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  1. Spacing on offense gets so bad at times. Passes are turning into handoffs even when not running the weave
  2. kreigh8

    Fire Fred Glass

    Fair enough. We all want the same thing - IU success. I do enjoy reading for sure, as you seem to be in the know more than most so I enjoy the back and forth as long as you do, hopefully I didn’t say anything to out of line as your all caps at the end would have me believe I may have. Like I said I wanted Archie from the get and I was one to drink the Cool-Aid with Crean at the beginning so I truly hope I’m not wrong again. I’m not naive enough to think that Glass has done a poor job as the facility upgrades alone are enough evidence to me that he’s got a vision for athletics moving forward and is getting IU back to a level playing field with the rest of the country. I just think in the Big10 there’s a way of conducting hirings and the Allen hiring left a bad taste in my mouth and I would love to eat my words on that. His attitude is infectious but when I look around the rest of the conference’s coaches I don’t see Allen as that enticing of an option for recruits of today, but winning goes along way with that and he very well may turn things around. Like I said I hope I’m wrong.
  3. kreigh8

    Fire Fred Glass

    So we agree then that Allen will have little impact on QB development. Seeing as how this is a Glass thread I’ll bring it back to him. By all reports the issues with the IU athletics go above him so don’t misconstrue that I’m advocating for his dismissal, but I can’t get behind the way Allen’s hiring went down. It’d be a hard sell for me for someone to say the BoT told Glass to not conduct a coaching search after he fired Wilson less than a year after giving him a 6 year extension, which the BoT would only approve not plant the idea in Glass’s head to offer. He let go of the most successful football coach IU’s had in 20 plus years, who made back to back bowl games and promoted his DC because he didn’t want to lose him? That’s no way to make a hire in a Power 5 conference. Glass couldn’t sell anyone on the job when the program was trending upwards - even if it’s a small uptick? I say back to you “Come On Man”. And you may respond that Glass had to fire Wilson after the reports of player abuse, and I’d tend to agree, but the relationship between he and Glass was already rocky by all reports all the way back to his drunken episode his first year on campus, so he had information on why that extension may not be warranted. He chose to do so anyways and not even a full season later Allen’s the interim coach at the Foster Farms Bowl. Why Allen, Glass, Archie are above criticism on this board is beyond me but just my take. I’ve heard changing the culture with IUFB and athletics in general - one of the biggest ways of doing so is to stop accepting mediocrity in my opinion. Know this has been perhaps an incoherent response but forgive me if I expect more from IU athletics. An AD in a power 5 conference will always have the success of its revenue generating sports as part of his/her measuring stick. And through 11 seasons Glass has come up short. I’m thrilled to see Allen’s success on the recruiting trail but at some point that needs to translate to wins. I’m hopeful Archie will get it turned around as I wanted him as coach if Donovan wasn’t an option and I have no reason to believe he was. Now I’m rambling so I’m going to sign off now - but just my take on things. Read this forum daily but I can’t get on board with the idea that Glass is somehow above criticism when there is clear evidence to warrant some - mainly his IUFB and IUBB records over 11 seasons and his issuing of extensions like they are Skittles.
  4. kreigh8

    Fire Fred Glass

    Totally agree that a Sr Penix would be a better option that a Fr Penix - but my point stands that it won’t be Allen doing the mentoring - it will be whoever Allen is employing at OC and QB coach. That was the point of my original question.
  5. kreigh8

    Fire Fred Glass

    Allen’s background is defense. What exactly would he do with a Jr-Sr Penix that he hasn’t or couldn’t do with Fr-So Penix?
  6. I was looking for that but didn’t see one. Starting to really dislike UVerse now - no NFL Network this season and now this. Couldn’t do DirectTV as they required a 60ft ladder to reach my roof for the dish, but they have a ban on 60ft ladders due to previous lawsuits. Starting to become an issue - it will force my hand if this becomes a problem during basketball season. I can let an IUFB game slide for now
  7. I live in Indianapolis and I’m getting BC vs Rutgers. Don’t really understand that at all
  8. kreigh8

    Fire Fred Glass

    I've been reading a lot of your posts and you seem to be totally against the notion of "throwing money at it" whether it be basketball or football. I certainly don't want an ever revolving door of coaches, but just in the case of football - should Glass be above criticism for the coaching search, or quite frankly the lack there of, that led to Allen? He may not have wanted to lose Allen after the improvement he spearheaded on the defensive side of the ball, and a lot of us fans would agree with that idea, but it doesn't change the fact that that's no way to make a hire of the head coaching position in a Power 5 conference. This was in an offseason that Les Miles, P.J Fleck and Brohm were all available. You've said that Les Miles wasn't coming to Bloomington and maybe you'd say the same for Fleck and Brohm, but in my eyes, the lack of a proper coaching search falls squarely on Glass and no one else and just appears that IU is saving a buck. You may have addressed this already, so apologies if you have, I don't post a lot but I read daily and this is something I've just been chewing on for a bit now. IUFB has never been good in my lifetime so that doesn't fall on Glass, but that lack of a proper search can't go without criticism in my eyes when the reality is football and basketball are the revenue producers. Bball will always make the lionshare, but no reason for IUFB not to attempt to hold up their end of the bargain and conducting an actual coaching search isn't "throwing money at it" in my option it's just the Glass's responsibility as AD. Just my $0.02
  9. Sound mix on the telecast much better along with IU’s effort this half.
  10. Eric Gordon seems out of place here. Wasn’t that team derailed from Sampson and subsequent fallout?
  11. I don’t mean to be one of those guys that show up only when things are going poorly but I’ve been a lurker for years. IU really needs to clean house. If that’s with Archie or not, so be it. Need to get a squad full of guys that care and put forth effort at all times. Putting on the IU jersey and the candy stripes used to mean something. And arguablely hasn’t meant anything since before their potential player base were born. Drastic changes need to happen this offseason.
  12. Justin Smith....no touch x3. Get this dude a chair!
  13. Justin Smith...no touch
  14. kreigh8

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Has it been stated anywhere how many guys can be cut loose without risking a tourney ban due to low APR scores? Asking for a friend
  15. kreigh8

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    He’s also been watching an entirely different De’Ron Davis. Been making him sound like an All-American