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  1. jmsgws

    IU vs IOWA 02/07/19 GAME THREAD!

    I agree with you 1000%.
  2. jmsgws

    IU vs IOWA 02/07/19 GAME THREAD!

    Yes, I have, and when the guys decide to play Archie Miller Basketball they do pretty darn well. Unfortunately, Archie hasn't figured out how to get the team to play Archie Miller basketball for a full game. When he figures that out they will be really good.
  3. jmsgws

    IU vs IOWA 02/07/19 GAME THREAD!

    One good win seems to have made people forget a lot of the crap over the last month. So was last game the exception or the 7 before that?
  4. jmsgws

    Mike DeBord Retiring

    https://pittsburghsportsnow.com/2019/01/10/pat-narduzzi-matt-canada-have-discussed-pitt-return/?fbclid=IwAR2D7j7mxvi-TvlZ1AdI3dYiqwgxyeayxtUE6kU1_4-fYgpReQtV7Oaw8Uw According to this article IU did talk to Canada, but he turned it down, because he wanted to hire his own staff.
  5. jmsgws

    IUBB vs. Illinois - Thurs., 1/3 @ 7:00

    Love seeing the third and fourth effort!
  6. jmsgws

    IUBB vs. Illinois - Thurs., 1/3 @ 7:00

    It is amazing how much better this team is when they decide to play defense. :)
  7. jmsgws

    IUBB vs. Illinois - Thurs., 1/3 @ 7:00

    Was that goal tending? :)
  8. jmsgws

    Mike DeBord Retiring

    Is any job at IU other than maybe the soccer Coach an attractive job? The Head Football Coaching job is where good men go for their last head coaching job. We pay next to nothing compared to other similar sized institutions. We have no history, and outside of a few thousand passionate fans no one gives a flying ***** for the football program.
  9. I am not sure that even those of us that were watching the game know what happened.
  10. Rob, seemed to be the only guy on the floor that had any sense of what was going on during the last 10 seconds.
  11. Well maybe a little Morgan as well. :)
  12. McROberts if you are going to be on the floor, you do have to move.
  13. Morgan is putting the team on his shoulders today . Now if someone else would contribute. :)
  14. If it is ONLY this game. I think you are doing OK. :)
  15. That was a pass. Iu decides to try that when the cutter decides to stand still.