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  1. Let’s wait and see. No need to over hype the masses. It’s a marathon not a sprint.
  2. Banksyrules

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    We’re just going to have to hope that Hunter/ Phinisee/Anderson/Smith develop their shooting to respectable levels. I hope it happens.
  3. Banksyrules

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    UNC ruined college basketball for me. Used to watch every game possible but now just stick to watching IU. Sad times.
  4. Banksyrules

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    That article wasn’t encouraging.
  5. I’m thinking we’re going to be ok. I just think we need to focus on getting a bunch of four star kids so we have more depth. Sprinkle that with a five star here and there and we’ll be consistent winners. I know it seems depressing right now but we’ll get there.
  6. I wonder if the losing streak destroyed our momentum?
  7. Banksyrules

    Fire Fred Glass

    He should be fired but won’t until donors stop donating.
  8. Banksyrules

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    We just chocked. The freshman just struggled under the big lights but hopefully they’ll grow from it.
  9. Banksyrules

    Indiana vs Nebraska 1/14/19 6:30pm FS1

    After thirty years, I think I’m finally broken . This administration has destroyed Indiana basketball and I’m left wondering if I’ll ever see a good team make a deep run. I’m jealous of people older than me, who got to see some great years. Never had that moment and not sure I ever will.
  10. Banksyrules

    Indiana vs Nebraska 1/14/19 6:30pm FS1

    Same old IU basketball for the past 30 years
  11. Banksyrules

    IUBB @ Michigan - 1/6/19 @ 4:30 ET

    McRoberts needs to sit. We need offensive options
  12. Banksyrules

    IUBB @ Michigan - 1/6/19 @ 4:30 ET

    Well this game is over. It’s on Langford and Morgan for not being more cautious. Morgan needs to do better since he’s a senior.
  13. Banksyrules

    Indiana vs Penn State Post Game Thread

    If I have a complaint about Archie is that I wished he used his time outs earlier. Could have avoided this mess and quite possibly blown the penn state team away.
  14. Banksyrules

    IU vs UC Davis

    Ok go ahead and be miserable. It’s not being lazy , it’s called being exhausted. These guys are still adjusting. Just watch and see what happens. Trust an old Hoosier who’s seen many a time even with bob knight teams. If this team gets some of the injured players back, this team will be real fun to watch.
  15. Banksyrules

    IU vs UC Davis

    Yeah because it’s not ok for a bunch of freshman and sophomores to make mistakes. It’s called learning while being short handed. Grow up, we are miles ahead from any of the Coach Crean coached teams.
  16. Banksyrules

    IU vs UC Davis

    Some of u guys freak out a bit too much. You gotta give this young team time to develop . There are no guarantees in the game of basketball. I’ll judge Coach Miller at the end of the season when it’s over.
  17. Banksyrules

    PM Thread

  18. Banksyrules

    Ted Valentine banished from tournament

    I looked at the comment section below the article. I’ve never seen the internet in such agreement.
  19. Banksyrules

    (2019) PF Matthew Hurt to Duke

    The guy gets 5 official visits. He’s going to use all of them. Don’t get so depressed. You never know what might happen.
  20. Banksyrules

    IU vs Rutgers game thread

    So am I. Tough to win when our owners nickname is Freddie coupons.
  21. Banksyrules

    MSU....Heat on Izzo?

    A father just tried to jump Nassar in the courtroom. Had three daughters abused. This is beyond messed up.
  22. Banksyrules

    MSU....Heat on Izzo?

    I would say Izzo is more likely to be axed. Football generates a ton of money that goes directly to the program. Basketball is the main cash cow for the NCAA. We’ll see.