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  1. Needs to be a win. Only thing that is the effort. Losses happen in a long season, but this needs to be a win.
  2. Feathery

    Poll: Archie Miller

    Depends on the roster. Does TJD return? If not, expectations change. Still make the NCAA’s, but how good of a conference season depends on the roster.
  3. Feathery

    Poll: Archie Miller

    I’ve actually felt the opposite. I’ve felt all season he seems more comfortable and confident than he has at IU. Watching him early in the Wisconsin game, I felt that he knew it was getting out of hand early and didn’t call the earlier timeout to see if the guys were tough enough to pull through. It’s early, they didn’t pull the game back, so now he can teach and let the team grow. Im still in wait and see mode. I thought Crean left a **** roster and any coach would need 3-4 years, unless we went U.K. style recruiting. I do expect a tournament birth this season. If not, next year should be the hot seat.
  4. Feathery

    Fire Fred Glass

    It’s the shorts. The stripe across the waistband makes the uniform look weird.
  5. Feathery

    IUBB vs Princeton 11/20 @ 7 pm BTN

    Kenpom overall rank of 30. offensive eff rank 21. defensive eff rank 50. Overall rank is currently 7th in the conference. But kenpom rankings are still in the early stages, but I enjoy watching the fluctuations.
  6. Feathery

    IUBB vs Princeton 11/20 @ 7 pm BTN

    Game took up the entire screen for me.
  7. The offense was fine to start the game. This is not an example of a slow start offensively. I was more concerned with poor defense at times. They were also hitting contested 3’s. 2nd half the defense was better and the score bears that out.
  8. Defense has been very poor tonight.
  9. Free Throw % is outstanding so far.
  10. I don’t think I we will ever be a live or die by the 3 team like under Crean. Which gave us exceptional 3 pt shooting teams occasionally. I think the ceiling of a Archie team shooting the 3 will be 35-37% in a good year.
  11. You realize a 4% free throw shooting improvement last year and IU wins 4 more games? Making us a NCAA team easily. We are on pace to be a much better FT shooting team.
  12. Free throw % big improvement from last year.
  13. Can’t wait for the games to be shown on TV. Thanks for the updates guys. Been watching the box score as well.