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  1. RT @SarcasmPage: my hobbies include sleeping and disappointing everyone close to me

  2. RT @IndianaMBB: #HoosierNation, we need as many RT's as possible on this video before noon to help @IUDM win $100k! #CoachArchieMiller #Ti…

  3. It’s going to be the year of the underdog! These lower seed teams are fierce! I love a good upset! #marchmadness

  4. RT @emilykerrxo: Wish I was that person that doesn’t need constant reassurance about every little thing, but nope, the slightest change in…

  5. RT @SarcasmPage: "I am a work in progress."

  6. RT @ComedyOrTruth: constant anxiety level: https://t.co/FSJP9qd5p1

  7. RT @BabyAnimalPics: People: how’s life? Me: https://t.co/Qdl6gE08LD

  8. RT @RYanANderson220: Find the girl who agrees that Jimmy John’s is better Subway.

  9. Pretty sure Grey’s Anatomy was created to ruin my life!!!! ????

  10. RT @lindajnews: BREAKING: Indiana Senate passes Sunday alcohol sales bill. Gov. Holcomb says he'll sign it next week. Sales will be allo…

  11. YAY TEAM BIG BROTHER! ????♥️ from the hell they went through in the BB house, to a million dollars! They deserve it! C… https://t.co/kyHGNHsGgQ

  12. Eli says this every time ???? https://t.co/ATXFYhKAEV

  13. The more i step back and look at my friends, the more i see which ones are there and which ones only come around when they want something. ????

  14. RT @girlposts: Its a swoofer https://t.co/QvHXzCa0R8

  15. @girlposts @wtfxmags