everywhere, look at the fact that former players come back to work out there in the offseason, Cook Hall is a top 10 facility.   Once Assembly Hall is completed the University will have invested over $70 million in Cook Hall and Assembly Hall.  In addition to that the entire academic center has refurbished in Memorial Stadium and it is an amazing space for the players.  PLUS we have the Cuban Center which provides us with amazing technology that no one else has.  It is an arms race for sure in college athletics that I agree with you on but if you think IU isn't flexing its muscles in that arms race you have not been paying attention and are out of touch.
  18. TheStillman

    (2016) SG Grant Gelon commits to IU

      To your point in bold.  It is not about branding (the IU brand is strong, distinct and recognizable), arena (you can have a strong fanbase with a classic arena/stadium, look at the Cubs or Red Sox) or shoe brand (you mentioned Louisville as some we should strive to be like, they wear Adidas).  It is about winning because most people are bandwagoners, especially kids under 18.  If a team is good they will wear their products.  I would guess from 2011-13 there were a lot of kids wearing IU gear.  I know in NYC I couldn't go to a bar when IU was playing and not see a few IU fans and that has continued each of the past 2 years as well.  If the team is winning people will become fans.     The IU brand as a university is as strong as it has ever been.  
  19. The difference between IU and Tennessee/Michigan who took less money to go with Nike is IU doesn't have football money to withstand taking a discount.  Our athletic department has to make the best financial decision for itself especially with the extra $1 million it will be paying annually to athletes to provide full cost of living expenses.
  20.   Yup.  Part of the reason Evan went to ASU originally was to be close to Eric when he was in LA.  Then when Eric was up for free agency he signed on offer sheet with the Suns so that he could be close to Evan who was still with ASU.  When the Pelicans matched the offer sheet Eric expressed his disappointment in not being close to his brother.     If Eron goes to LSU, which it looks like he will, a major reason is because of Eric being a Pelican.
  21. Quite the negative reaction to securing the 3rd most lucrative apparel deal in college sports
  22. TheStillman

    (2016) SG Grant Gelon commits to IU

      Where I disagree with you is that this is an early commit.  This is exactly the time period that players start to commit before senior year.  If he was a 2017 or 2018 recruit I would agree it was early but this isn't an early commit.
  23. TheStillman

    (2016) SG Grant Gelon commits to IU

    Regardless of his ranking I would say the last thing this move was by Crean is a rush. We will have between 4 and 6 open scholarships next year and had 0 commits before yesterday.  This class needs to start coming together and if Grant can be a contributor and good teammate throughout his career then he is worth the scholarship.  As someone pointed out earlier we are in with a number of elite players but those 4-6 spots are not going to be filled with all 4 and 5 star recruits. Within the next 2 months most of the 2016 players will be committing somewhere and if you wait then the options will be really bare.   When the class is going to be as big as 2016 will be I have no problem taking on a kid like this who really wants to be here, has some skills that can translate immediately (shooting) and understands the tradition he is stepping into.  
  24. TheStillman

    B1G preseason picks

    I gotta say I really like watching Melo play.  
  25. TheStillman


      IU could be a good fit for them to display what they can do in basketball.  They locked up Steph Curry so it is clear they want to grow this part of their brand.