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  1. He’s definitely #1 in the program. No maybe about it Bill. What a shot
  2. kreigh8

    Coy Cronk Transferring

    I thought there were conditions you could have for transfers such as not transferring in conference or to a team on the schedule? Or does that not apply to grad transfers if Cronk is one? Transfer rules have seemed to lax in recent years, but I'm just curious why this went down like it has. I haven't followed Cronk's circumstances as closely as others, but shocked and disappointed to not only seem him leave, but to another school in the Big10. Anyone in the know have any ideas here or am I off base with these rules and his circumstance?
  3. I’m right there with you, as I want to win as well. But with the offensive system the way it’s been are there any shooters out there eager to hop on board to help fix our shooting woes. After games like this I’d accept a Luke Brown with open arms. I’m just not confident he’d see the floor over the upper classmen as they seem to have a far longer leash even when they make awful mistakes. Just was so hard to watch tonight and it’s not like this has been an isolated performance. We played well against OSU but this was nearly as pathetic as the NW game. Rutgers only scored 59 so it’s not like they played exceptionally well we just stunk out the place
  4. I watched that Georgia vs Kentucky game, which was my first time seeing Crean coach since he left IU, and it’s no wonder why kids want to play for him even if that recruitment had some funny business, which isn’t my point. The freedom on offense has to be appealing to players
  5. I wonder which one recruits would rather play for. I’d think they see the offense and be more excited to play in a system that has far more offensive flow. I like Archie’s emphasis on getting stops but I’m not sure guys wanting to make it to the league are eager to jump on board when you show you can’t put it in the basket
  6. No Bryan. These Hoosiers just can’t shoot 3s. Plenty of those were wide open. Don’t over complicate things they just can’t shoot
  7. People were honestly upset with not being ranked Monday too. This team can’t shoot a lick
  8. I wish someone in the media had the balls to ask Archie why Green plays so much after a game like this. It won’t happen as it would look pretty bad to single out a student athlete like that but I’d love to hear Archie twist and try and answer that.
  9. I had a feeling it would happen going into the season then I saw his defensive improvement and was on the fence but I think we’ll see him transfer after this season. Just don’t see a Big10 caliber player when watching him although he’s not the only one in that boat in my mind.
  10. Damezi is healthy to play and he couldn’t see any time in the first half while Green was doing what he was doing out there. Honestly I can’t with Archie and his tough talk after the NW game. What are we doing?
  11. Ok I can’t defend Green anymore. I doubt we see another Florida St performance again this season, just play Al, Franklin, Damezi and Phin. If you’re going to play like this what’s the difference
  12. Smart minds think alike. I can’t believe how bad they are offensively and shooting. We’ll hear the usual 13-4 talk after this one but this isn’t sustainable away from home. You can’t just gameplan around shooting 25-30 free throws a game in any league.
  13. A game of PIG or knockout with this team would last an eternity
  14. Why not bench Green when he plays like that? Would Franklin be that much downgrade vs what Green put out there? I’ve been one of his supporters as he’s already won us one or two games this year but that was bad. Brass Cannon mentioned the accountability and I tend to agree especially after that first half. He takes Phinesee out at every opportunity which I just don’t get. We fall apart without him and it can’t be the conditioning. Young of Ohio St lost an appendix and played significant minutes his first time back. So confusing what Archie is thinking at times.
  15. Man when the Hoosiers are going to play bad, they are going to play bad 100%. Near pathetic at times