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  1. I think his type of player will depend on the position. Here is a brief synopsis of how I think he looks at it. PG - Value the ball, Facilitator, hard nosed, a threat to shoot. SG/SF - can take his man off the dribble. Long and athletic. Hard nosed. Adequate 3 pt shooter PF/C - springy, long, can finished around the rim.
  2. Feathery

    (2019) SG Armaan Franklin to IU

    I watched the first half and I don’t k ow what Cathedral was trying to do. Guys chucking terrible shots, missing bunnies. Armaan Franklin looked good but he didn’t touch the ball except for about every fourth possession. I assume the 2nd half was more of the same.
  3. Feathery

    What Defense has IU won against?

    Having 2 bigs that can’t shoot doesn’t spread the floor. It doesn’t help unclog the paint. It doesn’t help our 3 pt %. When I say talent issue, I’m looking at the team composition. The parts don’t fit for a successful team. There is too many redundant parts to the roster. We are lacking in the talent of shooters. I think some of the young guys can get there, but that doesn’t help now.
  4. Feathery

    What Defense has IU won against?

    Teams have scouted and adjusted. They know IU doesn’t shoot the ball well, so the clog the middle. Hard to have teams spread out when you can’t shoot the ball. It’s a talent issue.
  5. Feathery

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    It should tell you about the lack of depth behind him. Let’s be honest, Jerome Hunter being out all season has been a huge loss. He likely starts over Smith and Smith is a energy guy off the bench.
  6. Feathery

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    why is Smith shooting a jump shot on the way down?
  7. Feathery

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Just logged on to say the same thing. Pure fire!
  8. Actually he has made changes in the past. He ditched his huge playbook in favor of a dribble drive offense we saw at IU. He changed from what got him the IU job to what ended up relying on superior athletes and superior 3 point shooting and it cost him, IMO. He couldn’t consistently get the pieces to have this style and the results showed and he was fired after a decade of it.
  9. Feathery

    B1G Programs on the Downward Slide

    Not B1G programs, but I’m interested in seeing what will happen to Duke and UK when the one and done rule is gone. They are going to have young rosters without the elite talent that they are accustomed. Will K retire instead of building it back up over 2-3 seasons? What’s Cal do when his recruiting pitch is gone?
  10. Feathery

    B1G Programs on the Downward Slide

    Collins is doing just fine at NW. already has taken them farther than any coach in their history. They also dismissed who was supposed to be their starting PG before the season. If you don’t have a PG in this league, then you are in trouble. He will have plenty of leash to fix the roster and he is recruiting well for NW standards.
  11. Feathery


    We goin Sizzler! We goin sizzler!
  12. Feathery

    (2019) SG Armaan Franklin to IU

    I had a guy tell me this week that he thought Armaan will be better than Romeo for IU. Not that he is a better player but his strengths will fit better than Romeo’s this season.
  13. Feathery

    So some concerns I’m having...

    I’m not telling you that. I’m just looking at a terribly flawed roster and one that lacks experience/leadership. Everyone points to one and done and star rankings. Experience matters more, unless you are Duke and take the best of the best. Watching the game last night the starting 5 had the game well in control and then bc of fouls, the bench got exposed that’s a talent problem. Side note. 2020 looks to be when the 1 and done rule will be eliminated. So I look for Duke and UK to come crashing down when their batch of one and dines are gone and they don’t have experience quality talent to pick up the slack. This timeline will also coincide with IU having an experienced talented roster. Good times could very well be ahead, but we need to be patient and let the man work.
  14. Feathery

    So some concerns I’m having...

    We lost 3 seniors who contributed in Johnson, Newkirk, and McSwain. Losing Johnson’s threat from deep has clogged the lane. Romeo might be a one and done but he isn’t a shooter. Every team is clogging the lane bc we don’t have anyone who has proven to be consistent as Rob was. Its not identical but it’s similar. Especially when you start comparing Archie to top coaches after their first 2 seasons. Jury is still out for me, but I’m not going to say Archie can’t coach yet. Like I’ve said elsewhere I’ll give him 3 years.
  15. Feathery

    So some concerns I’m having...

    The lack of depth is very pronounced.